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Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/25/08
Here are some ideas:

Contests ((banner, avatar, drawing ect ect))
Survey once a week ((we will be doing it very soon))
ID Cards ((we will be doing it soon))
Poll once a month ((what do you think?))
Some people ((2 or 3)) make avatars for people in the group ((should we?))
Art Classes ((hmm kind of a lot of work but what do you guys think?))
A few people ((2 or 3)) make banners for people in the group
A quote fourm ((put your favorite quotes from a book or whatever on the fourm it can also be one that you made)) [[[[[[already made]]]]]]
Advice fourm ((write down whats your problem or whatever that you need advice on and me and someone else from this group will give you advice. We'll try our best on it))
Song Fourm ((write down a song YOU made))
Poem Fourm ((write down a poem you made))
Make goofy pictures and upload them ((like for example...[its a bad example] a dinosuar body with a flower as a head...))

These ideas aren't that good...comment on what you think if we should or not...and give us some ideas too!! ((and please, stop making fourms about ideas...1 or 2 is enough))
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