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Pro/Hardcore Gamers
Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/27/08

CorruptDeity wrote:

Lets see...

I'm not entirely sure what i am. I play at least 5 hours of games a day, probably more. I play every genre of games there are (puzzle,strategy,rpg,shooter,sports,simulation,racing,platformer,etc.). I like to do research on games before going out and buying them (cuz i dont have a shit load of cash to throw away on them). I'm very competitive and dont like to lose. And i can pretty much pick up any game and start playing it without any expirience. My standards for games are pretty high and i can tell a great game from a piece of crap. So what would you say i am?

It starts with a h and ends with a ardcore gamers :O
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Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/27/08
Saying that they make $250,000 easily is quite a huge misconception.
Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/27/08
visit if ur an pro gamer and is interisted and playing in tornaments, all of my current clan are in it, and yes u can play for money... find a clan and play to be the best, they allmost all the game u expect to play online, and if ur clan is good enough ull get sponsore by someone and get a free trip to the hosted state that is hosting the mlg tornament (major league gaming) and play for money, and if u win ull get money of course, fame, and be know through out the gaming industry... and many more...

im a pro and hardcore gamer, i play all the sponsore online game like halo 3, gears of war, rainbow six vegas, call of duty 4, and many more...
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Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/27/08

dmitsuki wrote:

How many people on CR are Pro or Hardcore gamers? How many people here make fun of pro/hardcore gamers? Have you ever noticed, when people suck at something your better then them at, and its not directly related to physically ability, they mock you for it? (Even though there doing it through a computer screen lololololololololololol)

Sense when did being a noob make gamers "hardcore" and making fun of people who play games over 8 hours a day (Who just from doing that, can easily make 250 thousand dollars a year, when they have skill.) become the thin thing?

And I have no clue if this is related, but why is EVERY OTHER GAMING THREAD on this site about Final Fantasy? Do people not realize there are TONS more RPG's out there? It really reminds me of that site where everybody played Halo almost, and they almost all ONLY played Halo....

And for the dude in Asia!

Pro Gamers = People who play games competitively, generally, but not always, hardcore gamers, and in some rare case's are noobs.

Hardcore gamers = The guy who can tell you the three games in the Chrono "series", and tell you why Earthbound rapes FF7, and/or tell you why he prefers the DOS days over now.

Pro noob = Some noob who plays Halo for money, but never played any other FPS in his life, and isn't even that good at Halo lololol.

Hardcore noob = People who worship mediocrity or play a ton of games, but they are almost all crappy or just the same crap.

Fanboys = They can be hardcore, but they won't recongize any game that isn't on there console of choice, and if its multiplatform, its always somehow better on there console of choice, and they have a odd love for a Cooperation that really doesn't give a crap about them. They can be pro, hardcore, or whatever, but there still lulznoobs.

Just a note, you don't HAVE to play games for a long period of time to be hardcore or pro, some of us do, but not ALL of us are able to.


just enjoy the freaking games! nobody wants 2b labeled as something..hardcore pro whatever..if there skills exceed yours then go home get ur joystick and no hardcore pro or noob..i just play games for what its worth.
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08

x1JhaYThieR4x wrote:

i envy pro/hardcore gamers. why?
because they can stay up for days.

ehm yeah ok XD

I do get a lot of comments from people but I guess that is because I am a girl. I've been playing video games since I was 4, and started comps when I was 16. I mean I don't see the problem in doing something you love and you're good at. Plus when you win it's a nice bonus. It caused big problems with my parents though..I quit 2 jobs just to be able to prepare or when I got new games, I admit that is a bit extreme but I'm trying to cut down and looking for a job again. My motto is: other people play golf I play games XD Now they accepted it, kind of, but when I come home with plane tickets for conventions ... they still freak out.

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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
Anyone who plays the halo series and thinks they are a pro gamer is laughable if they get paid for it or not, any RPG that is turn based takes no talent just alot of time and any FPS game that has auto aim and or aim assist is for noobs esp halo.Anyone who plays games not set to the hardest setting should get a nintendo 64 n play mariokart n leave nextgen gaming to those who have hand eye coordination.
i'll play anything that isnt turn based nomatter the console,i just dont play pc games anymore cause there is toomany scriptkiddy's and so called 'hackers'
I play on xbox live and if you want my GT just look at my name on the left here ,so if yaz ever want a game look me up,unless your american then dont bother cause americans cant play anything properly,spend all their time crying and moaning or screaming into the microphone (especially the adults) when they get beaten because the average IQ in the united states was like 30 something,then george bush came along and its down to about 11
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