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Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/27/08

Express & give out your own message to them!
Post your reply and pictures of them if you want here!


This is mine :
"DBSK!...How I first know you all is when I heard your song 'Hug' MV from the Internet where my cousin sister opened it. I ask her who is this and she said they were 'DongBangShinKi'. I started liking your songs after that. I still remember I bought lots and lots of CDs & DVDs of you all!
Take good care and your health and be careful always!
Good Luck!

From, your fan,

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Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/27/08
Dear DBSK Oppa's,

How are you guys? I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU OPPA'S SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Be happy & stay healthy, please I beg of you!!!! And also I wanted to tell you how much DBSK/TVXQ's music means to me! LOVE the voices, lyrics and how much energy & emotion & hard work you all put in to it! There's a lot of love, dedication, & so much devotion that's put in what you do & it shows very much! Well I don't know really what else to say but please take care of your selves and much luck in 2008 and all the years to come!!! Aja Aja Hwaiting! I'm sure you guys here this A LOT but it's no joke, you ALL are so INCREDIBLY VERY GOOD LOOKING and don't try to deny it, lol, you know it's true! You know when I first heard you guys sing I was instantly hooked, I never thought that I'd LOVE every single one of you so much! Usually when I like a boy band I'd only like 1 or 2 of them and I'd usually stop liking them and listening to there music but your the first boy band group that I truly liked so much and can't get enough of, seriously I don't even get like this for American Boy Bands!!! Just wanted to say that I really do LOVE each and everyone of you so much (equally of course, lol) with all my heart!!! XOXOXO ^_^

P.S. And by the way just in case your wondering I'm not Asian I'm Puerto Rican living in America, lol, just thought I'd put that out there! If it wasn't for the internet I wouldn't have known anything about you guys, so I must say I'm totally thankful for that, lol! And also I'll keep supporting you ALL no matter what! LOVE you all so much, with all my heart!!!!! ~Hugs & Kisses~ ^_^ Peace & Love!!!

With much LOVE from your Latin Fan in the US,
Mary1803 a.k.a Marlie
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