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22 / F / In the jaws of a...
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/11/08

A bolt of lightning flashed through the room, surprising quite a lot of students. Mikan and Iinchou jumped in surprise, while the twins remained cool as ever.

"Quiet!" A croaky voice called. Heads turned toward the front, where Narumi and Jinno stood. Jinno was as fierce as ever, with his frog sitting atop his shoulder. His electric stick was held in his palm - he had been the one who had created the bolt of lightning with his electricity alice.

Narumi remained his usual smiling jolly self, waving happily at the students, and looking disapproved at Jinno's actions.

"Now, class, Jinno-sensei and I have come to announce the coming of a play!" Narumi said, grinning. Natsume's eyes narrowed. He didn't like the sound of this.

"Yes, unfortunately, we will indeed have a play," Jinno said, disapproval clearly shown in his eyes. A few daring hands were raised. Jinno nodded towards Anna, who had raised her hand.

Anna smiled tentatively, standing up, "J-Jinno-sensei? What is the title of the play?" Murmurs were heard throughout the room, and Jinno's eyebrows furrowed before he shot another bolt of electricity in the air. Everybody immediately lapsed into silence.

Narumi decided to finally speak, interfering with Jinno's answer, "Well, Anna-chan, we will be doing the play called The Beauty and the Beast!" More murmurs were heard, and Jinno frowned and launched the third bolt into the air. Nobody dared to make a sound.

"Characters will be chosen with Miss Imai's contraption," Hotaru stood up, in her arms was a dog-like machine. It was pocket-sized, small and portable, with an arrow in the middle and a small keyboard below it.

"Invention number 87: The Character-Chooser. This contraption chooses certain people to be particular positions in a ceremony or event of some sort. The arrow spins, pointing at the direction of the chosen person," Hotaru said. The rest sweat-dropped; who was she talking to?

Placing the machine on her desk, she clearly typed in the words on the keyboard.


The arrow spun for a while. Everyone held their breath, anticipating the direction of the arrow. Sumire smirked, positive that she would be Bell and her beloved Natsume would be the beast - not that she thought him an ugly beast. No, of course not.

The arrow stopped at Mikan. The class erupted into a loud outburst, and Jinno launched another bolt as he slammed his palm on the surface of his desk furiously. They all hushed down, intimidated.

Hotaru smirked, typing in another set of words.


The arrow spun again, before it came at a stop at the Black Cat himself. The class remained quiet this time, but their shocked faces showed otherwise. Hotaru typed in more characters, and soon, all the parts in the play were cast. Mikan remained unusually quiet, while Natsume smirked his usual smirk.

Narumi grinned devilishly, "Well now. I guess we have all that sorted out. Takashi-kun, Romi-chan, go sit beside your partners," He directed Romi towards Ruka and Takashi sided with Mikan, noticing the two fierce glares sent his way.

- - - - - -

[It's so LONG! I'm so sorry... but I really wanted to type this]

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25 / F
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/11/08
awww. I love stories like that ^.^
so bad i don't have enough fantasy to create one T=T
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28 / F / iran
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/11/08
"wow to long i can't creat that i lost word's"

natume look at takashi and in his mind say "what the hell he is doing with mikan"
i heard about you black cat(rumi say's)
natsume : what did you mean ??
rumi:ops oh nothing
from the other side of class
sumeri :hey you girl that is your alice??
takashi: is it any problem ?
romi: oh takashi.. it's ok my alice is song phermone
the another student: odechi-kun what about you??
romi:he is musical phermone
the class begin noisy about the two newcamer's
jinoo:be quaiet
narumi ok class see ya tomorow...
in the way
takashi:such a stupid student
romi:why you are acting you are big and kniw evrey thing!
takashi:and why you are...
in that time mikan came to them
mikan :hi what are you doing here?? the dorm's are in the other way
romi: oh yes you are right..
mikan:this night you must sleep in guest room . ok see you tomorow bye
romi:she is good ya hey takashi where are going leaving here with out me you dumy

tomorow in the class...........

hey jinoo is coming...
the student's seat in their position
permi:sensei what the newcomer star ranking??
sensei:yes the star ranking the bot are they is 2star
the class got noisy.
senesei:electicric shot quait
permi:why 2star? :
narumi from other side:becase they have good point's
studen't beside permi:good point's
narumi:ya good point's they are international singers
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22 / F / In the jaws of a...
Posted 11/12/08 , edited 11/12/08
Woah, woah, rewind..

International singers?!

"International singers?!" The whole class cried, of course with the exception of Natsume and Hotaru. Narumi grinned.

"Yes. Didn't I tell you before?" Narumi said. The class glared at him, "Okay, okay! I didn't... I'm sorry!" The class remained hushed, but glared at Narumi all the while.

Mikan's eyes grew wide, and she skipped towards Romi and Takashi who had just entered the room, "Wow, Romi-chan, Takashi-kun! I never knew you were international singers!" Romi blushed, suddenly finding her feet very interesting. Takashi looked indifferent.

"Yeah? What's it to you?" He said, snorting as he turned away from her, trying to conceal his blushing face. Mikan pouted at him.

"You know what? You act very much like someone I know." At this, she turned to look at Natsume pointedly. All he did was smirk and roll his eyes, slowly approaching them.

"Talking about me behind my back, now are we, Polka?" Mikan frowned at him, puffing up her cheeks. Both males found it cute.

"So what if I am?" She said triumphantly, thinking it was a good comeback. Natsume smirked again.

"It's nice to meet you, Hyuuga-kun!" Romi chirped, grinning shyly at the both of them. She didn't know whether their teasing was 'flirting' or not. But that didn't matter. Mikan couldn't fall for Hyuuga, she had to fall for her brother, and she already had a good idea that her plan wasn't going to succeed.

"Oh, you." Natsume drawled, in boredom, "Right, whatever." He ignored her, and went back to teasing Mikan. Romi didn't mind, but was annoyed that Mikan wasn't paying attention to her brother. Fortunately, Takashi felt the same way.

Pulling on one of her pigtails, Takashi smirked, a smirk very like Natsume's. Mikan yelped and turned to Takashi, furious.

"What do you think you're doing?!" She yelled. Natsume glared at Takashi. Only he was allowed to hurt her. Takashi smirked, sticking out his tongue at the both of them.

- - - - -

This one was short, and things are spicing up between the love triangle! XD

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28 / F / iran
Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/17/08
"no it's good enugh"

tomorrow in the class

mikan enter'd : oh hi you are trining for roll's.
the class so crowded because that they don't attention to her ecxept romi
romi: hi mikan come here and trin with us
mikan:ya i coming

they wait for natsume but he not came after 3 hour

ohhhhhhh when he want come(mikan said)
ruka: wait here you guy's i go looking for him.
katashi:wait we came to find him to
romi: ya he is right we came to
mikan :i came to
the class:we came to find him

sorry to short
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