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if you were in naruto what would be your story
put where you came from if you were from a differnt village, how you got to where you are, discribe your village, what is your specilty and do you have a bloodline, and whose your sensei

i was born in a minor ninja village i was the next head of the Akuma clan the strongest in the village all of them trained with a certain weapon since they were old enough lift it mine was the katana and also after a certain age all members of the head of the clan recieve a bijuu usually passed down from mother or father exept for every five generations where new has to be made i was the fifth generation so they performed the ritual and i wound up with a 4 tailed water dragon until orochimaru burned my village down to make a base i ran a way and ended up in konoha and became a genin and trained to take down orochimaru.
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I am born into a secert clan of Kirigakure. My clan is the Shinkirou Fantomu Clan ( Mirage Phantom Clan). We have gain the abilities of the true powers of darkness. We surpass the Nara Clan of. We have the ability to freely manipulate our shadows, create shadow weapons, being able to create and control shadow creature/warriors, various ways of shadow binding and so on. We also our own version of certain jutsus. We are born and raised as warrior of darkness, each assign a weapon speciality to master. We do not raise living weapons but human beings who have the right of chosing there path. We are a secert clan locate deep within the Village Hidden in the Mist. We are the hidden elites of Kirigakure no Sato. I am the current Clan Head's Advisor and Right-Hand Man. I am also next in line for succesion. I am the current wielder of our sacred, clan-treasured blade, Fantomu Yaiba (Phantom Blade). My code name is Chaos Hermit.
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