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Introduction : At 24 years old,Hinamori Amu finds out after a few strange and scary occurrences that she has to fight against a wealthy man that is the leader of a drugs organization. In the later chapters she will be forced to work for him,after he kidnapped two important persons in her life.From the scared and coward person,she transforms in an spitefully villain and killer.Major Amuto moments <33 Hope you guys like it xD I'm at chapter 10 and continue until 20 xD and who doesn't like scary scenes...are not recommended to read. Rated M.

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Chapter 1 - Murder Witness

It's an...usual autumn day.I'm sitting at my desk,trying to figure out a way to finish the tasks faster that the director gave to me.I hate him! He's a toilet licker cock sucker shit eater son of a bitch!! If I didn't need money so desperately I'd be kicking his ass off already but...(sighs) it's the biggest salary I had until now. He gives me the hardest tasks and like NO free time.

Wait a sec...I heard that there are salaries even bigger than mine. By the way...My name is Hinamori Amu, 24 years old and I finished finances in college. It's been a while since I went out with my friends at a disco,go have a barbeque in the forest or drink tea at Nadeshiko's place. I'm talking about the guardians...Ever since we graduated we've lost contact of each other,except Rima, and we kept in touch all the time but it seems that...with my new job I won't be able to meet them any time soon.

phone rings


"Amu,we're worring about you! Where are you?"

"N-Nadeshiko...I'm at work,sorry..." I was feeling really down for dumping them so often.

"But this month you worked from 06:00 to 21:00!! What's that stupid director thinking? A bullhead jackass??"

"N-Nadeshiko..." Amu sweat dropped.

"We need to take you out of there,and soon!! You're forgetting about us!"

"No I'm not!"

"Oh well...we're gonna be late for our bowling game..."

"Wait! How come unlike me you have so much freetime?"

" know Hotori-kun and I ...we don't need to work..."

"Yeah I know..." Amu sweat dropped again.

"Yaya was free this week from the coffee shop,Kukai wasn't so busy with the national football team lately and since Rima is back from the trip,we decided to..."

"Hold it right there!! Rima?! Returned from the trip? When? Why didn't she let me know? I would've come to pick her up!"

"I don't think it would've been possible...She returned last week which was when you started that measly project..."

"It's not measly!!" (screams) "It's a campaign that will bring me large profits" -eyes sparkling-

"Yeah,whatever...Putting money above friends,this is just...When you can come to my place let me know.Bye!" And she hung up.

I cannot help but think that she is right,I can't believe how right she is...I'm tired being alone now! Between these four walls...

Then she stared at her desk.She saw some pictures with her and the guardians-which they were no longer-but they didn't forgot about each other,unlike some person i know...(looking angrily at Amu).There were also pictures with her and her parents,with Ami,that now was in highschool. She took that picture.

I can't believe it,she grew so fast...I won't let anything happen to her.I must see her tonight.

Lunch Time! Lunch Time!

That annoying robot freaked her out again.

Oh well...I think I'm gonna finish those papers after lunch..I'm sooo hungry! -tears popping out-

She wanted to go to the canteen,that was 2 floors underneath.Lazy as always,she was heading towards the elevator. In there were two men dressed in black.As she approached,she could notice guns under their coats.Her eyes got wide open.It was too late to return to the stairs.Fortunately,another 7 employees followed her.In the elevator she felt something strange. Who are they?Some sort of...bodyguards?? She and the employees got out quickly but those two mysterious guys didn't.

That means that they were exiting the company...And that also means that they came out from the director's office that's above my floor. She ignored that aspect but..she felt she knew one of them.She also felt like someone was watching her...They were wearing sun glasses and it was hard to say if she knew one of them.

After the elevator doors closed up :

"Hey...why were you staring at that chick?"

"I don't know,I think I know her..."

"You know that piece of cake??" -drooling-

"Cut it out...She couldn't be!"

"We must hurry and report boss that the pest is in the heavens,probably singing with the angels..."

The other one kept silence.His phone rang. "Hello?"

"What happened?"

"We did it."

"Good...someone saw you?"

"No boss!"

"Come back.I have to tell you the next move."

At the canteen

I wonder what was with those two...One of them seemed really young.Oh my geeeeeezzz!! I have to take those papers to the director.Ehh...screw him... (grinning) ...I'll take them after I eat.Itadakimasu!!

She went in her office and took those papers.I think all they need is to be stamped.When she got out of the elevator,she couldn't see the director's secretary.Her desk was right at his door.But no one was there. Maybe she's with him in his office? She knocked at the door.

"Mister...May I come in?"

There was no answer.

"Mister?" and she opened the door. She saw... what she saw made her shiver. The director was lying on the ground,with his throat cut and his stomach looked like it was drilled with a huge knife. On his chair was his secretary,with her clothes ragged,with her mouth opened and a bullet hole in her temple.

Amu couldn't move.

-end of first chapter-
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Chapter 2 - Unexpected Encounters

Her eyes were empty.That scene traumatized her for life...The slayers...were those two men from the elevator! If I would've been alone with them maybe now I would be dead damn it! In a second she took a step backwards.She covered her mouth with her hands and backed away from the dead bodies the blood was leaking and then she found herself screaming from the top of her lungs. The next minutes were endless and she was in shock.She realized she was at the police station,with a towel around her and with a hot chocolate mug between her hands.

The only thing she could feel was the steam.The only thing she could hear was phones ringing without a rest and the officers voices. From her back,a man put his hand on her shoulder.

"What happened miss?" a familiar voice made her turn around quickly.


"Amu..." they were staring at each other without saying a single word. "Amu what are you doing here?"

"Ikuto..." her cheeks were wet.The whole time she was crying and now,seeing the man she couldn't forget made her cry even more.She threw herself into his arms,holding tight the shoulder straps from his uniform.She put her head on his chest. The tears drowned her and she couldn't breathe.

"Amu ..calm down" he said and wrapped his hands around her. "It's okay...First of all tell me what happened"

"Ikuto...The blood!The guns! Nooo!!" She squeezed him in a strong hug. "I don't want to see that again..." and closed her eyes.

Ikuto didn't know what to say.His memories with her,he could remind them perfectly although it was 12 years ago.But now,his main concern was to investigate what happened. Right now he was the main secret agent in town and he transferred from the United States that month. He didn't expect to find her in this manner and he didn't searched for her because...well because he had to take care of his child.

"I'm sorry but you have to tell me what happened."

Amu wiped away her tears and tried to calm down.She told him about the two sadist mysterious guys and about how she thought the director was killed.

"I hated him but I didn't wanted that to happen to him,and the secretary was my friend!" and started to cry again.

"It seems the assassination was quick since you didn't noticed it. And it seems that ... that gang might attack again."


"It's sort of...It's an organization that is leaded by a very wealthy person.I have no evidence that he is the one that ordered your boss to be killed but I'm sure it was him" then he let go off Amu.He was looking down.

"i-Ikuto..." she changed the subject. "Why did you leaved??Why?"

Ikuto couldn't look in Amu's eyes anymore. "I'm sorry" and he turned around to leave,but Amu grabbed his hand.With tears in her eyes she said "You said we were gonna love each other forever.That night on my balcony...that night I,I..You have to explain to me! You were lying when you said you loved me? Tell me!" She started to cry again.

"I'll explain it to you...but not today.Sorry." and she went in his car. From the police station's window she could notice two figures.Then the car disappeared.

Amu was staring outside from that window.

flashback: "Just say you love me"

"I do" while kissing her.

"Hmmm...Mr.Black Cat is blushing?"

He hugged her and kissed her again.

"I don't think I'm gonna come back"

"No way..."

"No way...He forgot about me?" She couldn't cry.Her lips were dry and so were her eyes.She couldn't cry anymore because she had no more tears left. Instead,she closed her eyes.

flashback : "Ikuto!"

"What's wrong my little strawberry?"

"Your hand is on my..."
"Oh right" and kissed her.He laid her on the grass

She drinked that hot chocolate mug -which was now cold- .She went to the bus station.It was cold...She tried to warm herself with her hands.

Finally the bus is here...*sigh* I can't believe what happened today. She remembered those bodies... mean while she got in the bus.She shivered and closed her eyes.Randomly she picked a seat.She noticed a man sitting next to her.She had the same feeling that she had in the elevator.Being watched.She stared at him.She could feel something familiar from those brownish eyes.

She got courage : "Umm...could it be that we met before?"

"I don't know..." the man said while looking at her.

"That voice...Oh my god!! Shuu?"

"How do you know my name?" Amu smiled and hugged him. She whispered in his ear : "If my little cousin Amu likes it then I'm really good!I'll be a professional baker!"

Shuu's eyes got wide open. "A-Amu..?" and hugged her back.

Amu asked "What are you doing here?" while getting on her seat again.

"Umm...I have some businesses to take care of."
"How's your wife?Oh no...I'm stopping here! Here's my business card.Call me and let's talk again okay?" she was ready to get off from the bus.

"Okay..." Amu left. After her there were some other passagers.He got off too.Amu was heading towards her home and he followed her on the other sidewalk.He made sure she didn't noticed him. He was staring at her all the way home.She was at the gate now. Amu felt something moving and turned around.Since it was dark she didn't wasted too much time and ran inside.

Shuu took out his cellphone and called someone.

"I know who is the witness."
"You said no one saw you damn it!"

"I think she suspects something"

"Do you know who she is?"
"Yeah I know."

"Good..." and he hung up.

Shuu returned the same way he followed her.

"Sorry Amu..." and a tear came out.

-End of second chapter-
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*please re-check my edit.*

Chapter 1 - Murder Witness

Chapter 2 - Unexpected Encounters

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animexcool wrote:

*please re-check my edit.*

Chapter 1 - Murder Witness

Chapter 2 - Unexpected Encounters

thanks ^_^ I'll post the next two today xD
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Chapter 3 - Ikuto's story

-from Ikuto's vision-

We were in the car. In the back seat was my little 5 years old boy,playing with his little cars.In front,I was at the wheel while Carmin started her cigarette.

"I told you not to smoke anymore!"

"It's none of your business what I'm doing! Cut it out with this fake concerned behavior! It doesn't suit you." And looked the other way.

I could feel tension building up inside me. I threw a punch in the car's bord.

"I do care dammit! You're my wife!" I was staring at her,not paying attention at the highway. The child started to cry but she didn't cared.She kept on yelling "It's all your fault!"

"No it's not!You just used your fucking pathetic ways and manners to join us together without even letting me know!"

"Oh please! You didn't said those words that night!"

"I don't even know what happened! I was drunk! C'mon let's be serious!"
"Are you saying that..." she covered her mouth and i could see tears in her eyes.I hated this. "Are you saying that he isn't your child?"

I don't think that way at all.He has my hair. The same deep blue triangle that goes towards the nose. I just couldn't doubt Carmin.I've never fallen in love with her night in the USA i went at the disco.I met her and she bought me a drink.She was really friendly and we talked all night.After some Martini glasses,i felt her kissing me.

After that,I don't know what happened.I woke up in a hotel room with her naked next to me. After a few months she told me she was pregnant and I was forced by her parents to marry her. Actually I was happy I had a little boy,although the mother that I wanted for him was...Amu.When I left, I saw her tears that I couldn't deal with.The image of her crying when I left...made me to regret every single tear of her.

We finally were able to confess our love and they popped out! The studies,the family problems...All I did was running into another world. I was really lonely.

One night,in a casino -i didn't enjoyed it,my friend dragged me with him.And Carmin came too!-It was like a party because I was promoted to secret agent. I saw that person.That very wealthy person that changed my life. He didn't knew who I am,and made a sign with his hand and left.Then two guys took out guns and threatened all the people present there.It wasn't a robbery.It was something else.

They angled the guns towards ...Carmin. They wanted to take her,but I took out my gun as well and screamed the hell out of me that if they will touch her,I'll blow up their brains. The two guys couldn't move. I ordered them to throw their guns. And I was surprised,cause they did it.I was expecting to threaten me that they will shoot Carmin but...they didn't.They obeyed. Carmin clinged to me "Ikuto!! Ikuto I was so scared!!"

Those two took advantage of the situation and ran away. I knew my family was in danger now.It will be a matter of time until they'll find out who I am.If they didn't already. I sighed.

"We must divorce" Carmin had a serious look on her face.

In me just mixed up a lot of feelings : fade and happiness,relief and abandon,I felt I was gonna be alone with just my kid,because she will not take responsibility.I know her very well.

"Why?" I was staring at her with a straight face.

"Oh please Ikuto don't play the dumbass! We both know very well why I'm leaving you!I'm tired being worried about you when you go in your missions,I hate hearing you calling that Amu girl's name in the night,I hate your coldness and your lack of love.I thought I loved you ,but I didn't.Now it all seems clear to me!"

"Carmin?...Do what you want!" and we didn't said any word until we got home.

When we got in the house,I said sarcastically "Looks like a mother loves her child the most.." She didn't answered and went in the guests room.

"Daddy?" the little kiddo pulled my sleeve.

"What is it champ?" I kneeled next to him,stroking his hair.

"Why mommy hates me?" His eyes were in tears and hugged me.I lifted him up.

"She doesn't hate you...Now let's drink some hot cocoa..."

When we were heading towards the kitchen,I felt the urge to see her.I needed to see her.

-end of the chapter-
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Chapter 4 - Alone in the rainy night

-from Amu's vision-

I was in my room,sitting on the floor.It passed several hours since I arrived home and it was late after midnight.I couldn't sleep.No wonder...I mean,who'll be able to sleep after what he saw today?

I was looking outside the window,at the sky.It wasn't really peaceful.An autumn rain was approaching. The strong wind pulled the goldy leaves from their trees and formed a little curl in the air with them. Soon after,some raindrops waked me up from my thoughts. I tried to put things straight in my mind. Ikuto is an police officer,he is in a mission and I could help him to find the murderers. I think. Although it passed 12 years,his appearance is the same. But inside...?

The rain intensified. Suddenly,from nowhere,a figure appeared in my balcony. I knew it was Ikuto,I noticed the form of his hair.But what was he doing here? I let him in quickly,he might've catch a cold. He was wet to the bone. I brought him a towel.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to see if you're okay." I could notice concern in his eyes. "Are you okay?"

"Y-Yes I am...I'm better but I can't sleep."

"Oh..." It was a sort of stupid moment...Today I saw him serious for the first time in my life.I couldn't believe that he is the Ikuto that teased me every moment,12 years ago.

"Do you mind if I join you?"

"No..." and we sat down.We were looking at the rain. I love doing this,the rain calms me down everytime.

He broke the silence : "You know...I was forced to leave back then."

"Huh?" I thought he didn't wanted to explain to me what happened, and if I was a child then I would've been really mad. But I wasn't. I wanted to listed what he had to say...

"Mom kept nagging me that the studies are on the first place. If I didn't had those family problems back then,I would've ignored the studies and I would've been here with you.Cause that's what I always wanted to do."

I didn't knew in what manner to reply. He continued : "I have a child."

"What?" I found myself breathe more frequently.

"I am married..." This time I kept silence but I was anyway stunned...I didn't knew what words to put to describe my feeling,when I heard that.

"...but I will divorce soon." He was looking outside.In fact,he didn't looked at me at all. Then suddenly stared in my eyes :"Amu...I missed you..."

I also stared in his eyes. I was speechless. "I knew he didn't forgot me!" And I could feel happiness running through me. "But he left me back then...But he didn't wanted to!Or he did?" I was really confused but I let out some words that I didn't wanted them to come out : "I...I missed you too."

He smiled and put his hand on my cheek. For some reason,I didn't blushed like I did before.Only with his touch I felt my face burning,but now,it didn't. Why was that? Maybe because I grew up? Or maybe because I didn't loved him anymore? No! I s-still love him,I know it.

Ikuto whispered in my ear the words he whispered me 12 years ago. "Why don't you give me a chance?"

I didn't knew what to say.He was going way too fast,but I enjoyed it. Him being so fast made me happy. Actually,he always was in a rush.It made me giggle inside me.


"You don't have to answer me now.I knew I made you suffer a lot, sorry..."

His eyesight was filled with sadness.I knew he regretted it. I was going to caress his hair but since he was looking the other way,he said : "I am here also for another reason. Amu..."

He was serious and he was looking in my eyes. "...You are in danger"

"What? Why...?" My worries about the assassination came true in a blink of an eye. "It's about the murder isn't it?"

"Yea..." he was looking outside again. "You said they were staring at you and that you may know one of them?"

"I'm not sure..."

"You need to be careful,because they might investigate about the assumed witnesses and they might find you."

I was thinking about what he said.It might be true. He gave me his number.

"Call me at any time if something bothers you or if you feel something is not right. Please.I'll be there at any moment"

He got up and ran outside,in the rain.I watched his hurried steps on the street and put my hand on my cheek.It was warm. I thought about what happened and I smiled. "Chance huh?"

-end of the chapter-
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Chapter 3 - Ikuto's story
*POV is point of view* **the red ones mean that I edited something there** ***blue is a choice if you want to change it or not*** ****green is im not sure about what it means**** and (red) means I deleted a part there.

Chapter 4 - Alone in the rainy night

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