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[Game] Usa-chan
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29 / F / somewhere around...
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
Everyone was happy....
Everyone rejoiced. Befuni's hand on Hani-senpai's hand and his hand on Akira's with her hand on Usa-Chan's hand which was on mine. hand in smile after a another....running in circles....celebrating usa-chan's return. Then suddenly, hani-senpai on serious mood again.

Hunny: Akira....Befuni....You two were careless, what if i wasn't available and you couldn't figure out who was Usa-chan?!?!? What then?
Akira & Befuni: But....It wasn't our faul -
Hunny: Of course it is! Usa-chan was in your care! So for today, Usa-chan will come with me!

Hunny took Usa-chan with him at home....

Akira & Befuni: Noooooo....what shall we do now?
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
Akira and Befuni is really really sad because Hunny took Usa-chan.....

Befuni: Akira............
Akira: What????
Befuni: Hunny-senpai is really angry with us.......... Right????????
Akira: Yep...........
Befuni: What should we do???
Akira: I don't know.............


Beep Beep Beep Click

Befuni: Hello..........
Hunny: WHERE THE HECK IS USA-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Befuni: What do you mean WHERE THE HECK IS USA-CHAN???????????????
Hunny: Usa-chan isn't HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akira: What's wrong???????????
Befuni: Usa-chan is gone!!!!
Akira: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akira grabs the cell phone of Befuni.....

Akira: Hunny-senpai!!! What happen????
Hunny: I don't know???? Thats Why I called you!!!!!!!!
Akira: I thought you will take good care with Usa-chan???
Hunny: I don't know when I woke up Usa-chan is gone, so i thought you two stole her!!!!
Akira: What!!!! ( SUPER ANGRY MOOD!!!!!! ) Are you telling me that we are criminals???????
Hunny: I'm saying that!!!!!!!!!!!
Akira: I thought you are super nice but the true you show up!!!!!!!!
Hunny: Eh...................

Akira and Hunny got angry with each other...

so the question is WHERE THE HECK IS USA-CHAN????????????
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29 / F / A beautiful islan...
Posted 10/6/08 , edited 10/7/08
while Hani-senpai, Akira and befuni are trying to find Usa-chan....what they didn't know is....

Fuannu: Mori-senpai! Help!(running towards Mori-senpai while holding Usa-chan)
Mori: ...!
Fuannu: I accidentally spilled the hot chocolate on Usa-chan when a kid bumped, fortunately, Hani-senpai isn't looking...what am I going to do? Y_Y
Mori: Bring Usa-chan to the dry cleaner, don't worry, I'll make an excuse to Hani-chan...
Fuannu: thankies Mori-senpai! your the best~

then, fuannu brought usa-chan to the dry cleaner.....Meanwhile....

Hani: Usa-chan! who stole my Usa-chan huhuhuhuh!
Mori: Maybe Usa-chan is just looking around catching some fresh air~
Hani: ...Impossible...Usa-chan never leaves without me...
Mori:....hmmm...I think Usa-chan wants to play hide and seek...
Hani: really?...then I'll go find Usa-chan now...kyaaaa~ here I come Usa-chan

Hani-senpai called Akira and...

Hani: Heee~llloooo....
Akira:What's your problem now...!?
Hani: Sorry for blaming you and befuni of Usa-chan's disappearance, Mori-senpai told me that Usa-chan is just playing Hide-and-Seek, wanna join?
Akira: What the...Usa-chan? playing? I'm game!
Hani: yey! please do tell befuni about it...thanks

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29 / F / somewhere around...
Posted 10/7/08 , edited 10/7/08
Befuni went to the dry cleaners to wash her clothes...Akira came rushing towards befuni
AKIRA: befuni! befuni! Hunny-senpai called and he said Usa-chan was playing hide-and-seek....
BEFUNI: what?
AKIRA: I said Usa-chan is safe...she was just playing hide-and-seek....that was what Mori-san said though~

Akira was trying to comfort Befuni.....When all of a sudden, they saw Usa-chan wrapped in a plastics....squeaky clean and bright! Akira and befuni looked at each other with surprise!

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29 / F / A beautiful islan...
Posted 10/7/08 , edited 10/7/08
when fuannu-chan's about to get Usa-chan in the dry cleaner, she noticed Akira and Befuni with a puzzled look...

fuannu: is something the matter?...
befuni and akira: ....(pointing at Usa-chan)...
fuannu: oh....what happen is this...(when fuannu was about to say the truth Mori-senpai called)

fuannu:(talking to Mori-senpai)...oh....I see...haha, is that so...okay...thanks Mori-senpai...
fuannu: soooo~ Mori-senpai told you about Usa-chan playing hide-and-seek? cute...
akira: that was Mori-senpai told Hani-senpai...and Hani-senpai told me about it and asked me to tell befuni about too.
fuannu: to tell you the truth ...(fuannu told the real story behind why Usa-chan is in dry cleaners.)

Akira and Befuni:

What will happen next~
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/7/08 , edited 10/7/08
Akira and Befuni's sadness was gone..........

Akira: Thank God you found her!!!!
Befuni: Thank You Thank You!!!
Akira: My God Bless You for Your Good Soul!!!! ^_^
Fuannu: Hehehehe!!!! No Problem!!!! Its for the love of Usa-chan!!!!!
Hani: Usa...............................-chan??????
Akira. Befuni and Fuanna: Whats wrong????
Hani: Why the hell Usa-chan is wrapped in a plastic??? ( serious mood!!! )

Suddenly Mori-senpai came.............

Mori: Usa-chan was hiding in there.....................
Hani: Really???? Nee........ Usa-chan that isn't a good hiding place................

While Hani-senpai hugging Usa-chan..........

Akira, Befuni and Fuanna: Thank you Mori-senpai!!!!!!!!!!! ( whispering )
Akira: Thumbs Up for Mori-senpai!!!!!

What will happen in the next episode???????????
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30 / M / Malaysia
Posted 10/7/08 , edited 10/7/08
Akira, Befuni and Fuanna has left to go home.... Hani-senpai was looking for someone to babysit Usa-chan for a day....

Me: Hani-senpai, I heard that you are looking for a babysitter to look after Usa-chan. Is it true?
Hani: Yes Ryuunosuke, btw are you free. You are a trustworthy person, I don't mind leaving Usa-chan in your capable hands.
Me: Of course I am free senpai, I can look after Usa-chan.
Hani: Thank you are a have this strawberry cake...I want you to have it...
Me: Thank you senpai...munch,munch...I have finished eating the cake was delicious..
Hani: Of course, it was imported from and Mori are the only person i'll share that cake with.
Me: Thank you Hani-senpai..I am honored....
Hani: Here, have Usa-chan...take care of her until I come back ok...
Me: Ok senpai, I'll take care of her....have a safe journey..
Hani: Bye Ryuunosuke
Me: Bye senpai...

After Hani-senpai left..Ryuunosuke and Usa-chan went back home to have a nice long rest...
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29 / F / A beautiful islan...
Posted 10/7/08 , edited 10/7/08
One sunny morning, Ryuunosuke decided to buy something for Hani-senpai in return of giving him his trust in babysitting Usa-chan. Ryuunosuke took Usa-chan with him to the nearest cake shop.

Ryuunosuke: hmmm...what should I get Hani-senpai...

Ryuunosuke suddenly noticed a black forest cake and piqued his interest in buying it for Hani-senpai. While walking down the counter, a man bumped into him.

Ryuunosuke: are you blind? watch where you're going....
Cape-Wearing-Man: pardon me sir, I just didn't notice you...(after apologizing, the man just ran...)
Ryuunosuke: what a weird fellow...anyways, better buy that cake.

When Ryuunosuke's about to get his wallet, he noticed that Usa-chan is missing.
Ryuunosuke remembered that Usa-chan's still with him before bumping in the weird man. Panicking and don't know what to do...Ryuunosuke called Akira, Befuni and Fuannu

Ryuunosuke:(at phone)HELP! A WEIRD GUY KIDNAPPED USA-CHAN!!!

Akira, Befuni and Fuannu was shook there head and start searching for Usa-chan...
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30 / M / Malaysia
Posted 10/7/08 , edited 10/9/08
While searching for Usa-chan, Ryuunosuke received a phone call...reluctantly he answered the phone... The kidnapper is on the line

Kidnapper: Yo, if you want Usa-chan back...give me 10 million dollar.
Me: OMG!!! 10 million..are you kidding?
Kidnapper: Fool, do you think I have time fooling around with you?
Me: Sorry, I was shocked thats all.....
Kidnapper: Can you prepare that much?
Me: Is it possible for me to pay in Somali Shiling? I'll pay you 10million in Somali Shiling.
Kidnapper ( after thinking for a long time ): Hmm...sure...but don't try to fool me or Usa-chan is dead...
Me: I'll never try to fool you because Usa-chan's life is important to me....
Kidnapper: Fine, I'll call in 1 hour to tell you the place....don't contact police or your three Stooges friends....
Me: I'll never try that....

Kidnapper hung up.....Ryuunosuke went to bank to change the currency...after obtaining 10million Shomali Shiling....he received the
phone call...

Kidnapper: Go to xxxx,xxxx and wait for xxxx.
Me: Hmm, it...I'll see you in few

After hanging up the phone...Ryuunosuke went to xxxx,xxxx to wait for xxxx.
When he reached xxxx,xxxx, he saw xxxx. The kidnapper came out from xxxx with Usa-chan in his hand...
Ryuunosuke put the money in the ground and waited for the kidnapper to hand over Usa-chan....
Kidnapper tossed Usa-chan in the air towards Ryuunosuke, Ryuunosuke jumped to grab Usa-chan....
When he caught Usa-chan, he found out that the Kidnapper has escaped with his xxxx.
Ryuunosuke took Usa-chan back and contacted the three stooges..Opps..sorry..Akira, Befuni and Fuannu to inform them that he has rescued Usa-chan...

( this is conference conversation )

Ryuunosuke: Yo guys..I have saved Usa-chan..she is with me now....
Akira, Befuni, Fuannu: How did you save her...did you pay ransom for her?
Ryuunosuke: I did, he asked for 10 million...
Akira, Befuni, Fuannu: OMG !!! Where did you get that much?
Ryuunosuke: I took it from my bank....
Akira, Befuni, Fuannu: You are that rich???
Ryuunosuke: No..i am just like you guys..
Akira, Befuni, Fuannu: But how did you get 10 million?
Ryuunosuke: That guy is a fool, first he asked for 10 million dollar then I told him I will pay 10 million Shomali Shiling..he agreed with out asking back....
Akira, Befuni, Fuannu: So, how much is that 10 million Shomali Shiling is anyway?
Ryuunosuke: He he he...:7,240.69 US Dollar
Akira, Befuni, Fuannu: it for real....??
Ryuunosuke: Yes, he is a fool...he didn't know how to convert he is has to be somewhere cursing me for fooling him..
Akira, Befuni, Fuannu: Ha ha are a smart guy...
Ryuunosuke: Of course I is his fault for falling in my trap...anyway..I have to go now...Talk to you guys later
Akira, Befuni, Fuannu: to you later...bye

Ryuunosuke and Usa-chan went back home to enjoy a good meal....

xxxx,xxxx means where they are supposed to meet
xxxx means the car that kidnapper was riding

This story has no connection to real life and the characters are fictional
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
Ryuusuke and Usa-chan have a really good time but the kidnapper discovered that 10 million Shomali Shiling is just 7,240.69 US Dollar he got so angry so he kidnap Ryuunosuke, the kidnapper left a letter!!!!

And so Usa-chan is now alone in Ryuunosuke's house ( poor Usa-chan ).....

Suddenly Akira, Befuni and Fuannu went to Ryuunosuke's house and they saw Usa-chan is all alone........

Fuannu: Where the heck is Ryuunosuke?!?!?! He should babysitting Usa-chan!!!!!
Befuni: Hey I found something!!!!!
Akira and Fuanna: What is it???
Befuni: its a letter, It says......

" Give me 10 million dollar not 10 million Shomali Shiling!!!!!! It only cost 7,240.69 US Dollars!!!! If you won't give me 10 million dollars I'll kill your friend!!!!!! Go to the same place where me and your friend meet....

P.S. Don't do any wrong move or else..........

Kidnapper....... ♥

Akira: What he kidnapped Ryuunosuke!!!!!! ( Poor Onii-chan!!! )
Fuanna: Where can we get that money????
Befuni: I have an idea!!!!!

Befuni was sharing her awesome idea!!!!

Fuanna: Nice idea!!!!
Akira: Count me in!!!!

And so, they went to the place...............

Kidnapper: Wheres the money???
Fuanna: Are you blind, its here in the briefcase...... But first, where is Ryuunosuke???
Kidnapper: His here..... Now lets exchange... I'll give your friend than you'll give me the money....
Fuanna: Fine....

While the Kidnapper almost got his dirty hands on the money......
The kidnapper didn't notice that Ryuunosuke is already saved 1 min. ago by Befuni...............
And then Fuanna gives the sign to Akira........

Fuanna: Chibi-mon attack!!!!!!!!
Akira: Super Ultra Mega!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kidnapper flew away because of the impact of Akira's kick!!!!!!
The kidnapper is now asleep!!!!

Akira: Thats what you get when you kidnapp our friend!!!!!

So they called the police to put the kidnapper to the jail!!!

Ryuunosuke: Thank you guys!!!!
Akira, Befuni and Fuanna: No PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!

So Akira, Befuni, Fuanna, Ryuunosuke and Usa-chan lived happily ever after.............
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29 / F / somewhere around...
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
Or so they thought they were....

Just as AKira, Befuni, Fuannu and Ryuunosuke were rejoicing...Hani-senpai called.

Hani: Hey guys! What's happening?
Befuni: it's a long story...
Ryuunosuke: Yeah! But you know what Hani-senpai? Everything is alrigh-
AKira: Eeeeek!
Fuannu: What's the matter Akira?
Akira: Usa-chan is not here! I thought she was with us!!!

Befuni quickly turned the phone off...

Ryuunosuke: Hey! Why did you do that?
Befuni: Hani-senpai will surely freak out! We must solve this ourselves and as soon as possible!
Akira: OMG.....

The team solves the mystery....
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30 / M / Malaysia
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
All of them panicked when they found out that Usa-chan is gone.....

Ryuunosuke: Did you stop by somewhere in our way?
Akira: No.....
Befuni: Think carefully...maybe you did stop by somewhere....
Fuannu: Did you saw any suspicious character around?
Akira: Hhmm ( thinking )..Yeah..I did back in KFC when we were enjoying our meal with Usa-chan....
Ryuunosuke: Do you remember how he looks like??
Akira: Hmm...I think I saw him somewhere before....
Befuni: Do you know where?
Akira: Hmm....few hours ago i think...
Fuannu: Where were we few hours ago...??
Ryuunosuke,Befuni,Fuannu: THE KIDNAPPER!!!!
Akira:'s him...i remember now.....

What will the team do now??? Will they save the precious Usa-chan before Honey-senpai found out???
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
All of us are really confused how the helll the kidnapper got out from the jail????

Ryuunosuke: How did he do that????
Befuni: I don't know..........

Beep Beep.... Click

Fuanna: Hello......
Hani: Fuanna-chan!!!!
Fuanna: Its Hani!!!!
Akira: What!!!!!!!!!
Fuanna: Tell Ryuusuke that I'll go there in 2 hours to pick up Usa-chan... Bye Bye!!!
Akira: Oh No!!!!!

What will happen in the next episode????
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29 / F / somewhere around...
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
OH NO!!!!

Befuni: what do we do now? didn't Akira kicked that guy very faraway? How did this happen?
Fuannu: maybe, he grabbed usa-chan before we could have done something to him..
AKira: well yeah i guess,,,cause Befuni went to Ryuunosuke while Fuannu and i kicked that guy's ass off...
Ryuunosuke: so the first problem to solve would be to find that guy now....

Such irony beholds the fantastic four....they have been avoiding the stranger but now it seems they're out to find him...LET THE HUNT BEGIN
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
So all of the team are thinking some plan to get back Usa-chan...

Befuni: Akira,go with Fuanna!!!
Akira: Ok!!!!!!
Fuanna: Ryuusuke, Go With Befuni...
Ryuunosuke: Ok!!!!!
So they search and search!!!!! They search high and low, they search right and left but no Usa-chan was found.......................

Ryuunosuke: Did you find her???
Akira: no....
Befuni: Where could we find her????

So A very harrible thing was just happend......

And THE QUESTION IS.........

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