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oi vhea.... better for the kid to learn early that life is rough -___-
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Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08

Superchick31 wrote:


A child... an innocent person. A beautiful innocent child. A little girl or a boy... a precious gift of God. They look at you and they light up your day. I used to like watching toddlers and babies play I still do. They are so carefree and loved. They smile as if they own the world. They light up your day and they don't even know it.

A child. When I was young I never wanted to grow-up and now I still don't. As a child you worry about cuts and going to bed too early. And as teenager or an adult you are suddenly faced with reality. It is a rude awakening... like cold water splatched on your face.

I just finished reading a book about children who are hurting. They are children who are raped. Stripped and taken away there rights. I look at the book cover and I realize not every child is free. There are some sicko's out there in the world who would harm a child and try to destoy them.

To you what is the worst thing someone could do to a child? Boy or girl? The next question I have to ask you is... have you ever known a someone whose childhood was awful? Do they still bare the emotional scars?
Alexandra (Alex) God Bless.

I don't see this as an ED topic... and there are a bunch of topics relating to a person's childhood. = \ unless you can demonstrate a reason why this thread should continue to exist in the ED or anywhere else in the forum, I'm going to remove this. Remember to include a link when you present your argument, so in the case you persuade me I can move it back.

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