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Make u own clan put what there trade mark is any blood line (if there is any any) special techniqs the clan is Known for and any thing els u can think of

my clan is the Akuma clan we have the power to create a bijuu through sacrifice of our members the more sacrifices the more powerful it is also able to pass down bijuu for 5 generations after that have to make a new one also all trained in with one wepon that is asigned at birth and only head of family can posses bijuu no branch members or young children age head member recievces it is twelve
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My clan is the Shinkirou Fantomu Clan ( Mirage Phantom Clan). We have gain the abilities of the true powers of darkness. We surpass the Nara Clan. We have the ability to freely manipulate our shadows, create shadow weapons, being able to create and control shadow creature/warriors, various ways of shadow binding and so on. We also our own version of Shunshin ( Phantom's Step) and the Hidden Mist Jutsu ( Absolute Darkness Jutsu). We are born and raised as warrior of darkness, each assign a weapon speciality to master. We do not raise living weapons but human beings who have the right of chosing there path. We are a secert clan locate deep within the Village Hidden in the Mist. We are the hidden elites of Kirigakure no Sato.
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