Post Reply Here are some idea that i was thinking about^^
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hello even though these ideas suck..loooks like i might sleep very late today^^i will upload as many pics as possible and try even though i dont know show one of my banners^_^hehehe
please vote!!>.<which you guys like!!
if you guys have guessing way better than mine then Pm me or moon here^^
we need imeem music in this group to make look alive hehe hey im going to change the avi and add unique clique like my avi on my profile^^ hope you guys like this awesome group^_^
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well if you mind there moon^^ please don't be jittery let your idea be heard by others who know it might catch their attention..^_^ we want your opinions to make this group seem fun^^
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Ah, ah, they're all such good ideas! D:> What should I do?! What should I vote on?! >< Um, um, eh! @[email protected] I honestly DO like all of them, um...
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I'll put music on later and maybe we should do a roleplay for Gakuen Alice or one of the animes thats gonna have a new season...or one that has a wierd ending
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/25/08
oh i have heard about role play your idea are waay better than mine^^that is good though
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