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Twilight... and why i hate it
Posted 8/31/08 , edited 9/1/08

GievAccess wrote:

uhmmm.. i think you are obsessed hating twilight! no offense..i just think so bcuz u made this thread to let everyone know how u hate it.
and abt the vampires thing ugh its a FICTION book!!
and seriously if u dont like it then dont mind it.
no need to talk shit abt it. you're taking it waaaaayyyy to serious!

and yes im a twilight fan! lol!


the whole point of a "review" or these kinds of criticism is so people know what the book is actually like and won't waste their money on it. download it as an e-book pdf file off a torrent site if you really want to read it, imo.

ok, fine! u hate it! hate it all u want......
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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 9/1/08
wow that was a long post..
well I don't hate it but i really hate how it became mainstream and how the third and forth book is so pathetic.
I won't consider that book as a "good book" or consider it as 'well written" because really, there is nothing impressive about her book. Meyers ruined the reputation of vampires and now every other author in America is trying to copy meyers and starts to make crappy teenage vampire fiction and those extreme twilight fangirls will read it just because it's about vampires
to me, Stephanie meyers book was just good at a short time being (like when I was reading the first and second book) and I will get tired of her book really quickly
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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 9/1/08
I don't like Twilight either. It's got crappy characters, a feeble plot, and Meyer has awful writing technique...I seriously don't understand what all the fuss is about. It's nowhere near as good as Harry Potter (although, Harry Potter isn't the best; it disappointed me in the end).

Basically, it's the most overrated piece of shit I've ever read.

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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 9/1/08
I somewhat agree with you.

I actually enjoyed Twilight when I first read it. I liked it so much that I finished the book in a couple hours. However, the book was sort of a 'breakaway' from the big bulk of literature books that would be assigned to me by my teachers. That's probably the main reason why I liked it -- It was a big gulp of 'fresh air'.

After reading the other books in the series, I seriously wanted to throw tomatoes at Meyer. It was awful, oh gosh, awful for me to read it. The plot was so...uncreative and basically, she wrote something that a group of young teenage girls would WANT to read: Hot vamp. who falls in love with ordinary chick and a werewolf that falls for her too.

-_- Seriously. Seriously. Seriously! LMAO, definitely not one of my favorite books.
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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 9/1/08
wht the heck I don't even like Harry Potter or even Meyer wthsoever-awful-both.
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24 / F / singapore
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
weeeeelllll,, all i ever care was how 'wonderful' edward is.
n how disgusting bella is. i detest her. she's probabaly the fictional chracter i hate most, next to yuki cross frm vampire knight. both hav 2 guys 2 choose frm. both r ridiculously in love. both are obsessive. both are HATEFUL.
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Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
one word.

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28 / M / in a parallel uni...
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08

HakuZutsumi wrote:

Ok, Twilight saga.
Written by Meyer. It's a saga that terrorized the literature world, and made bookworms with sense 's eyes cry tears of blood.
You people are all like its a great book, the romance is sweet [sickenly sweet i say], Edward is hot, and it feeds fans what they want.
To me, its a giant fanfic-ish book of poor quality.
This isn't bashing since i'm stating my opinion, right? BUT STILL! I REALLY REALLY *DISLIKE* TWILIGHT! SERIOUSLY!
UNCLOUD YOUR EYES FROM THIS BRAINWASHING LOAD OF CRAP PEOPLE! Society is declining, culture is dying, and literature taken quite a fall from its glorious days [was there even a glorious age of literature?]
I read the saga. I admit, for the first month or so after reading it was like you guys. "Wow! Twilight is suck a great book! Read it!"
Psh. I finally realized it. Its a horrifying book of epic proportions.
Open your mind and face the truth! Below is an article written by Kellen Rice, a 19 year old literature student. I so agree with you, Rice. Here's a link to the original site :

NOTE: one of the paragraphs below, which i marked, may spoil Breaking Dawn for you. Maybe. :P

Written by Phoenix native Stephenie Meyer, the popularity of the young-adult series comprised of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and the newly-released Breaking Dawn has reached critical mass. With a Twilight film adaptation coming to theaters this winter and an opening day’s sales of 1.3 million books for her latest installment, Meyer can be left with no doubt of her success. From a first-time novelist to a mainstay on the best sellers list, she has risen through the ranks like a veritable juggernaut.
But why? To figure out why the books were inspiring legions of fans and a dozen fan-sites (including the recently hacked Twilight Lexicon), I read the books myself to see what’s what.
To put it simply, dear reader, I was horrified. Not just by the sickeningly purple prose or the lack of general writing quality, but the books themselves are insulting on every level-as a woman, as a teenager, as a literature student, and as a graduate of the Harry Potter craze. What’s worse is that so few seem to realize it.
Twilight is the story of the so-called “average” new girl Bella Swan (Ha, ha, get it? Beautiful Swan?), who finds herself as the object of not one, not two, but a total of five boys’ romantic designs (because she’s so “plain”, see?). The most important of these is the mysterious, hilariously-Byronic Edward Cullen. Bella plays the pitiful damsel in distress a few times and after 200 pages of thinly written suspense, we learn that Edward is in fact a vampire. Never fear, though, because Bella’s “Adonis-like” admirer is no Nosferatu. Instead, he and his vampire family are so-called “vegetarian” vampires, feeding off of animals instead of humans and inexplicably attending high school (during lunch periods they buy trays of food and stare at each other so that Bella can conveniently get a glimpse of Edward from across the cafeteria). The first novel deals with Bella and Edward’s romance and is capped off by a hastily tacked-on plot designed to shove Bella into the damsel in distress role yet again so that her vampire lover can save her.
Okay, you’re saying. It’s a little cheesy. But why is that so bad?
First and foremost, the books present a female heroine who can hardly take a step without needing some boy to rescue her. In fact, the books represent sexist views in almost every way-from the fact that Bella gives up her ambitions and plans for college to get married to Edward, the fact that she is portrayed as a modern Eve, begging the noble, moral gentleman for sex while he desires to preserve their virtue, the fact that their relationship is dangerously unhealthy, and finally to the fact that nearly every single female character in the book is a hopelessly negative caricature.
The series does not improve with subsequent books, either. In New Moon, Bella enters a self-described “zombie” state when Edward leaves her. In fact, the author oh-so-cleverly inserts blank pages with the months’ names as a poorly conceived plot device for showing the depths of her heroine’s pain and also to avoid having to write the “hard stuff.” Bella turns near-suicidal; she purposely puts herself in harm’s way-going so far as to jump off a cliff-to hear her lover’s imagined voice in her head.
What does this say to readers, bearing in mind that the target audience is the tragically impressionable 12-17 year old girls? That they should fall apart at the seams for months if their boyfriend leaves them? That reckless self-endangerment is okay, so long as it’s to be close to your lover? What a lovely message to send to young women.
The sole bright spot of New Moon is the lovable Jacob Black, a member of the nearby La Push reservation and newly-turned werewolf. It is in Bella’s scenes with Jacob that readers see a glimpse of actual personality, and the burgeoning romance is certainly much more true to real-life teen romances than the lofty ideals of the star cross’d lovers Edward and Bella. But add another half-forgotten plot into the mix and Edward and Bella are reunited, with Jacob left by the wayside like a kicked puppy. Pun intended.
Eclipse. It is in this tome that Edward and Bella’s relationship takes a decidedly worse turn. Edward goes so far as to remove Bella’s engine from her car to prevent her from seeing her friend, Jacob, and even has his vampire ‘sister’ kidnap her from a weekend. Bella is a little peeved at this, sure, but she writes off Edward’s atrocious behavior with the terrifying “he’s just a little overprotective” and “he does it because he loves me”. Reader, I actually felt a little sick while reading this, despite these so-called good intentions (they’re always leading to hell, remember). Not only does Meyer give her two characters an obviously unhealthy-even abusive-relationship, but she romanticizes and idealizes it, and not only with Bella and Edward, but with Bella and Jacob as well.
Jacob, in fact, gets a bizarre personality transplant (lycanthropic dissociative identity disorder, maybe?) and turns into a real asshole in this book. He actually forcibly kisses Bella-twice-while ignoring her protests and actually threatens suicide should Bella refuse him. But not once does the thought of abuse, sexism, or inequality even occur to her main character! In fact, halfway through Jacob’s forced kiss (sexual assault, mind you) Bella actually decides that she’s in love with him. What is this??
I threw down my copy of Eclipse in disgust and I was ready to forget that the books existed until the Twilight-mania began anew in the lead-up to August 2nd’s release of Breaking Dawn. I can write this article just having read the first three, I told myself. In the end, though, partly due to morbid curiosity and partly a result of wildly irrational hope that somehow Meyer would redeem herself, I gave in.

Thankfully, the ‘Twilight’ series is over. Not as great is the fact that millions of girls are reading this sexist tripe without a care in the world, obsessing over the “perfect” Edward Cullen and the “hot” Jacob Black, pretending to be Bella Swan and ignoring the unhealthiness of the relationship just as successfully as the character does. What happened that two hundred years after feminist hero Elizabeth Bennet is put down on the page, we get one of the most awful excuses for a female literary hero that I’ve ever seen?
So frankly, excuse me if I bow out of the Twilight mania. I’m going to go sink my teeth into Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman and pretend that Stephenie Meyer’s terrible series did not set gender equality back two hundred years in the minds of millions

in an interview... they asked Meyer "What kind of messages do you want the readers to learn?" or something... and she said this... :
I didn't write the book with any messages in mind. *blah blah blah*
D: how could you NOT do that! not to mention Bella/Edward's unhealthy relationship and turning jacob into a total *sshole in the 3rd book D:
and : "Did you do any research on vampires before writing the book?"
Meyer : "No, I just made up my own vampries. I didn't want to know what rules I were breaking."


meyer........... and j.k.rowling... being COMPARED??? UGH! JKR is better [but not the best] but still, BETTER than that Twilight Saga Meyer wrote! D:<
well, that's nuff for me ranting about how much i have this *dislike* toward twilight. >D join the twilight-is-overrated side and save our goddamn dying culture. the future is screwed D:
btw [if you read up to here] : If I invoked anger to you people who read Twilight just to enjoy a sweet romantic love story between two people, well, it's okay if its just to be entertained. Its great you've been uh... happitized and all, just please spare me from the comments about how its great in the literary way.

hahah that was funny sriouslyand I'm not against that at all hahaahha
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08

ylnats wrote:

wutts wid all these book threads

who reads if you can watch anime in the first place?
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
Sorry... didn't read your whole post...
But who cares whether they like think it's the best or not?
it's their money... it's their choice to spend it on any book they like even if you think it's mediocre...
Though I did try to read it once...
I borrowed Twilight from a friends of mine and I never got past the first few chapters...
too plain for me... but who cares anyway?
If you think it's that awful then write your own book...
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Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08

Whoahhh all you haters up in here seriously need to get to life..go read harry potter or something...sure you may hate it but you dont need to be all negative bout it...if its really that bad than give it to someone else and dont mention it EVER again....ive only read the first book so far and its okay..but seriously its fictional and no idiot would throw themselves over a friggin cliff over a guy anyways unless they were thaaat stupid and desperate and friggin hell research vampires..honestly vampires arent real soo she can do wat ever the hell she likes...go have a cry in your emo corner....
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25 / F / dnt kno ...
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08

oh yer not a fangurl ...
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27 / F / cali!
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
i didnt bother reading the whole post...too long and my eyes start to hurt lol. but twilight caused something like the harry potter books did. something similar to the black magic, except with a forbidden relationship between a mortal and vampire. its almost kinda wrong, but its a good romance cuz theres some juliet and romeo and other literature stuff. but basing a book on the second most read book in the world (besides the bible) is kinda taking the fame automatically, very impressive.
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
The Twilight saga was pretty good in my opnion . However , I also have bad thoughts about it .
These are a few .
1. Bella is a whore .
2. Edward is too perfect .
3. Esme was just an extra character .
4. The fourth book was a good fanfiction . Where`s Breaking Dawn ?
5. New Moon - Bella is pathetic .
6. Bella was never average .
7. Writing the book in first person was a bad idea .
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F / Canada
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
The Twilight saga isn't as horrible as you think.
I although i agree with all the horrible points you've put up and all the other ones people have contributed;
It doesn't matter. We read the saga because it appeals to us, forbidden love between vampires and humans isn't something that can be achieved in real life.
Perhaps not all everyone likes the series, but we're (twilight fans!) not telling you to like it.
The saga's not for everyone, just everyone who likes a good love story.
Personally, i think Twilight is 10x better than the Harry Potter series.
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