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Introduce yourself!

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30 / F / Singapore
Posted 11/27/07 , edited 11/27/07

This is the place where you can introduce yourself to the people who have similar hobbies (L Lawliett!)!! You can say anything about yourself you wanna share, your country of origin, your favourite food, sport.. etc etc!

Let's start with me!

Hi, I'm wanny. Call me Lawliett, u can add -chan, -san, but not -kun, cos i'm female. I'm a Chinese teenager from Singapore. Born in Singapore, currently in Singapore. A true-blue Singaporean who also speaks Singlish! And I speak Eigo, some Mandarin (broken and rather bad), and am learning Nihongo!!

Age: 19
Country: Singapore
Favourite movie for now: Death Note
Favourite Drama: alot.. I usually watch HK dramas cos thats what they always show in my country, tho now i'm getting interested in Jdrama cos of Matsukun.. hope to watch 'Sexy Voice and Robo' soon! haha!
Favourite Actor: Leslie Cheung, Matsuyama Kenichi
Favourite Sport: Inline skating, coach-potatoeing

Slightly more about me:
I am very very impulsive and damn hyper when I like something. And very random too. Am prone to rants, short sentences (somewhat like L, but sometimes what I say don't make sense!), etc etc cos well, I'm just weird that way.

tha's all for now! douzo yoroshiku!

[let's keep the ball rolling]
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78 / F
Posted 11/27/07 , edited 11/28/07
ok this is me so dun complain if u dun liek me....!

im keiko or u cud call me by my nick akuma hehe

randomly facts
-im insanely CRAZY! hyper-ness
-sweets is my LIFE juz like my lovely L XDDD
-im weird/random and sometime can be very moody fer some unknown reason haha!

if u ever want to chat with me on msn den juz add me...... [email protected]

XDDDD jaa ne! NYAPPY! <33333
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25 / F / Guess.
Posted 11/28/07 , edited 11/28/07
Hi Im a new member here and My name is guys can call me Yose for short ^.^ Im 14 ( Yep quite young indeed..) And Of Course I love both the movie and anime version of Death Note. Nice to meet you all
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24 / F / egypt ........wel...
Posted 11/29/07 , edited 11/29/07
HI EVERYBODY!!!! my name is shyami and my fav deathnote chracters are my sweet L and my destructive Mello...yes yes i l know wierd huh? but i guess that's just how i am! im thirteenand turning fourteen in february...very random person...pus i am always glad to be anyone's buddy and its very nice to meet everybody!
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79 / F / `in the CUBE ♔
Posted 11/29/07 , edited 11/30/07
ryns here
a 15 year-old from the Philippines
loves L, anime, jdramas, kdramas, jpop, kpop
hates rude, bratty and obnoxious people and emo people

u can add me ppl, i love making new friends.. : wlangfriendster

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27 / F / Stradivarius' Sen...
Posted 12/1/07 , edited 12/1/07
Konnichiwa minna-san!! and to all L-lovers and fans!! I'm a new member here but I'm not a new L fan since I've watched Death Note I've become an L-supporter ^___^ hehe....

By the way you can call me Miyuki or Miyu-chan(what my close friends call me)

thanks for inviting me to join these club it's really a pleasure!

L rules!!!
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28 / F / Matteson
Posted 12/2/07 , edited 12/2/07
Hello I am now a member and just want to say hello there everyone
and a little about me

I love L so much so that I spend hours falling out of chairs just trying to sit like him

Also i am what you might call the slow type it takes me a very long time to relise things(like it took me a while( two months) to figure how to get past the first stage in FFX2

My nicknames are Pocky whore, Grandma, Grandma Pocky( i am not even that old i am 17),Baka Onna, Stupid, Moo Moo Fat, newborn(implying to my slowness), and Goofy
You can call me any one you want but i have gotten used to grandma or grandma Pocky so it okay to use them

I am Lazy and my total record for staying on a computer with minimal sleep is 2 days Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!
and that is me in a nutshell Hello there (^_^)
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25 / F / at Home~xDD
Posted 12/3/07 , edited 12/3/07
soo, my real name is Selin and i'm addicted to anime and manga stuff~XDD
i'm really a big an of L sometimes i'm sitting like him on my chair nee~^__^

and i'm 13 years old i'm really lazy..sitting at home and doing homework and so on~

i also like eating sweet things like L~^___^the most i like cake or chocolate cookies and so on~XDDD

that's all for now i think...soo i hope we'll get along nee,see you then!!~xDD
Posted 12/4/07 , edited 12/4/07
Hajime Mashite..!!

The name's Amaya...
Love L...Love DN...
I love to makes friends...especially a fan of L and other stars...
I just know L this year..
so maybe a newBie..
if any story about L...tell me...

I'm currenly waiting for L The Movie...and Death Note #3...
can't wait....

# I love Jdrama and KDrama....some Tdrama...
# I am 16 years old...
# next year 17...
# I love eating....just like sweets food..
# My nickname is 'Ira' or 'SyaeRa'..

Hope to meet lots of L's fan!!

Yoroshikun Onegaishimasu!!
Posted 12/9/07 , edited 12/9/07
Hi my name is Isaac! I love food, childish stuff(eg. sponge bob squarepants! :D) i like anime as well! Im currently a 14 year Singaporean boy and my japanese name is kenshin takazaki
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29 / F / KY
Posted 12/27/07 , edited 12/27/07
Hi guys!!

I'm Emily, aka Lolita-chan. I'm 18, I live in the US. I'm a huge fan of Death Note. L especially. *is pretty much obsessive*

I love anime, and drama series. the drama I'm working on finishing now is NHK's Shinsengumi series. I'm also totally obsessed with Jrock and Jpop, and for the moment my favorite band is S.K.I.N.

I have a ton of nicknames, like Lolitachan, Loli, Kiwii, Emi, Em, and Nezumi
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25 / F / earth
Posted 12/27/07 , edited 12/28/07
Ermmm...I'm Lisa and I'm 14.
I live in the US.

I love death note and visual kei stuff.
i'm really random if you know me?
My favorite movies are Death Note 2 and Hairspray.
Annnd, I'm a kid at heart.
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28 / F / Philippines
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/28/07
hi guys!! chrizel here...
i'm from the philippines and i'm 17...nice to meet you all! ^_~

i love anime and live action dramas so much... i really do!!
i collect dvd and cd soundtracks of different anime & asian shows (especially Japanese).
Death Note anime and movies are one of my favorite 'cause it's story is so unique!
i love Fujiwara Tatsuya who played Yagami Raito in the movie and of course, Matsuyama Kenichi who played L. Both them are so hot and cool!

well... that's all! Just add me up... ^_~
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22 / F / sunny island
Posted 12/30/07 , edited 12/31/07
My name is Cherrynugget u guys can call me Cherry
I'm from Singapore and i love to eat berry
i love anime and stuff and i have a friend call larry

(lolx..ok..some stuff from my introduction of myself is fake..=X )

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Posted 12/31/07 , edited 12/31/07
You can call me word can describe me,a sicko
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