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"Ok, good job everyone! See you tomorrow!" The director yelled and waved to the group of dorky guys.
"Thanks, see ya!" Subaru yelled back.
"Nee nee, minna! Let's go somewhere to eat! It's been a long day anyway!" Yoko suggested while they walked out of the studio.
Ohkura started to laugh. "Yoko.. Always thinking about food! But actually, that IS a good idea. Hmm, is everyone ok with Café Strawberry? The cake is really delicious in there!"
"I vote for strawberry cake!" Yasu raised his hand and smiled.
"Well, that didn't suprise me at all." Hina said and putted his hands on Yasuda's shoulders. "I vote for it too!" He yelled, slided his hands to Yasuda's hips, turned to look at Subaru and grinned.

Subaru tried to stay calm but accidentally bited his tongue. "Ittaaa~aaaiii!" He moaned.
"Suba, are you ok? What happened?" Yasuda asked and ran to Subaru.
"Nothing.. I bited my tongue, that's all." He answered and smiled to Yasuda. "Thanks anyway, it's nice to know that you care so much."
Yasuda blushed. "..Baka Subaru, of course I care.. I'm your friend, and friends care about each other!" He said, but couldn't look at Subaru.

..Just friends.. I wish I could be something more to you.

- - -

"Irasshaimase!" The owner of the café said happily.
Yoko nodded and the guys picked a long table from the corner of the café.
Ohkura and Yoko went to order some strawberry cakes while the others picked their seats.
"Yasu, you'll sit next to me." Hina said and pulled Yasuda next to him.
"O-Ok!" Yasuda answered.
Suddenly, Subaru saw Ryo who was going to sit next to Yasu, but grabbed his arm and pulled him away.
”Sorry Ryo, I'm gonna sit here.” He said and sat quickly. He looked at Hina, who was grinning suspiciously.

I hope I'm wrong, but that guy's up to something.

Finally Yoko and Ohkura came back with the cakes.

"Yeeeeei!" Yasuda got exited instantly when he saw the red, juicy strawberries on the delicious-looking cakes. "They look so good, don't they?" He looked at the cakes with a cute smile on his face.
"They do.." Maru stared at the cakes and drooled.
"Eww, Maru! You're drooling all over!" Ohkura got mad and slapped Maru. "That's gross!"
"And that's bitchy. AND GAAAAAAY." Maru shooted and made a stupid face.
"Ok, guys, that's enough!" Yoko stopped them. "Calm down before it goes worse and you'll start throwing the plates like an old married couple!" He said and everyone started to laugh.

Subaru didn't. He couldn't do anything else than stare at Yasuda and Hina, who were sitting next to him.
Sitting, or whatever they were doing, Subaru felt his heart beating faster and faster when he looked at them. He was too shocked to hear what they were talking about, but Yasuda was laughing. He had such a cute expression on his face.

Suddenly, Hina started to move his hand closer to Yasuda. Slowly, so nobody could notice.. Nobody but Subaru.

No.. This can't be happening.

- - -

Damn you, Hina. Don't you dare to touch my Yasu. I won't allow you to do anything to him.

Hina moved his hand closer to Yasuda's.


Subaru wanted to close his eyes. He didn't want to see Hina touching his guy. Yasuda was his, and only his.
Suddenly - He saw Hina holding Yasuda's hand. Both of them were smiling to each other.


"Nee, nee! Let's eat some cake now!" Yoko suggested from the other side of the table.
"Ha~ai! Itadakimasu!" The others shouted and started to eat.
"Is it good? Is it? Maru!" Ohkura tried to call Maru who was eating the cake so enthusiastically that he couldn't hear Ohkura.
"It is! Ohkura, just try it, hayaku! It's the best cake I've ever tasted!" Yoko yelled.
"Hey, we've got someone crying here!" Subaru shouted and pointed at Yasuda.

Everyone turned to look at the guy crying between Hina and Subaru.
"Yasu, what's wrong?" Yoko asked, but Yasuda cried so much that it made him unable to answer.
"..He just likes the cake, that's all!" Subaru said.
Yoko looked at Subaru with a bit of suspicion in his glance.
"I think he's crying a bit too much just because of the cake. Yasu-chan, are you ok?"
Yasuda calmed himself down a bit and tried to answer.
"Subaru..Subaru-kun stole my strawberry!" He said quietly and others started to laugh.
"Haha! Stupid Yasu, it's just a strawberry! Aww man, you're so cute!"

Subaru didn't actually think that it was funny. He just forced himself to laugh with others. Still, he couldn't look at Yasuda, who was still crying. Subaru had made his beloved sad, and it hurt too much. He didn't want to do it, he knew how much Yasuda likes strawberries. But he had to, before Hina really tries something. He just had to get Yasuda's attention.

They spent the rest of the day without looking at each other, not even once.

Gomen ne, Yasu. Hontouni... Gomen.

- - -

Damn.. What should I do? I want Yasu to know what I really feel for him, I really want to tell him. But what should I say? "Yasu.. I have always wanted to tell you how beautiful eyes you have. To me, they are.. The most beautiful eyes in the whole world. They are just like my love for you - Pure and beautiful. Yasu, oh Yasu! I just want to know if you feel the same as I do! Please, oh please, my dear Yasu-kun - Accept my love!" ..NO. Definetly not, I'd make myself sound like an idiot!

Subaru facepalmed.

Maybe I should ask someone for advice, I apparently can't do anything about this.

He walked around the park, enjoying the silence and the wind that blew away all his concerns. Well, almost. He still couldn't get the confession out of his mind. He had decided to do it, but he wasn't good with words or situations like these. What if Yasuda didn't feel a thing for him? What if..

Suddenly Subaru heard silent voices from behind the nearest toilet. They sounded
awfully familiar..

"Hina-chan.. Please.. Don't do that.."
"Be quiet. I know exatly what you want... Let me show you."
"Ahh! Mmmnh.. St-Stop it, Ple - Ahh... Please..!!!"
"Shht, Yasu-chan! Someone might hear you, naughty boy.. Should I punish you? Would you like it? Mmh, yes.. I think you would."

Yasu.. He's in danger! I have to do something!

Subaru ran behind the toilet.

"Stop it, you damn pervert!" Didn't you hear when he told you to stop? Get your hands off him!!!" Subaru yelled.

Hina looked at him, grinned, and groped Yasuda before he took his hand out of Yasu's pants.

"Ahh..!" Yasuda moaned and fell on the ground, crying. He looked like he was going to faint.

"Yasu, hang in there!" Subaru shouted and tried to ran to Yasuda, but Hina blocked his way.

"If you want him.. You have to fight with me first." Hina said slowly, with the same evil grin on his face.

Subaru knew that he couldn't win him. Hina was much taller and stronger than Subaru. He looked at Yasuda, who was laying on the ground, still crying and shaking. It broke Subaru's heart, seeing him like that. He didn't have time to stand there, doing nothing, but..

Suddenly Yesuda stood up and ran away from them. Hina was about to run after Yasuda and stop him, but Subaru pushed him against the wall with horribly strong, unseen power, and held him still before he was sure that Yasuda is far enough. Then he turned to look at Hina.

"Hina.. What the hell are you up to?"

Hina just kept on grinning.

"I think you know that pretty well. I'm gonna have Yasuda, and you can't do a thing about it. And I'm sure you noticed how much pleasure I gave him just now - You're not even able to touch him. You know how this is gonna end, so.. Give up, Suba-kun. Just give up already." Hina said as calmly as always and pushed Subaru on the ground. ”You're pathetic, and it makes me sick.”

"And now, I shall leave, if you don't mind. Oh, and of course - If you don't want me to do the
same thing to you, what I did to Yasuda. You know.. You're kinda cute too."

He licked his lips, winked and left. Subaru just lied on the ground, staring at the sky, unable to believe what had happened.

..Yasu! God, I hope he's ok! Hey - Could he be at the Ranger-house? It should be empty tonight...

Subaru forced himself up and started to run to the house, as fast as he could.

Yasuda.. Please, God.. Let him be okay.

- - -

”Finally..” Yasuda whispered when he heard the a voice of an empty wine bottle breaking. He'd been sitting there on the balcony of the Ranger-house for hours, throwing stones at the bottle, trying to break it. But he'd drank all the wine by himself, of course he couldn't hit it.

God, I feel so horrible.. Well, I drank the whole bottle, so it's not a suprise.. But really, I don't even like wine. Subaru.. Where are you? ..Duh, it doesn't matter. You don't care about me anyway.

Suddenly Yasuda heard someone coming from inside the house. He stayed still. He didn't want anyone to see him like this.
"Yasu." Yasuda heard Subaru's voice. It was quiet and he seemed like he didn't know what to say.

Subaru came closer and sat next to him. ”Yasu, are you ok? Did Hina hurt you?”
”I've decided to forget everything that happened. I don't wanna talk about, so please, just shut up.”
He slowly moved away from Subaru. ”Anyway, there is one thing I'm really mad about.”

"..It can't be the strawberry thing. I can't believe that you're still mad about it! Duh, just forget it already! It's just a strawberry."
"THAT'S NOT IT! Why did you take my strawberry? For fun, eh? I really don't understand your sense of humor." Yasuda sounded really angry.
Subaru didn't say a word.
"Well? Are you gonna tell me or not?" Yasuda yelled and turned to look at Subaru, and saw a tear on his cheek.
"Subaru.. What's wrong?" Yasuda asked quietly.

Maybe I was a bit too harsh..?

"I.. I saw how much fun you had with Hina, and I... I wanted to get your attention..." Subaru tried to explain.
"Then... Why didn't you just..."
"I DID! I tried to talk with you many times, but Hina always did something to steal your attention! Yasu, I - I love you! ..I don't want to lose you to Hina or anybody else! I won't lose, I definitely won't!" Subaru yelled and started to cry.
Yasuda just sat next to him, unable to say anything.
"I'm sorry.. I really am." Subaru whispered.
It was rare that Subaru'd apologize to anybody. He really seemed to regret about taking the strawberry.
"Do you.. Hate me now?" He asked with a broken voice.
Yasuda was surprised about Subaru's question, and grabbed his hand.
"No! Of course I don't! Don't you even dare to think about things like that!" He wasn't sure about what to do, or what to say. Yasuda hesitated a while, and wiped off Subaru's tears.
Subaru raised his head and looked into Yasuda's eyes.
"Yasu.." He whispered. With trembling hands he gently touched Yasuda's chest.
Yasuda thought that his heart was going to burst, when he slowly pressed his lips on Subaru's.

This guy.. Why do I love him? He's always mocking me and plays stupid pranks on me and everyone else. He even stole my strawberry. Still.. There's something that makes me want more. I just..can't let go.. Suki da yo.

- - -

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