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Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/27/08
Dear friend,
When are we going to put God first? When are we going to stop and correct our paths? God does not need help fighting the devil but he needs help saving the souls of lost men from satan’s clutches.

I see in today’s generation that we are putting God last. We plan our day to “worship the Lord.” Then what do we do. Wake-up, eat breakfast, work, pick up the kids, watch TV, make dinner, sleep. Where is the Lord in that? You have forgotten the Lord. He has been watching you my friends, he has heard your promise and he expected it me completed. Once again, you turned him down. No that should not be like that my friends.

While you were watching TV, you could have been worshiping him. While you were at work, you could have read the Bible and prayed. Who cares if others see you? Who cares if they judge you base on that. Who cares? They are only flesh and bones. This is your life that you put at risk. This is if you are going to Heaven or hell.

We should put God first because he put you first. Imagine the suffering and pain that Jesus put up with dying on that cross for the drunk or the homosexual. God brought Jesus into this world so he could die on the cross for other’s sin. And what you don’t even want to dedicate twenty minutes to the Lord??? That is not fair. That is not fair at all.

The Lord loves us and he wants to help us. So today instead of watching TV read the word. If you want to but do not feel spiritually excited pray to then pray to the Lord to help you overcome with the problem.

Jesus will hear your prayer in his temple and he will give you that spiritually excitement you want to have. The Lord loves us and he wants you to dedicate some hour to him. Praise the Lord.

Today let us put God first. Not second, not third, not fourth but first. Because God put is us first. He puts us first everyday. He put us first when he gave his son to pay the price on the cross.
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Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/16/08
I always put him first...ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how many manga I have or how many anime I watch, he always comes first. No matter how many rock songs I have in the iPod, I always have christian rock as well.

Besides, did you know there are anime versions of several biblical stories? From Adam and Eve, to the life of Jesus; all created in the eighties by anime virtuoso Ozamu Tezuka.

Not too long ago I went to a christian books store and I saw the bible in a manga style; done by Japanese people. Everything written in the bible, but as a manga.

Plus, Kiss have their 1991 hit from the movie "Bill and Ted Bogus Journey" God gave Rock and roll to You". Is one of the coolest praise songs ever!!!!!!!!

So, isn't there are more reasons to put God first? Having so many ways to worship him.

Ah, the most important ingredients; faith and love. How you can get closer to him without a blend of those two?
Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/16/08
Amen. You know I saw the same manga as well. It was awesome. Nicely done. But you know... there are many and I mean many that refuse to put God first. They just refuse. They put God last and when something bad happens in there life they are the first one's to blame him for it.

It's really not fair. If you want God to listen to you then listen to him. I just wish that everyone that has ever lived. Breathed or walked on these earth's could know the fantastic and amazing grace God has. I love him with all my heart but there are those who do not.
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