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Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/27/08
Dear friends,
Ever been lonely, scared and longing for God’s presence. Well I will tell you that God is right there, always. No questions asked. He is right there when you shed those miserable tears. He was there when you were locked up in your room: scared.

He promises that he is always there no matter what happens. Why would He do that, I mean we are sinners? Yes, you are sinners, saved sinners, but you are also God’s children. God does not want anything bad to happen to his beloved children. He wants his children to praise him, be filled with joy, his Holy Spirit, happiness, etc.

So next time you are crying yourself to sleep of what happened today at school, work, home, etc. Remember that God is right there and if you call out to him and reach out your hand know that God is right there. He will take your right hand and lead you to the path of happiness.

- Psalm 37:24- Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down;For the Lord upholds him with His hand

-Psalm 73:23- Nevertheless I am continually with You;You hold me by my right hand.
Alexandra (Alex)
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Posted 9/3/08 , edited 9/4/08
^.^ thx for sharing many things now i know when i cry i will reach out my hand to God
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Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08
When I cry I pray. it's really a good way! Or I have a picture in my head of me and God hugging in heaven. Then it makes me cry for joy that it will hsppen. tears of joy.
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