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Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/26/08
How would you describe your rockstar’s life ?
The first image coming to my mind is like a hurricane mixing excitement, joy and stress. Being on stage, meeting fans or playing on TV shows, every events bring a big dose of adrenaline. I live life like on a fast highway…and I enjoy every second with a full intensity.

What’s the privilege you like the most in your life?
The international succes of Tokio Hotel allows me to travel all around the world. Yesterday in Italy, today in France, tomorrow in Russia…I go from discoveries to discoveries. It’s a fascinating part of my job.

And what’s the constraint you would like to avoid?
Tokio Hotel is my reason to live. I give everything for the band. So my private life became almost non existent. Moments shared with my people get more and more rare everyday.

Is fame easy to live with?
Tokio hotel’s succes was so sudden. Nobody expected such a warm welcome. From one day to the other, we were everywhere on the magazines. I then discover the grisly mechanism of Tabloids…so many lies, rumors, fake photos appeared on the press. I confess now that the first 6 months were a terrible time to go through. It me took some time to get used to all this.

Did you manage to cut the rumors off?
Once I’d gone through the rebellion phase and the “I want to break everything” phase, I ended up understanding that there wasn’t any point of fighting against those liars and it was pointless to even try to tell the truth because as soon as a denial was published, a new rumor was coming to set a new scandal…In the end, I know that avoiding the gossip was the best weapon to keep me from suffering. I know that now.

Did you ever loose control in front of a paparazzi?
I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by some very discouraging bodyguards. (laughs)! And nobody ever bothered me…yet. But if one of them ever try to approach me a little too close, I’m not sure i’ll be able to keep my calm. I could totally end up fighting him.

If you could be a normal person for a week-end, what would you do?
I’ll bring all my family and my friends and altogether we would hang out in town. We could have lunch on the terrasse of a restaurant on a place where people passes by just so I could appreciate the joy of being anonymous… Then we would go to the movies and then in an amusement parc, I love scary, fast rollercoasters. I would also love to go to New York. I’d love discovering this magical city.

What’s the most important aspect of your character ?
I’m a very independant person. When i was a little boy, I’d always make my own way, without asking anyone. I’ve always run after autonomy. Earning life, ensure my future, taking care of me, only counting on myself…I’ve always lived with this philosophy.

Do you easily give your trust ?
The life i’m living doesn’t allow me to build strong relationships. You always need a little time to figure out what kind of person is in front of you and as I never stay in a place more than 3 days in a row, I don’t have time to get if people I meet can be trusted or not. So I can count on one hand the persons I really trust.

To who do you tell your little secrets?

2 persons know everything about me: Tom, my twin brother and Andreas my best friend. I have sympathy and respect for a lot of people like good friends or some professionnal relationships but I always keep a certain distance.

When you’re in love, do you have the tendancy to hide your feelings?
Well it depends on the situation…If I fall for a girl I think I have 0 chance with (does that exists lol), I won’t say anything. I still have my pride. (smile). But if the feelings are mutual, I open my heart without restriction. I’m not afraid to say “I love you”.

What kind of lover are you?
I’m caring, passionated, possessive, incredibly romantic too. When I’m in love, it’s always fusional. I need to be next to my love every second, feeling her against me, sharing everything with her. Unfortunately, I haven’t lived this joy for 2 years.

What’s your main seduction’s asset?
I’m a very open person, I always go talk to people in a very spontaneous way, without manners. This ease with contact always please people.

What’s your technique to get what you want?
When I really care about something, it’s very easy: I only think and talk about it until I get what I want. (laughs). A little bit like a child, I act all sweet and nice to wheedle people. Works like a charm!

Sometimes, you must get some ‘nos’…
Careful, i’m really stubborn, If I get a “no”, I can insist during days and days in hope to get satisfaction. Sometimes I confess I get some foursquare refusal…and then I’m vexed and in a terrible mood…(smile)

What’s the worst advice you ever get?
There’re many. I remember one of my friend who I was shopping with. He had succeed in convincing me to buy a jacket he found “terrific”. That jacket was in reality a cheap peel, like a disgusting colorful wig…I don’t know what’s got into me this day, I was probably in the middle of my teenage crisis and I was missing bearings…(laughs)

Adolescence…what memories do you have about it?
Well during puberty, between the pimple and the physical changings, you don’t feel very well. I remember my style was ridiculous, my clothes hideous, my hair was a catastrophy and my love experiences were a disaster. Adolescence is a phase when you look for yourself and you try so many things before really finding you.

At 18, you’re already out of it?
Life with the band put me straight in the adult world. I had to solve problems without the help of my parents and had to face unusual responsabilities for a boy my age. Without really realising it, I left the adolescence world a little early. Nevertheless, it doesn’t keep me from doing rather foolish stuff and acting like a real kid somtimes.

What kind of foolish stuff are you talking about?
Little everyday stuff…too foolish to talk to you about…I wouldn’t like to embarras the others. Tom, Gustav & Georg wouldn’t forgive me if I did some revelations(winks)…

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