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Recommend some good animes here that you enjoy watching and share it with others so that they can try it as well!

Some good titles i watched:

The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya - This one is practically a household anime. It's very popular that i shouldnt have bothered putting it here but did since it's one of the unique animes i've watched. I read the light novels of this series and the story became better the further i read. I'd want to see the whole story in anime-form someday, specially " The Disappearance" and "The Dissociation" novels which were my favorite storylines out of all the titles.

Deathnote - Again, probably a household anime. But i'll still put it here because of it's VERY unique story. The maker of this series is a very clever dude. I've yet to see a series that betters Deathnote in it's unique and very interesting story and style.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Despite it's non-sensical humor, i found this series to be very amusing... I think mainly because of it's randomness and "baseless statements". It was pretty nice for laughs IMO, but not one of the better storytellers.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni - Kinda brutal, but it has it's charms..well, till like, when it got repetitive. I dont think i'll ever see the End of the story though. Then again, i havent watched the second season fully yet.

Bleach - Good enough to mention i guess... I cant stand long term animes though, so i quit watching this series.

Naruto - Same as above. I still cant stand long term animes though. >_>

One Piece - a pretty good anime if you ask me, it has it's own unique style. The story made it interesting despite all the wacky designs the author had made up. Too bad i watched this in German though, so i barely understood it.

Want to Watch:

Yozakura Quartet [ Not released til the first week of October ;__; ] - i've got some good hopes for this upcoming anime. I read the manga and i found the story really interesting... I just hope that the anime series does the same. The character art for the manga and Anime looks different though... I found the character styles of the manga better than the current anime pictures i saw since it gives you a rough character feeling, unlike the anime one which gives you the feeling of another harem anime since the characters are all smooth looking. But i'll have to wait till October to judge it properly.

Full Metal Alchemist series - i want to watch this series but i always seem to forget about it... better get on it soon though, second season is coming up afterall.

Spice and Wolf - It sounds interesting, that's all i can say about it. I'll check it out when i have the time.

Howl's Moving Castle - If it's from Miyazaki, then i have to try it out. I love most of his works so i should definitely watch it.

Ga-Rei - I read the manga and it was actually good. The summoning thing gets old though, but good nonetheless

Animation movies

Spirited Away - This movie is just beautiful. My favorite movie over all Miyazaki's works! I loved the story and the characters, the concept and everything! i never got tired of watching this movie over and over when we rented it during the summer. It's worth buying and watching and rewatching again and again! I definitely recommend for those people who doesnt know Spirited Away to watch it.

Princess Mononoke - Another great Miyazaki work. My second favorite so far from Hayao Miyazaki. I loved this movie just as I loved Spirited Away...only by a few differences i guess.

5 Centimeters Per Second - This movie is a rather true-to-life story. It's very sad if you understood what happened. This movie just goes to show that nothing will remain the same and everything would change. Well, that's the moral i got from watching it anyway... Also one of my favorites, but it is kinda hard to understand for some people.

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why not trying to draw one of this anime's here....
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ahaha..hmm.. ill try.. print me der picks den ill see.XD
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