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ok... I can't help but create this topic... I just started watching this anime, and I'm currently watching the 2nd episode. I just paused it and created this topic... I just watched 1 and a half of this anime's episodes and already noticed a LOT of similarities from the anime Da Capo or Da Capo II and this anime!!!
(Spoiler warning, but there won't be any specifics)
ok.. gonna say the ones i noticed...
1.) Main male character is hard to wake up
2.) Main male character has a girl living with him who he treats as a sister but not actually blood-related.
3.) Main male character has a smart, clever, informative, updated, male classmate who talks... you know what I mean. Almost all school related animes have this type of character.
4.) Magic Tree, Magic Rainbow
5.) The magic thing could grant wishes.
6.) Some people don't use the magic properly
7.) There's a magician girl
8.) Magician girl is blonde
9.) Magician girl has 2 long pony tails
10.) Magician girl has this cute animal creature on her shoulder.
11.) The "childhood friend" thing
12.) Magician girl in this anime has exactly the same hair ribbons as the one from Da Capo
13.) Main male character is always being woken up by a not blood-related sister
14.) That hat the other girl was wearing was very similar to Kotori's
15.) Main male character and the non-blood related sister has a special place
16.) One of the side girls in the anime got some problem and lets the main male character pretend to be her boyfriend.
17.) Problem of the side girl character is that there is always a person that follows her around.
18.) Reason for letting the main male character pretend to be her boyfriend is to get rid of the person following her around.
19.) An annoying girl that foolishly wished something and accidentally broke the main male character's relationship with a girl which was already good.
20.) A lot of similar scenes
I can't think right now but I know I've noticed a LOT more. (won't update this anymore too lazy~~~)
already this much with the first and a half episodes. Please type in more similarities if you find any. Which I'm sure you'll find.
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i guess this kind of plot is easiest to write and sell -.-
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wow thats alot! lol
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That is a lot. I'm assuming a lot of it has to do with the fact that the same company that worked on Da Capo the game helped the company who made the Gift game.
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This visual novel-based Anime was created by former members of CIRCUS.

Another thing that makes me crazy is the similarity in the school uniform, only they differ in skirt color.
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