Valentine's Past: Birth
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“What is the difference between good and evil?” asked Azazel.
“What’s with the random question?” asked Barrel.
“Yeah, none of us angels are suppose to know,” said Dominel, “the gods believe that we’ll be corrupted if we do.”
“And that would be against the will of the Holy Lord,” added Samyaza.
“Stop with your idle chatter!” ordered Kokabiel, “pay attention in class.”
Azazel, Barrel, Dominel, Samyaza, and Azriel wree in one of the towers of Atlantis, home of the gods. All angels were required, even archangels like Azriel, were required to attend lessons to learn about the universe. It was all written in the Holy Lord’s will. Kokabiel was the astronomy teacher.
An hour later, class was over. Samyaza and Azriel left to speak with Nathaniel, a low-class angel. Azazel, Barrel, and Dominel met up with Penemue, Muriel, and Barrel’s twin, Akirael.
“I hate these stupid lessons,” said Azazel.
“It’s the law I’m afraid,” said Barrel, “well, Holy Lord’s will anyways.”
They all knew the stories. An entity called Holy Lord created the heavens and the universe. In his quest to create a perfect utopia, a demon appeared. It was called Blue Satan. Blue Satan corrupted Twilight, the dimension in which the heavens use to be at. When the heavens were transferred to Za World, Holy Lord confronted Blue Satan in Twilight. Neither had been seen since. But Holy Lord had left a will which instructions in how he wanted the heavens to be run.
“I hear Eon (a Dynasty Elder God) finally finished his story,” said Penemue, “want to check it out?”
“Sure,” said Azazel and Barrel. Akirael nodded.
Dominel and Muriel had other plans. They waved goodbyes and left.
Azazel, Barrel, Penemue, and Akirael went to Eon’s chambers. Inside Eon was talking to archangel Uriel, who was with his assistant Shamsiel, a former guardian of Eden.
“The other archangels will want to see that later,” said Uriel. He noticed the new comers. “It appears that you have visitors, I’ll be on my way.”
Uriel and Shamsiel left.
“Want to read it?” asked Eon.
Eon handed the Epitaph of the Holy Lord to Azazel. Azazel, Barrel, Penemue, and Akirael read it.
“How do you like it?” asked Eon.
“It’s really good,” said Barrel and Akirael.
“Yeah,” agreed Azazel, “I really like the Words.
Michael and Azriel walked in.
“Eon,” said Michael, “we need to talk.” He noticed the four angels. “…privately.”

Four years passed. Azazel, Samyaza, Kokabiel, Shamsiel, and Penemue were selected by the Dynasty Elder Gods to be part of Grigori, the “watchers”. Other members were Araquiel, Armaros, Barquel, Ezequeel, and Sariel.
Eon and Elder God Izen organized the “thorns”, the guardians of the Mu, the bridge between heaven and earth. It consisted of Flamel, Carmel, Barrel, Muriel, Nathaniel, and Dominel.
“Come in,” said Azazel.
Barrel entered Azazel’s dorm. Azazel seemed depressed.
“did you hear about Gabriel’s findings?” said Azazel, “apparently the creatures of Za World have sinned so much that their souls don’t always go through heaven. For some reason evil souls pass though a dimension that Rafael has nicknamed the Death Dimension. Luke (a Dynasty Elder God) wants Grigori to explore it.”
Barrel began laughing.
“Wha-what’s so funny?” asked Azazel.
“You’re letting Samyaza’s words get to you,” said Barrel, “just because an angel is exposed to evil doesn’t mean they’ll become corrupt.”
Barrel put out a hand. “Even if you get trapped in that hell hole, I’ll get you out of there.”
“Then it’s a promise.”
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Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/26/08

Akirael entered his and Barrel’s tower. Barrel was inside playing a piano to a melody called Nostalgic Melody. He noticed Akirael and stopped.
“Azazel and the others have changed, haven’t they,” asked Akirael.
Barrel looked at the ground. “Correct, ever since they explored the Death Dimension two years ago.”
Nathaniel came in running. “Come quick!”

The Courts of Heaven laid in the upmost level of Atlantis, the capital city. All the Dynasty Elder Gods were present. Luke and Elder God Ppelono were running the trial.
“Grigori, the “watchers”, you have been charged with corrupting a civilization in the dimension of The World. Already plans to cleanse The World with a flood is underway,” said Luke, “how do you plea?”
None of Grigori spoke.
“He ke he, as for all of you Grigori, you shall be banished from the heavens,” said Ppelono, “forced to wander in the shadows for eternity.”
Samyaza slammed his fist against the guardrail. “This is blasphemy! All we did was teach the civilizations of The World things Za World already knows. What is wrong with having them equal.”
“Atlantis rests in the boarders of Za World so of course Za World will be more advanced than The World,” said Izen from the crowds.
Luke raised a hand to quiet the masses. “Enough, Grigori, you acted without permission which is against the law anyway. Since we gods are merciful, we shall grant you one day to get things in order before you are banished. Court dismissed!”

Barrel walked into Eon’s Tower. As he expected, Azazel was there.
“Not much of a trial was it,” said Barrel, “didn’t even let you defend yourself.”
“Oh… hey Barrel,” said Azazel lazily, “I guess you were there then.”
“Yeah. Sorry to hear about your banishment.”
“I’m not.”
“When I was in the Death Dimension, I found something.”
Azazel took out a glass orb from his cloak. Inside were four glowing black marbles.
“Eon said it’s called the Oracle. If what the Epitaph of Blue Satan is accurate, inside are four Waves created from Blue Satan’s soul.”
Barrel began laughing.
“What’s so funny?” asked Azazel.
“The Epitaph of Blue Satan is just a story Eon and Nathaniel wrote.”
“Have you heard of what the Oracle can do though?”
“The Oracle has the ability to affect the past by changing the future.”
“That’s a paradox in itself!”
“But think about it. What if the Epitaph of the Holy Lord and Epitaph of Blue Satan are true. What if Blue Satan used this to send fragments of his soul to be found by others. To create another Demon Lord.”
“And what do you plan to do with them, if they are fragments of Blue Satan then?”
“I myself tried to synchronize with the fragments but I’m not compatible. They need to be hidden. I can’t take them with me so the best choice is to leave them with you.”
“Me! Do you know how much trouble I’d get in if I was found with this?”
“You and Akirael are one of Luke’s favorites. You’ll be okay.” He began snickering. “You know, there has not been a Demon Lord since Blue Satan.” Azazel began laughing hysterically.
“Azazel…” said Barrel cautiously.
Azazel faced Barrel. “With my Fall, I shall discard the name Azazel. I shall be called…” Azazel thought for a second. “…Draethius.”
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