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Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/27/08

hilary922003 wrote:


"Because of Yoochun I feel safer" - Junsu

"He's (JaeJoong) someone whom I truly want to continue to be with in the future" - Yoochun

"The way we are happy now as the 5 of us..Because I'm so happy the way we are now..I was suddenly overcome with fear
that this happiness might go away one day"
- JaeJoong
He's (Yunho) always been a friend like that.So I want to continue to rely on him as a friend. He really is the best leader! - JaeJoong

"Because I'm his hyung, out of pride I havent really thanked him (Changmin). But, here, I'd like to say thanks to him properly" - Yunho

"Although he (Junsu) might just be joking around, saying something funny, but from that I get comforted. And because of that I get encouraged. Somehow I can rely on him.He's one of the moodmakers that our teams cannot do without" - Changmin

1. During Rising Sun period, Yunho gave his single deck bed to Jaejoong because of Jaejoong's knee injury.

2. During the Rising Sun period, TVXQ won an award, but Jaejoong was not able to turn up because of his injury, so Yunho carried the trophy and said, "This trophy belongs to Jaejoong."

3. Micky and Changmin once said, "Without Yunho, there would be no TVXQ."

4. Junsu's response towards the "changing member incident": "If one of the members leaves the team, I will not stay in TVXQ anymore."

5. Changmin's response towards the "changing member incident": "If any of us leaves TVXQ, I will surely return to my ordinary high school life."

6. When TVXQ were asked about "Who is the person of their fate?", they all answered, "The members", except for Micky.

7. Jaejoong once wrote in his cyworld: "Our friendship is stronger than most people because we talk and breathe in the same room and we eat and sleep in the same place..."

8. 2004, on Micky's birthday, Yunho said to all their fans, "Please look after our Micky, I can't use words to express myself, MICKY, I LOVE YOU!"

9. 10 September 2005, during a fan meeting, Changmin was asked by the reporter about what New Year present he would like to receive next year, and he answered, "The only present that I really want now is Jaejoong hyung's knee can get well soon." After Changmin finished, the camera started focusing on Jaejoong. Jaejoong always doesn't like crying, but at that very moment, he lowered his head and tried his best not to let his tears run down his cheeks.

10. During a fan meeting, Changmin said, "Only when the five of us are together, are we called TVXQ!"

11. On August 2005, Yunho carried Junsu to the hospital when Junsu had a high fever.

12. When Jaejoong's knee was injured, Yunho wanted him to rest more, but instead, Jaejoong said to Yunho, "Your stomach is not well, you should be the one hospitalized, not me."

13. In the X-Man "Of Course" game, Yunho said the Junsu, "Did you know that I love the four of you very much?"

14. Yunho's reason for why he is always the one to take the initiative of taking care of everything regarding all thorny issues and all the awkward matters is, "Because I'm the leader who loves all my members."

15. November 2004, there were rumours about LSM replacing Jaejoong with someone else. Micky shed tears in the "I Believe" live performance when he knew about it.

16. Yunho's stomach is not well, so Changmin would always write him a reminder note saying, "Don't always forget to eat just because of work." and slip it into his pocket. Junsu would also always remind him, "Eat your food on time!"

17. When Yunho is asked which member he likes the most, he answers first with an "also like".

18. At a fan meeting, Micky said, "Not only two years, but even until twenty, two hundred, two thousand years...we always have to be together."

19. In April of 2004, when Micky was hospitalized, Micky got angry because Junsu didn't visit him.

20. One time, Junsu wrote "Dong Bang Shin Gi Big Success" on a piece of paper, and then pasted it on the wall.

21. In 2004, Micky was pranked on some show. A tarot reader gave him a reading and told him that he was going to have very bad luck (of course, it was a lie XD). Jaejoong said, "Your luck is bad, so don't cause trouble for the rest of TVXQ." Micky was very upset. After the show, he ran backstage and was feeling miserable, but then Jaejoong went backstage too and gave him a hug.

22. On July 7, 2005, when TVXQ were in Fangshan, Beijing, female reporters were interviewing Jaejoong. He carefully answered the questions and then made eye contact smiled at him and gave a little nod as if to tell him, "Yes, you answered very well." with leader Yunho as if asking him, "Did I answer appropriately?" Yunho

23. One time, when Junsu was pranked as an experiment, Yunho and Jaejoong acted as if there was some serious internal strife going on within the group. Poor Junsu was so scared, he nearly cried. *this show that he really love the members*

24. When Yunho was pranked as an experiment, before his four fellow members carried on with the prank, they turned to the camera and said, "Yunho, we love you!"

25. Jaejoong said that when the five members cannot find their own underwear, they will wear each others'. XD

26. In 2005, when Micky was celebrating his birthday in Japan, reporters were asking if they prepared any presents for him. Junsu said, "No, we didn't. There is just our sincerity." Yunho said, "I think, this is what makes a true partner."

27. Everybody's appraisals of Jaejoong: Yunho said, "Although sometimes, he can be rather rough, he
is actually the one most like a mother. He is the most gentle member."
Junsu said, "He is the most empathic member who cares most about others
when they get sick
." Yoochun said, "He is a reliable person who will
always stand by your side. He is a member of members
." Changmin said,
"When you compare him to others of the same age, you cannot imagine...
Once you look at him, you get an impression of light and nostalgia."

28. At a fanmeeting, Junsu said, "The members are like my brothers. We are just like a family."

29. Back then, four of the members all want to raise dogs, but because Yoochun is scared of them, they all discarded their ideas of getting a dog. *but now allof them have their own dogs already*

30. In 2006, when it was Yunho and Changmin's birthdays, Jaejoong especially wrote a letter for Yunho. JJ, Micky, and Junsu got two pizzas and JJ lighted candles to put on them.

31. In order to make leader Yunho seem taller, Changmin, the actual tallest member, would tend to bend his knees a bit.

32. After Jaejoong's injury, at a fanmeeting, Jaejoong said to the members and fans, "I don't feel any pain. Please do not cry for me! Actually, once I see you guys, I do not feel any pain anymore!"

33. During an interview, Yunho said, "I hope that no matter how many and how great our difficulties may be, we will always overcome them together. Just as long as the five of us are together, we are most happy."

34. The five of them would throw blankets at each other in their dormitory, play rock paper scissors, and play hide and seek in the park.

35. The members said that the five of them have to find some time in the future to go someplace peaceful and quiet, where they can really have fun together.

36. Micky, whose family is in the US said, "Mom is always worried about me living by myself away from home, but because I have the members, I have never felt lonely."

37. When Yunho was asked what his continuing power is, he answered, "Encouragement of the members."

38. Jaejoong said that, "When cooking, salt and sunshine are very important, but Yunho is very important too!".

39. Yunho said that if he was not a member of TVXQ, he would have become a fan of Jaejoong.

40. Yunho said that meeting the four members was the greatest event of his life. He also said that whenever he comes across the word "Promise", he would think about his members.

41. When TVXQ were asked what they most wanted to continue, Yunho answered, "I hope that the members of TVXQ would always continue. Right now, our friendship is already even stronger,very strong. But I hope that in the future, it will definitely grow
!" Yoochun said, "I hope that the friendship between the members will always remain." Junsu said, "The health of the members is what is most important!"

42. Jaejoong said that if he wanted the presents that fans gave to other members, he can secretly take them. He took someone's shoes, but forgot who they originally belonged to.

43. At a KBS award ceremony, when Yunho and Jaejoong were speaking, Yunho noticed something in Jaejoong's hair and helped him pull it out.

44. In the 51st X-Man, when Micky was playing a game with others, it was very awkward. Yunho, who was on a different team from Micky, especially moved over to Micky's team and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

45. Everyday, Yunho would wake up earlier than the other members and patiently wake them all up.

46. Yunho said, "We are the Dong Bang Family. I am the daddy, Jaejoong is the mommy, Changmin is the youngest child, and Junsu and Yoochun are..." at this time, Junsu interrupts with a, "Yoochun is my wife!" XD

47. During the Rising Sun period, Jaejoong was injured and had to use crutches. Yunho would always be following behind him and would gently place his hands on JJ's shoulders to prevent him from falling.

48. During any member's birthday, the other members would pretend that they do not remember the birthday, but would then hold a surprise party.

49. Sept. 10 2005, at a fanmeeting, because Jaejoong could not stand, they all sat down to sing Hug.

50. During the filming of a Samsung camera commercial, Yunho had a backache, so Jaejoong helped him pound his back.

51. Before a performance, Jaejoong would help Yunho fix his tie.

52. In March 2005, when they were in China, Jaejoong's tie came off. Yoochun helped him pull it back while Changmin helped him hold the microphone.

53. During March 2005, in China, Yoochun used his hands to help pick off the tissue paper that was covering Junsu's face.

54. Each time they receive an award, they would always thank "The Members"

55. 09-04-08 Jaejoong UFO Replies
Fan: No matter what, you guys are always five. Even until the end, you guys have to be with Cassiopeia~ ^^ Promise!
Jaejoong: No matter what, we are always five. ^^


That was some of the facts that i found...
Well... the reason why I made this thread is because I adore their friendship so much...
Its hard to find a group with a strong friendship bond like them..
For me, they are closer than blood-brothers...

So.. as they always said, without one of them, there'll be no TVXQ..
Forever Five~!!!
5 + 1 = 0
5 - 1 = 0

Share =
Your Opinion about TVXQ friendships...

the fact that they are an idol group who sky-rocketed to stardom once they had debuted and that they are so famous right now, didn't affect their attitude towards one another and especially towards their fans and their staff. they have and always will remain grounded and down to earth. i was so touched by how close they are... since i became a fan, i have always envied their 'more than blood-brothers' relationship and after reading this, it made me believe that they truly will remain by each others' sides for as long as they can, being each others' strength and courage and support. i love them so much and i will continue to support them! their relationship makes me want to find someone i can truly rely on, just like the five of them... and just as the others who have read the first page like i did, at first was laughing at their simple gestures towards each other and how they take care of each other... when it got to the point where junsu and changmin mentioned about the 'changing members' i was ... i was so happy that they want to stay together! i don't ever want them to split up or change members... or even retire...

about the military service... i just think that they will deal with it when it comes to them... for now, they just have to focus on their careers and taking care of each others' healths.

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Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/27/08
Hey I can relate with DBSK's friendship. My 4 buddies and I are like that. We are real close. Sometimes people think we are brothers and sometimes our actions make people think we are gay . We are just close enough to feel that comfortable with each other. I thought there were a lot of friendships like that out there but I guess I was wrong from what some of you say. I understand DBSK when they say, 'with out one of them they wouldn't be DBSK', I feel the same way with my buddies. We always do things together and when troubles come we know we can always rely on one another. Thinking about my best buddies make me teary from all the hardships we endured together . I LOVE MY BUDS! I am very Thankful For Them!
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F / Xiah's Heart.
Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/14/08
i totally somewhat envy their friendship and how close they are. That's amazing you can totally tell how close they are not just from backstage of their concerts but on shows too like in Star King on one of the episodes, when snakes were being showcased by magicians, Yunho knew that Jaejoong loved snakes or the COME to PLAY episode, when they were talking about their first kiss, and Junsu was telling his, Jaejoong interrupted telling the rest of the story, Yunho did too and the rest were nodding, then Junsu finished. They truly are amazing i hope to hear more songs from them and see more of them on youtube and maybe LIVE one day=]
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27 / F / Singapore
Posted 12/23/08 , edited 12/23/08
wowww that was real nice of you!! thanks for sharing...

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Posted 12/23/08 , edited 12/23/08

46. Yunho said, "We are the Dong Bang Family. I am the daddy, Jaejoong is the mommy, Changmin is the youngest child, and Junsu and Yoochun are..." at this time, Junsu interrupts with a, "Yoochun is my wife!" XD

Jaejoong: No matter what, we are always five. ^^ touching..

Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/19/09
so great! (sniffs). lol.
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24 / F / EveryWhere ........
Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/19/09
OMG there soo sweet!!!!

there like an actual family!!

can't live without each ova!!

(awww some Yunjae quotes)

i think there the closests boyband i hav seen in my life!!! ^^
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25 / F / United States
Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/20/09
awwwww that was really SWEETT~~
kyaaaa~ this is why i love them >.< FOREVER FIVE~!
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31 / F / UK
Posted 4/20/09 , edited 4/20/09
that was soooo cool i wish i had a band and members like that too lolz
i wana be a buff guy like jaejoong hmph
lolz i've gone mad, jus ignore me
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25 / F / iran
Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/21/09
wow i pray they always become together their love is forever reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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24 / F / UK
Posted 4/24/09 , edited 4/24/09
SO beautiful..It brought tears to my eyes..DBSK are a wonderful and so sweet..!
We love DBSK so much..Its undescribable! .
YES! forever 5 forever TVXQ! ...
AWW it was so SWEEET!! If one member leaves I will not stay in TVXQ anymore.. =] !!!

Thanks so much for this list!!its heartwarming! LOOOL XD
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26 / kabuki district
Posted 12/15/09 , edited 12/15/09
i like the fact of 34!!! i can imagine how they're before get to sleep!! lol~it's fun..
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22 / F / Sweden
Posted 12/15/09 , edited 12/15/09
this makes me love them even more then I did!
I adore them so much! they have hearts of gold that's why they can touch my heart by their voices.
I am thankfully that I found them in my life .
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26 / F / indonesia
Posted 1/20/10 , edited 1/20/10
omg... that's sweet...
thx 4 share
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23 / F / Malaysia,South Ea...
Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/22/10
i still remember,, that all of them r say that if one of them isn't in DBSK..then they will be no DBSK
and i think they also said that they ony want to make music as 5 (only with 5 of them) forever
and in one show.. yunho gave Jae an apron and say to jae i hope you will cook for us like you use to again and i want you to cook for us forever

spread the red ocean love and always keep the faith :)
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