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Make you char for the Future RP
Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08
This future rp is taken from GSD
Name:Akimoto Michiyo
role:Princess Of The Shinigamis,Captain Of Slash(A battleship.),Queen Of Reveils(A kingdom)
description:At a young age of 12 she was made Queen Of Reveils and Princess Of the Shinigamis.At 16 she was made Captain of Slash.She lost her parents at 6.She vows revenge on the killers but mean while she has to do things that were entrusted to her.She does not know that the person who killed her parents is another Shinigami and that Shinigami is good friends with her.Her heart is made of ice but it only melts when she her uncle which she call Otou-San.Her battleship is neutral as they have both Naturals and Coordinators.
pic(s): (Her Shinigami form)
No stealong that Shinigami pic!
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