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Posted 8/28/08 , edited 9/3/08

S.H.E-沿海公路的出口 -

S.H.E-神秘歌曲Ella創作 -

S.H.E-新聞快報 -

S.H.E-宇宙小姐 -

S.H.E 5首曝光歌曲(加長版) 11 album 5 new show extended version


S.H.E album preorder date - 9-10

S.H.E - 沿海公路的出口 full version 完整版 W/Lyrics

S.H.E - 宇宙小姐 full version 完整版

go my imeem acc to listen in better quality

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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
OMG.. i just saw the 2nd pic yesterday but only as small as a thumbnail.. so i cant comment on their looks clearly..
so uber thanks.. its my first time seeing Ella's hair like this and its so ke ai! they're like girls from paris. hahaha! love the hat. and their skin is like super glowing. From head to toe.. its like uberly WOW.
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Posted 9/14/08 , edited 9/14/08

1. 宇宙小姐
2. 沿海公路的出口
3. 比你賤
4. 神祕歌曲
5. 612星球
6. 月光手札
7. 我是火星人
8. 女孩當自強
9. 酸甜
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