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[Game] Usa-chan
Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/28/08
(game has restarted)

Name of the Game is Steal Usa-chan(aka. Hunny-sempai's stuff bunny)

~try to take Usa-chan from the person above u
~DO NOT DOUBLE POST!!(it's not fun dat way)

OK now dat u know da rules lets play...

I have Usa-chan becuz Hunny-sempai let me hold it ^-^
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Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/28/08
ah! Moriko! you have a stain on your shirt *pushes Moriko towards the door* here, i'll take care of Usa-chan. You dont have to worry about it!

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Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/29/08
you dropped your wallet! It has a lot of money sticking out and droping out of your pocket. GOT IT!!! leave usa-chan 2 me!
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
Me: Hi danisak !!!!
danisak: HI???
Me: Danisak Tamaki-sepai wants to be your friend!!!!
danisak: really??? YEY!!!! ( trows Usa-chan away while running to see Tamaki_senpai )
Me: (catches Usa-chan ) Sucker!!!!! -_-.........

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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
Me: Akira-chan, akira-chan... (anime-addict's jap name).
Akira: What!!! You are so annoying.
Me: Making puppy dog eye....
Akira: Alright, alright. What do you want?
Me: Let me hold Usa-chan for a while. Please....^_^
Akira: Yeah, yeah, only for 5 minutes k.
Me: Yeahh!!!! Got Usa-chan. Hehehe... Sucker!!!. Sprint at full speed. MUAHAHAHA
Akira: Damn it!!! He fooled me....>_<
Me: Bye bye sucker. Eat or get ate....HAHAHA
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
Me: HAHAHAHA!!!! Damn you really fooled me!!!!
Ryuusuke: HEHEHE!!!! E'm I smart or what!!!!
Me: Yeah!!! Using one of my secret moves the puppy dog eyes to fool me was ingenuous!!! ( NOT!!! )
Ryuusuke: HAHAHA!!! You are so stupid to believe that!!!!
Akira was pissed of when Ryuusuke said those words so.....
Me: Triple Slash Kick + Super Mega Punch in the face!!!!!!
Ryuusuke K.O.
Akira WINNER!!!!
And then Akira saw Usa-chan and she grabbed Usa-chan and took it home!!!!


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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/30/08
Akira: Who is it at times like this. I was watching my fav soap opera. This better be good.
When she opened the door, she saw a little girl holding a present box.
Akira: Hey lil girl, who are you and what is that present box?
Lil girl: Oba-san, its a gift from a secret admirer.
Akira: Oh,oh. Really, then thank you . (Damn you girl, how dare you to call me Oba-san
[ Akira's inner thought, she is really pissed of ] Shannaro ). She took the present and slammed the door behind her.

Akira: Who sent this present? Hhmm, no names. ( she is opening the box ). Boom, a sleepy gas bomb exploded the moment she opened the box. She is out cold.
Me: ( Outside her house ). Thats suits you for all the bad things you have done to me. Using a duplicate key, I entered her house. Usa-chan is on the table, I took her and I head back home. I left a msg to her, its a challenge letter." Bring a pokemon to the park behind your house tomorrow. We shall have a battle, whoever wins can have Usa-chan. Don't try anything before that. Bye and see ya tomorrow."

p.s. I am pokemon fan. Lets have a imaginary pokemon battle k Akira.
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/30/08
When Akira saw that msg...
Me: OK I'll go just for Usa-chan!!!!
And then Akira went to the park and saw Ryuusuke.
Ryuusuke: Ok Akira its time!!!
Me: Bring it on chump!!!!
Ryuusuke: I choose Venusaur!!!!
Me: I choose Mew!!!!!
Ryusuke: Venusaur use Razor Leaf attack!!!!!
Me: Mew use Synchronize!!! ( I don't know if Mew have that attack!!!!! LOLZ!!! )
Both of our pokemon is out cold soits a tie and so ....
Me: Ryuusuke I challenge you into a mix martial arts combat!!!!!!
If you don't accept this then you are a loser!!!!!
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/30/08
Me: I accept it.
Akira: Bring it on.
Me: I'll defeat you for good this time....
Akira: You'll never defeat me coz I am master at Sneaky Martial Arts ( A type of martial art where the users uses sneaky and cheat moves to defeat their opponent ).
Me: I am prepared to face you. ( I trained under Honey-senpai for past few days ).
Akira: Come on baby....lets have it.!!!!
Me: Lets go!!!!
Akira used a low kick ( sneaky as ever ). I fell on the ground. She was prepared to use Cross Chop but I swiftly managed to evade the attack. I used High Jump Kick and it hits her face. She stumbled upon the kick landed on her face. She is bleeding from her nose. She was pissed!!! She yelled...SHANNARO.
She run towards me and used her ultimate move, Mega Face Slash Kick ( the user slashes the opponent using finger nails and kicks them at the same time ). It landed on me, I barely managed to stand. She received recoil damage from her last move. She is stumbling on the ground. Its my last chance. I gathered all my last strength and used my Mega Kick on her. Its right on target, bulls eye. She is out cold. I called 911 so they that can admit her at hospital. With remainging strength, I took back Usa-chan and went home to give her back to Honey-senpai. Akira was hospitalized for 3 months. I recovered in few weeks. Usa-chan is now back with Honey-senpai and they lived happily ever after.

The end or is it?

Wait for the exciting new seasons of Usa-chan Game.
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/30/08
When Akira was fully recovered, she trained super hard for the rematch and then when she is totally ready, she
went to Ryuusuke and challenge him, its because of Usa-chan and who will be the first to give Usa-chan back to Hunny-senpai!!!!!
Me: Ryuusuke!!!!!! I challenge you again!!!!
Ryuusuke: Ok!!! I'll beat you Like I always did!!! ( So Not )
Akira was a little bit pissed because of what Ryuusuke said!!!
Me: This is for my sweet revenge and for Usa-chan who is really cute!!!
Ryuusuke: Huh??? You really want to win, don't you??
Me: Well Duh!!!
Ryuusuke: Well, are you ready???
Me: Oh YES!!!!!
Ryuusuke: then lets start this!!!
Ryuusuke attack me with one of his secret move the face slam!!!! But sadly Akira dodge it and when Akira dodge it, she use the back kick ( kicking your opponents back which give him/her a massive back pain!! )
So Ryuusuke fell on the ground he almost can't stand because of that attack but he still stand....
Me: I can't believe you can still stand!!!
So we continued........
Akira attack Ryuusuke with her SP ( Super Punch ) but Ryuusuke dodge it and he uses the Akira's secret move the Triple Slash Kick + Super Mega Punch in the face!!!!!
Akira almost went cold but she remembered Usa-chan so she stand up and said...
Me: In this move you'll surely gonna sleep with this attack!!!
Ryuusuke: HAHAHA!!!! You will never win!!!!
Akira quickly run and when she saw a weak spot she jump and use one of her super special secret move!!! The Super Ultra Infinite Kick + Missive Head but = Total Coldness!!!!!!
So Ryuusuke fall on the ground and I grabbed him and Usa-chan and I broth him in the nearest hospital and left
him there and I went home to rest. Ryuusuke recovered after 5 months and Akira recovered after 2 months.

And we leave happily ever after!!!!!

Wait is this the end???
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Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
5 months passed by, Ryuunosuke is burning with the anger coz he lost to a girl. He went to Mt. Everest to train and hone his skills and martial arts. Time passed by, Akira is leading a happy life with Usa-chan but deep down she is worried coz she didn't hear any new regarding Ryuunosuke.
Akira: Maybe he is dead?? No, it can't be. He is tougher than he looks. Maybe he gave up on Usa-chan???
Yeah, thats it. He gave up on Usa-chan. She was oblivious to the truth that Ryuunosuke is training hard to get Usa-chan back from her.

1 month later, she received an air-mail. When flipped the envelope, its from Ryuunosuke. She is happy and worried at the same time. There is a challenge letter. It sounds like this. I am challenging you. Lets meet in our usual battle area in another 5 days.

Akira: So, he is alive after all and still hasn't given up on Usa-chan. Well, I have defeat him again this time.
MUAAHAHAHAHHAHA. She laughed with all her might.

5th day:

Akira: Where is he??? Did he got scared and ran away???
Me: Akira, here I am. I didn't ran away just like u thought.
Akira: How the heck did he know what I was thinking?
Me: I have learned how to read mind during my training at Mt. Everest.
Akira: Thats a bluff!!!!
Me: Its the truth.
Akira: Fine, whatever mojo you do I don't care. Lets have our battle.
Me: Fine by me.

We started our battle....

Akira made the 1st move, she used SP ( super punch ) but Ryuusuke anticipated her move and dodged it. Akira lost her balance and hit the wall. She sustained some damage from hitting the wall. Ryuusuke choose to attack, he used her secret technique!!! The Super Ultra Infinite Kick + Missive Head but = Total Coldness!!!!!! Akira failed to dodge the attack and it hit her.She was out cold!!! How is the taste of your own medicine???? MUAHAHAHAHHA.

Me: Who has the last laugh now???
Me: Of course its me....haaahahah.
I took Usa-chan and left that place. Before leaving, I called 911 to get her to hospital. I heard that it'll take 1 year for her to recover fully. I visited her at hospital with Usa-chan, the thing is she is wrapped in bandages like a mummy....hahaha. I left a bouquet of flower for her.
I lived happily ever after with Usa-chan.

Wait!!! Is this really the end???
Only the GOD knows.
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Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
So God decides to continue the battle!!!!!!

Akira was so bothered because of her failure, so she trained with her Unknown master, her master thought her new martial arts skill and some magics and after 1 year of training she was thinking for revenge and sending
Ryuusuke a rematch message but suddenly she received a challenge letter from Ryuusuke, Ryuusuke said " i challenge you again, meet me at the park, where we started to fight, after 10 days you will go there, if you beat me I'll give you Usa-chan but if you lose you will give up Usa-chan!!!!!

So Akira accept the challenge of Ryuusuke.

After 10 days.... Akira went to the park and she waited for Ryuusuke for I hour!!!
( men Ryuusuke Is totally Late!!!! : )
And Ryuusuke came....

Me: Ryuusuke why are you late!!!!
Ryuusuke: Sorry, I was watching my Favorite anime!!!
Me: Huh!!!! By the way lets end this thing now !!!!
Ryuusuke: Bring it on!!!!

So Akira jump and use her MK ( Mega Kick ) but he catches Akira's feet and he uses his ST ( Spin Trow ).
Akira went falling and hitting the floor HARD!!!!!
So Akira was really hurt but she remembered the magic trick that her Unknown Master thought her..

So she stand up and use her elemental power the thunder strike!!!
The thunder strike hit him so he was now out cold!!!!

So I grabbed him ( again ) and brougt him to the hospital and Akira grabbed Usa-chan and went home and they live happily ever after!!!!

Is.... This ...... Really..... The ........ End.....

Seriously....... Is this the end??????
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Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
woah the stories keep getting bigger xD
you two keep fighting, i'll take care of usa-chan in the mean time^^
*grabs usa-chan and runs*
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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 8/31/08
Me & Ryuusuke: Nee!!!! Why you little!!!!
Me:Saphire!!!!! Give Usa-chan back!!!! ( while chasing Saphire )
Ryuusuke: Akira lets take down this thief!!!!
Me: OK!!!!!!!!
Saphire: You will never catch me!!!!!! OHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!

Akira and Ryuusuke are both thiking how to take down "The Thief"!!!!!

Me: Ryuusuke, chase Saphire for a while, I will use my Sneaky Martial Arts!!!!
Ryuusuke: Ok, I got it!!!!!

Ryuusuke chase Saphire and when Saphire was trap into a dead end, Akira quickly jump and use her BK
( Back Kick ) ( Akira was hiding in a bush )

Ryuusuke: Nice Move!!!!!!

Saphire is out cold!!!!!

Me: That's what you get when you mess with me!!!!!!

And when Akira saw Usa-chan she quickly grabbed Usa-chan!!!!

Ryuusuke: Hey!!!! Wait!!!!!!
Me: Bye Bye Ryuusuke!!!!! See you next time!!!! I hope you won't out smart me!!!!!!


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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 8/31/08
Truut...truut...truut...( Akira's ringtone ). Click. ( sound of her clicking button )
Akira: Hello, who is this?
Me: Its me Ryuusuke.
Akira: What do you want now? I am busy watching my fav anime on tv.
Me: Nothing important, just wanted to say hi.
Akira: Sheesh, then say hi and quit bothering me...
Me: Come on Akira, we are friends atleast I think so. Don't you feel so.
Akira: Is this some kind of dramatic tv show that people watches ah?
Me: No, I just want to know the truth. Thats all.
Akira: Yes, we are friends. Enough??? Now let me watch my anime.
Me: Nee Akira, there is dozens of shooting star outside right now.
Akira: Really???
Me: Yes, go outside your balcony, the view is better that way.
Akira: Ok,ok.
Akira's inner thought( maybe I should wish that Usa-chan will stay by my side forever ).

Krrrrr.......Clack ( sliding door slamming the wall ). The phone conversation is over by the way.
Akira: Where's the shooting star, I don't see it over.
Me: ( from behind ) No..., you'll see it now....Thummm ( plank hitting Akira's head from behind ).
Me: How is the shooting star show now??? Akira is out cold by the way.
Ryuusuke went inside and took Usa-chan with him. He wrapped a blanket over Akira because he don't want his friend to catch cold.
Me: Good night friend and have a lovely shooting star dreams....HAHAHAHAHA

Is this the end??? What is going to happen in next chapter??? Stay tuned!!!
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