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Arena37C Special vol. 48 - Uruha 100 Q&A translation

01.The first thing you did when you got up this morning
Check the news on TV

02.What would be the colour of your mood today?

03.What did you do yesterday?
Pre-pro in the studio (TN: pre-pro = pre-production)

04.The most interesting thing lately?
Reita's original voice

05.Something you cried over recently?
I haven't cried in a while

06.Something that's be disturbing lately?
Rising Gas prices

07.Favourite movie
Terminator 2

08.Favourite Book(Including manga)
ソムリエール (Somurieeru) (TN: no idea xD;; )

09.How's your health?
Is the state of my nails (TN: actually not so sure about this ->Q: 健康のバロメーターは/ A:爪の状態)

10.What do you do to keep yourself healthy?
Eat vegetables

11.What season do you like?

12.Please tell us something you're proud of
My hands are big

13.Favourite place to relax?
BAR (TN: LOL, why am I somehow not surprised? xDD)

14.What animal do you like?

15.What animal do you compare yourself to?

16.A hero you admired when you were a child
Ihara from the Yokohama Marinos (TN: Ihara Masami-井原正巳- is a now-retired football player)

17.What was usually written on your report card?
A good kid

18.What was an important toy in your childhood?

19.What do you treasure now?

20.Anime/manga you like

21.Is there an anime (manga) character you'd want to be?
Goku (Dragonball)

22.Food you like

23.Food you hate

24.Something you haven't been thinking about lately
Prison Break Season 3

25.What reminds you of summer?

26.Memorable times during the summer holidays
Soccer club

27.If you had a day off, what would you do?
Nabe party (TN: nabe = hotpot)

28.If you had a month off, what would you do?
Go on a short trip

29.If you had a year off, what would you do?
Job hunt

30.Your charm point?
Middle finger

31.Strong point
My pace

32.Weak point
My pace!

33.Special skill
Nice pace!!

34.A dish you're proud of?

35.3 CD's you'd have with you on a deserted island would be?
3 CD-R (TN: lol 3 recordable cds xD)

36.A sport you'd like to do right now

37.An ideal cool guy
Someone with a lot of skills

38.Cute thing about girls
Their pretty smiling faces

39.A street/area you like

40.A country you'd like to go to

41.Average hours of sleep
6 hours

42.A dream that left an impression
A dream where a live started and I couldn't remember one of the songs

43.Ideal hours of of sleep
14 hours

44.Your recent obsession?

45.What do you always have with you?
FRISK (TN: I believe they're mints of some sort)

46.A brand you like

47.A perfume you like
Anything with a good smell is OK

48.What makes you nervous?
Times when I'm in situations I'm not used to

49.Your weakness?
A lot, I don't know

50.World News that you're most concerned with right now?
Olympics in Beijing

51.We're halfway through this questionnaire, how do you feel right now?
Up till now, it's been over 3 hours. I'll do my best. (TN: lol this took me just about 3 hours to translate xD well..more if you include the time it took to rewrite the whole thing xD;; )

52.What did you write on a card for July 7th?
July 7th is the best! (TN: July 7th = Tanabata Festival in Japan)

53.What's your cellphone ringtone?
Piroro Pirorin♪ 

54.What's your cellphone waiting screen?
the GazettE

55.What game do you like?

56.A feeling (as in touch) you like?
Fusa Fusa (TN: sound for soft hair in Japanese)

57.A feeling (as in touch) you don't like?
beto (TN: sound for sticky things in Japanese)

58.A person you respect?

59.Something you did when you were worried?
Just let it pass

60.A hairstyle you'd like to try
Afro (TN: *rotflol* Uruha with an afro xD *cracks*)

61.In rock-paper-scissors, what do you usually throw out?

62.A flower you like
Green plants

63.A hiragana character you like
ゆ (yu)

64.A 4-character phrase you like

65.At your last dinner, what did you want to eat?
I don't think I had an appetite to eat

66.Something you really want right now
Winter holidays

67.Something you often played with as a child
Playing with fire (TN: he wrote 火遊び, which I got as either playing with "fire" or "love")

68.What was something you often collected as a child?
J-League Chips Cards

69.If you weren't a guitarist、What would you be doing about now?

70.If you had a time machine, what time period would you go to and what would you do there?
I'd go to the future to see the future of the world

71.When you're most nervous?

72.What is the most crowded time?

73.How many push-ups can you do?

74.How many sit-ups can you do?

75.When you are happiest?
After I'm tired from a glass of wine

76.You were just humming a song, what was it?
Now, It's a song I'm making-up inside my head

77.Your favourite motto?

78.Are you a light sleeper or a heavy one?

79.What's the best scenery you've seen up till now?

80.The first CD you bought?
If I remember correctly it was B’z『RISKY』

81.First live you saw?
My senpai's live

82.The first artist you copied a song from
Mr.Children「innocent world」

83.Your favourite artist right now?

84.On a day off during a tour what do you do?

85.If you could relive one day of your childhood?
I'd be excited

86.If you were a girl for a day?
I'd try going to a beauty saloon/spa

87.If you could be invisible for a day?
I'd keep an eye on traffic accidents

88.If you could be another member for a day, who would it be and what would you do?
I'd be Reita and ride his bike (TN: LOL)

89.How many points would you give yourself right now and why?
0 Points Because I can't evaluate myself

90.Please ask yourself a question
Are you sleepy right now?

91.Please answer that question
I'm sleepy

92.What part do you wash when you take a day off?
My head

93.A kanji character you like
極 (TN: "goku" it means either "pole" or "extreme/climax/zenith etc.")

94.The source of your energy?

95.An actor you like
John Travolta

96.What yukata obi/belt would you want a girl to wear?
A black type

97.Say something to the world

98.Say something to the members
Do your best!!

99.Say something to the fans
Thank you as always!!

100.This long Q&A is over. What do you say?
Let's write more!

i don't remeber to whom the credits are but surely not to me,lol
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40.A country you'd like to go to

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