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Guang Liang is holding his “Guang Liang’s First Taipei Concert” at the Taipei Arena on the 15th of November. This concert that is Guang Liang’s dream causes him to train hard every day, hoping that he can appear before everybody in the best of condition on the 15th of November. Because Guang Liang’s last album “Never Apart” was released a year ago, Guang Liang decides to release an “At My Right Side” (translator’s note: Literal translation, official English title for this song not known yet) EP on the 19th of September in order to sedate the hunger of fans who misses him. The title track “At My Right Side” is a love song that Guang Liang is best at. Guang Liang said: “The song At My Right Side is a warm up for the concert. Because most of my songs are love songs, that’s why I wrote this song At My Right Side. I hope that people who come to my concert will bring their other half along and the two of them come together to my concert.”

“At My Right Side” is a love song that has a sadder tone. The MV depicts “two people who were once in love but the female lead decided to leave. It is only after the female lead left that the male lead realizes that she has become a part of his life. Because when they are dating, in everything they do, whether they are drinking coffee or crossing the road etc, the girl was always at the man’s right side. After the girl left, the man often subconsciously leaves a space at his right side for her. Because his right side is reserved for the girl! Now that the girl has left, the man’s life seems to be stuck in memories of the wonderful times they had together.

When they are selecting the female lead for the “At My Right Side” MV, everybody in the company immediately nominates the heavenly queen of idol drama Chen Qiao En. Because Chen Qiao En’s role of Chen Xin Yi in Fated To Love You left a deep impression in people’s hearts; when everybody read the storyline for the MV, the image of Sticky Note Girl Chen Xin Yi immediately came to their mind. Because of his company’s strong recommendations, Guang Liang who is always flying around also starts to anticipate every Sunday. Guang Liang said: “All along my MVs leaves an impression on people because of their stories, like First Time, Fairy Tale, Commitment, Never Apart etc. So the role of the female lead is very heavy. After my colleagues’ recommendations, I watch Chen Qiao En’s appearances on TV and admire her acting skills and talents. I am honoured that the company has invited Chen Qiao En to be the female lead in my MV.” Chen Qiao En also said that “she really likes Guang Liang’s songs. So when my company tells me that Guang Liang has asked me to appear in his MV, I agreed immediately. I am very happy to be able to film an MV with Guang Liang. This is also the first time that I am appearing in the MV of an artiste outside of my agency. I am also looking forward to Guang Liang’s first concert in Taipei, I will definitely go and watch!” Guang Liang has formally invited Chen Qiao En to watch his concert on the 15th of November.

There was a cute incident on the set. Because one is the king of love songs and the other the queen of idol dramas, when the two of them are filming it attracted many passerbies’ attentions and they start taking pictures with their cameras. It is not known whose flash was turned on and affected the filming progress. A crew member shouted: “Who did not turn off their flash?” The story at that time happened to have Chen Qiao En using her camera shaped necklace to play taking photos of herself with Guang Liang. When she heard the crew member’s shout, she looked at her necklace and sad playfully “It is not me!”

At the set today, when Guang Liang was asked whether he has experience the same situation that has happened in the MV, Guang Liang said: “Once when my other half left, I felt sad when I went to the places we went to before. I do not want to touch my wounds again.”

Guang Liang is working hard to work out and practise dancing for the concert. After the filming of today’s MV, Guang Liang will immerse himself in the preparations for the concert and appear before everybody in the best of conditions on the 15th of November.

Chen Qiao En stars in Guang Liang MV, the sticky note girl appears again.

Translated by [email protected]

Chen Qiao En who becomes immensely popular through idol dramas has slimmed down a lot by dieting hard, even though she had become a meat bun face previously. Look at the rinse cooking pot dieting method she invented and how she removed that dreadful double chin!

Because she likes Guang Liang’s songs too much, Chen Qiao En is appearing in his MV. She holds a camera and pretends to take photos of him secretly. But sharp-eyed fans notices that actually she has slimmed down. In order to diet, she only eats a meal per day.

The rinse cooking pot method she invents herself is abstain from drinking soup and sauces must not include sate. She also abstains from eating deserts and red wine. Her four steps dieting method really causes her to slim down very fast.

After her idol drama finishes filming, she indulged in food and put on three kilograms. But after saying goodbye to double chin, she surprises everyone. Chen Qiao En has regain her lovely oval face.
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u can watch the mv at this link:
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w0w..that's was a surprise t0 b0th 0f their fans..!!!
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