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This is now a competition between agencies each... Act here to make yourself known in public. Sell yourself by making your own image in the role you portray. You will be given a situation/ theme. A theme will be posted here for audition. You choose a theme, act on it, and be in a new series or movie.. Each theme will give you 50% and the money will go to your agency so the agency attributes raises and investment. To take on an audition you must be of a certain rank/ level, it will be posted on the target theme as well as additional information: characters, setting, props, rank, emotional skills to apply, values, Director's instructions, prep & contract deal (the amount of money in contract)...

Information will be posted under the theme's photo.
Acting RPG in this forum.
When you are accepted for the audition you will be told what Studio forum to go to. (1 or 2)
50% of money will go to the agency.
In the RPG do not post in red.
If something is posted in red by Creator you must over come the situation in your role.
If you want the audition then quote it..No quotes on the same audition if someone else chose first.
Certain scripts may have a specific talent and if you don't act on that particular theme you prefered u will not recieve any payment.
REMEMBER to include USING the props provided in the scripts or contacts when acting.
State the family your with after auditioning.

SCRIPT 1: One Minute Pepsi Commercial

There are 2 high school best friends who auditioned for a school play. Best Friend B is also auditioning for the same main character that Best Friend A did, although Best Friend A didn't know about this. It's only after her audition did Best Friend A discovered Best Friend B onstage portraying the same role.

Characters: 2 teenage girls
Setting: School Theatre @ 9:00 A.M
Props: Diet Pepsi Lime bottle and can
Rank: Freshman
Emotional Skills to Apply: Anger, Betrayal, Disappointment, Repentance & Forgiveness
Values: Friendship
Director's Intructions: "Within 1 minute, in the easiest way, get into a quarrel. Portray the roles using the props. The reason behind the quarrel is that both have auditioned for the same part of a school play. It turns out A discovered B onstage portraying the role that she did. Cry, get mad, however you do. I will leave the quarreling to your creation. But remember, A & B are the very best of friends."
Prep: "Alright, 60 seconds. Lights... Camera... Action!"

Contract Deal: $5,000.00


There are 2 long- time lovers from show business. They loved each other and planned to get married someday. The woman unfortunately had an affair & was engaged to another man. The lover found out about her secret. But he still held on to her despite the woman constantly tried to end the relationship, much to her regret because she still loves the man very much although she didn't showed this during this time. She chose the other man because he's a Billionaire, the heir to a prestigious movie company. The lover on the other hand is just an actor but born from a wealthy family. One day, the fiance' was waiting for the woman at the airport. The actress, who's already inside the car and was about to leave the country, was on her way to the airport.. when her lover showed up & confronted her, under the heavy rain.

Characters: lovers Sakuya & Aine
Setting: In the middle of the road at 7:45 P.M, heavy rain. A few miles is the Narita International Aiport, International Departure, First Class Lounge.
Props: a motorcyle, Mercedes Benz car, shoulder bag & a necklace
Rank: Senpai or higher
Emotional Skills to Apply: Pain, desire, betrayal, forgiveness, loss of will, regret, relief, acceptance & denial
Values: Love
Director's Instructions: "Alright, one clip will show in this angle the man who's shocked from his manager who told him his lover is about to leave right now and is heading at Narita International Airport, and then he immediately rushed out from the film set and riding on his motorcycle he headed to the woman. Ok? Now, Aine is inside the car, on her way to the airport. The Mercedes Benz car is currently running on the highway. The lover catches up by riding on the opposite side of the street and blocks the car ahead just a few meters away from where the car suddenly skidded to a halt. The woman, surprised, gets out from the car, walks a few steps and stopped just at the bumper side of the car. The man did at the same time, but they maintained a long distance between them. Sakuya, show your emotions and speak your feelings. Best if you cry even in this heavily pouring rain if you have to. You too Aine do the same. Show him how much you deny your feelings even if you love Sakuya more than anything. Remember, you have no choice but to be with the Billionaire, yet you don't want to show any trace of regret choosing him over someone you love. Cry and get mad at the same time because you want to break up with Sakuya right now here although the truth is you really don't want to! Sakuya, convince her, don't let her leave right this moment. Stop her from going. Show all that in your face and lines. Both of you cried because you love each other more than anything. Then Aine, let your bag fall off from your shoulders. You two, run towards each other, hug tight and kiss. I don't care how you guys kiss and how long your kiss is! I will cut it once I'm satisfied with the angle. We do the take again if there's a slight mistake."
Prep: "Aine and Sakuya, ready at line 35, take 1. Alright Cameras 1 & 3, station and set! Camera 2 right above them. Camera 4 station to angle 3B at Aine's side. Set! Okay lines 2 at the center, 3 & 4 at Sakuya's back. That's great, ready! Lights.... Rain.... Camera("all set").... And..... Action!"
Contract Deal: $10,000.00

SCRIPT 3: McDonalds One Minute Commercial

There's a tomboy from a rock band waiting for her girlfriend at the alley. She discovered that her girlfriend is going out with another man, her best friend of all people. The tomboy gave up and went to McDonalds. There she found a new lover. Both found great chemistry and started to go out together. When they turned around to leave with their takeout, suddenly they met head-on the tomboy's ex with the man. The man was surprised to discover that the girl who's with the gorgeous and androgenous- beauty tomboy is his ex too! The tomboy and her new lover ignored their exes and left the two speechless. On the road they enjoyed the new menu while holding hands.

Characters: Tomboy, the high school ex, the male student, his high school ex
Setting: Alley, the McDonalds at 7:00 P.M
Props: Cellphone & watch the tomboy had, school supplies and bag, McDonalds Maharaja Mac burger
Rank: Any rank
Emotional Skills to Apply: Betrayal, Impatience, happiness and Jealousy
Values: Love at First Sight
Director's Instructions: "OK, with your roles portray your emotions. Tomboy, you're standing right here in the alley. you look at your watch, then dial a number on your phone. No one answered. Just as you look at the corner you high school ex is walking on the other side of the road with you high school male student. Tomboy, you gave up, walk away and headed to McDonalds. Woman and Tomboy, you're ordering the Maharaja Mac at the same time but at separate counters. Look into each other and show that you're attracted with each other at first sight. Leave with your take out order and stop just in time you exes appeared on the door. Show the supposed emotion. You new lovers, don't mind your exes and just leave while continuing each other's company making your exes jealous. You enjoyed eating the burger while walking hand in hand, and you exes fight inside McDonalds. In one minute display your characters well."
Prep: "Review your lines in one minute. Alright set! Lights... Camera... Action!"
Contract Deal: $5,000.00

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