Some Angels Can't Fly
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Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/24/08
Some Angels Can't Fly (part 1) part two will come later :P, so i posted this on winglin and thought id post it here too XD
this was soooo long so im gonna make it two parts lol ^^
Lots of sad drama in this one I dunno why I did it, cause usually I write kinda funny, bubbly stuff. But this came into my head, sorry if its too cliché! Hope u enjoy it and COMMENT!!! Honestly lol ^^ here goes.

Some angels can’t fly.

Dahee’s POV

It’s not that I’m crazy. No definitely not crazy, retarded or, mentally insane. I’m just suicidal. There are many words ‘normal’ people use for people like me some call me weird. Others say I’m emo. Now what exactly does emo stand for? Emotional right? Well when Kim Jae-ri won queenka of the year she was emotional, but do people think she deserves to be locked up? No it’s just me.

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter. The cold rain made an incredible yet depressing noise as it hit the sidewalk falling from the sky. I looked down to see people. Yes people, normal people all having a purpose in life, a place to go.

What is normal? Is anyone normal? Does normal really exist?
All these thoughts were running through my head as I looked down from the edge of the building. Completely soaked by now I stared at the colorful umbrellas below. Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Grey, Brown, Black, Beige, Turquoise, White, Orange. Thirteen beautiful colors stared back at me. Little did I know underneath them were thirteen wonderful men.

Leeteuks POV

“Hyung, Hyung look up” shouted Shindong.
Within seconds all our heads were now facing the top of the abandoned radio station.

Looking at the building, I noticed its worn out paint, the shattered windows, it’s dark seven floors and rather scary aura. Once a place of full of life and joy it was now disowned and abandoned.

Looking over at Shindong I saw him and many other out-going members freaking out. The rest of them just stared at me a look of grief and panic written across their faces. I had no clue what was going on so I turned back to the building looking for some kind of clue. Not noticing anything extremely strange I looked up to the sky. There she was.

An angel.

Her legs falling so nonchalantly off the building roof. Her long hair sticking to her face, soaking wet. I couldn’t help but stare at everything about her, her beauty seemed so effortless. Her white face contrasting to her dark black hair, even from this distance I could tell she was sad and in that exact instant I wanted to wipe her tears away and hold her. I couldn’t help it, I’ve always had a need, and some call it an urge to help things. From lost puppies to birds with broken wings. But never before have I wanted to help someone so much. I couldn’t control my self and before I knew it I was running up the stairs of the building, behind me were twelve other pairs of feet. Panting I climbed and climbed, never giving up. I could hear the other members panting and some even stopping but I knew I had to keep going. Just as I was running out of breath I reached a pale green door.

This was it the moment I was going to save an angel.

Barging through the door I looked to the spot she was sitting in before only she wasn’t there anymore. Quickly I scanned the entire area, panicking, and hoping. Just hoping she didn’t jump. That’s when I laid eyes on her lifeless body in the middle of the roof. Running towards her I told the boys behind me to call manger-hyung and tell him we would be back at the dorm and couldn’t make it in time. We had a life to save. Grabbing her I slowly lifted her up, she was as light as a feather. I looked at her and it took me all my strength to just not stop everything and stare at her. At that moment I realized we had to act fast, this girl had to be kept warm and take medicine, but there is no way Super Junior can take her to the hospital, imagine all the scandals. As Kangin says “We have to think about our idol image”. So in a hurry I decided to bring her back to our dorm. Climbing down the stairs and into the car I couldn’t do anything but hope that she would be okay. It’s not every day you see an angel die.

Dahee’s POV

I woke up to a blinding white light.
Was this heaven?
It sure looked boring and might I add, incredibly messy. But at least it had a TV I could pass on the years entertaining myself with episodes of Star King, truthfully I never get bored of Kang Ho Dong he’s such a loveable guy. Sighing I got up and looked at my surroundings heaven was not what I thought it would be like. Instead of big brass gates, there was a simple metal door. But this door had at least seven locks and a keypad next to it. It was like heaven was trying to keep people in and keep people out at the same time. I then looked around expecting to see people being all merry and jolly, having a great time. Dogs playing poker, what do I get instead a monkey looking guy drooling on me? Taking a closer look I recognized the man from somewhere. I think I may have seen him somewhere before, but where was it? At last something in my brain clicked, he was from that band. Super Marios no wait Super Petunias. No that’s not right it was Super Junior. Why would Super Junior be dead, I was contemplating the idea that there was a mass murder at SM Entertainment when suddenly a voice interrupted my thoughts.

“YAH, LEE HYUKJAE. I leave you alone here for 3 minutes so I can go take a shower and you don’t even notice that the girl has woken up!” screamed a man from the hallway.

I knew who this was this man was the infamous Kim Heechul. He was all over the Internet and television that everyone knew his name.

“But Hyung I was tired” came the response from what I can only presume is Lee Hyukjae.

Sighing Heechul turned to me, noticing that I was awake and alive he said three words “Cover your ears”. Not knowing what to do and well trusting the notorious Kim Heechul I covered my ears. At last I couldn’t hear a sound it was like all my troubles disappeared. I didn’t know exactly what Heechul was saying but I could make out most of it. He seemed to scream a very long scream indeed and then say something like

“Everyone in the living room now and no this is not about my hair!”

I wasn’t sure if those were his exact words but what I did know was that in an instant thirteen boys surrounded me, I mean men, surrounded me all staring at me with intense faces. At last Heechul-sii signaled for me to let go of my ears so I did and within seconds I was bombarded with questions.

“What’s your name?”

“Are you ok?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Hungry? We have Sam-Gyup-Sal!”

“How much plastic surgery have you done?”

Questions were really just flying in from all over the place. Everyone’s mouths seemed to be moving that is except for one pair of lips.
The most gorgeous and perfect pair of lips out of them all. Not too round, not to thin, they stayed stationed in a perfect smile. Showing his wonderful and amazing dimples. I couldn’t help but stare he was just so… for lack of a better word, perfect.

At last he spoke, but the thing he asked me was the one question I didn’t want to answer. Every syllable made me want to bolt towards the door, but I couldn’t disappoint them. They saved me.

“Why did you try to jump?” was the question leaving his lips.

Sighing I looked up at them and told them my whole story.

“My name is Park Dahee and I was born. May 27th 1986. To tell you the truth I was born a normal child. Up until I was four I lived a relatively normal life. My parents were happy, I was happy. We owned that building the radio station. “WLU” radio station. We love U. Right from the beginning I was what you would define as normal. I had normal parents, normal grades, and normal friends a pretty much normal life. Then one day my whole ‘normal’ world came crashing down. It was August 23rd 1990, when I got a call. At the time I was backstage of my ballet performance. We had just finished a performance of the famous “Swan Lake” and I had won the Ballerina of the Year award. I was itching to show my parents, I just couldn’t wait. This was when I received a phone call, tentatively I put the phone up to my ear and listened to the voice on the other end. “Miss Park we need you to come to the Chungyang Hospital [not a real hospital I don’t think.. it’s the name of a Korean pepper] immediately, there has been an accident.” Looking up at my ballet teacher I didn’t fully understand the situation until we made it to the hospital and inside a white sterile room was my mom, tubes sticking out of her. I did what any normal child would do I ran to her and cried. I cried and cried, until a doctor came in and told me she was in a coma. At the time I didn’t understand what a coma was so I just looked at him and asked about my dad. He then said two word that until this day I still hate to my very core. “I’m Sorry.”

The next day I was shipped off and put in a huge house filled with kids, an orphanage. I grew up never finding a family, I mean sure I had ‘parents’ but none of them really loved me. I was shipped from home to home for countless reasons, abusive parents, fighting with the other kids, not enough money. But the one ting that stayed constant in my life was my best friend. Jung Seunghae. He was my best friend throughout everything. Every time I was sent back to the orphanage he walked with me around the park. When my so-called ‘parents’ would hit me he bought me ice cream. When I got bad grades we would watch the stars together. Soon he became the only person I could trust. Spending so much time together it was only natural that we started dating. Jung Seunghae was the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. On Valentines Day he worked for weeks before just to buy me a chain. No pendant that was too expensive but he bought me something and that was what counted. On our anniversary he wrote me a song. Nothing he did was ever wrong.

On his birthday I did everything I could to be the best girlfriend ever and get him something really special. I saved money from my job as a waitress for months just to buy him a chain I saw. It was a simple white chain like the one he gave me but instead it had a key hanging from it. The key to my heart. [sooo cheesy I noe –sigh- ] I was walking down the street and I smiling I couldn’t help it, for the first time in a long time I felt completely happy. Walking by “The Sweet Shop” I noticed a couple being so sweet to each other. Feeding each other chocolates and sneaking kisses here and there. The scene just made my smile grow bigger. That was until the man turned his face. His black shaggy hair looked so familiar but when he turned I immediately knew whom it was. Jung Seunghae. My one and only rock in this earthquake of mine had been crushed, or in my case had crushed me. Seunghae had cheated on me.”

“Ooooh so that’s why you tried to jump right?” interrupted Donghae-sii.

Looking at him I think he got the message that I wasn’t finished. So I continued.

“No, that’s not why I tried to jump. About three months later, which is today. I went to go visit my mother at the hospital. She can’t hear me but I still go visit her when I have the chance, to just hold on to hope that one-day she will snap out of this coma. But when I reached the hospital there were doctors all around her door. All holding paddles in their hands charging waiting incase she didn’t come back with the latest jolt. I couldn’t take it anymore so I just ran. I ran to the closest place that felt like home. Which in this case was the radio station it was practically where I grew up. I ran to the top of the stairs and stared down at the people below me. All of them with places to go, people to see and lives to live. That and only then is when I decided to jump.”

Looking up I noticed some eyes tearing up, some were already bawling. Some were trying to hold it in. But one pair of eyes was searching. Bearing into my soul as if searching to prove that everything I said just then was a lie. Those eyes belonged to the very same man who possessed the perfect lips. Then in a flash his lips moved once again.

“Everyone go to sleep, NOW!”

He had so much authority so much power that everyone else just did what he said. At last it was just us two. I sat there just looking at him while he looked at me. Minutes passed and I got so bored I finally turned my head towards the television.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?”


pretty please tell me what u think ^^

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Wow!! Very nice^^... ... haha.. my story is about Teukie too... hehehe
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OOOooooOOO I love it so far...i cant wait for the second part!! :D
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