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25 / F / America
Posted 11/27/07 , edited 11/27/07
wat u need to do:

magical being:
zodiac sign:
wat ur here for:
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25 / F / America
Posted 11/27/07 , edited 11/27/07
Name: komaki
Magical Being: angel and a vampire too!
Gender: female
Desciption:i have two different forms... (so watch out)
Personality: optimistic and mostly fun and loving!
wat ur here for: to have fun and meet ppl!
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29 / M / anime world
Posted 12/2/07 , edited 12/2/07
name: Hokutou
gender: M
age: 18
magical being: Awakened Being.. from claymore.. awakened being form of Easley

description: that's my Awakened Form.. Be scared! be very scared!!
personality: cold and mean (i do have a soft side)
zodiac sign:Aquarius
wat ur here for:i love vampire knight manga
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23 / F / Virgina
Posted 12/6/07 , edited 12/6/07
age:looks 18 but in vampire age 405
magical being:A somewhat half vampire with a tinyyyyyy bit of angel but not much also with alittle of fairy.
description:Somewhat of green or blue eyes,Long red hair sharp fangs(be careful) and tends to wear black pants with a red tanktop.Has 4 Tattoos One on right arm which is a white skull,One on left arm which is a bleeding rose,One on upper right forearm a bleeding heart with her name on it and one on upper left forearm a black rose saiding death.(the picture will not have all of that will post tattoo's if I can please pm me saiding I can and I"ll edit)
personality:Somewhat shy...and can get very cold to people...if she wants to be
zodiac sign:aquarius
wat ur here for:I like vampire knight,and to meeting new friends and roleplay sometimes.Plus to watch anime <3
(Will edit soon.)
Posted 12/29/07 , edited 12/29/07
name: remea
age: 14, but immortal
magical being: nymph of the land, oversee that everything is going right in the world

personality: swings from shy when meeting people to extremely outgoing and loud
zodiac sign:cancer
what you're here for: love vampire knight,and it seems like fun

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27 / M / England
Posted 1/2/08 , edited 1/2/08
name: Rissu
age:unknown because of ability of reincarnation current life age is 16
magical being:a third demon a third angel and a third human
Demon form- long and partially spiked black hair, black dog ears, red eyes, black vest, black trousers with white flames at bottom with a medium sized gaunlet on left arm and white trainers.
Angel form- long white hair, long white tunic with white shirt and trousers beneath, with sword named derflinger and white boots.
True form- mix of demon and angel form
Human form- never shown
personality: shy round certain people but quite social when the person is a friend and also has a great sense of humour (personality changes with form)
zodiac sign:Leo
what you're here for: vampire knight was the second manga i read and i really enjoyed as well as to meet people
Posted 1/5/08 , edited 1/6/08
name: Valerie
age: 13
gender: Female
magical being: Earth Spirit
description: Wavy brown hair with gold streaks and dark brown eyes; can control all the elements of the earth
personlity: Personality depends on mood; moods are as many and as alike as the elements of the earth.
zodiac sign: Aquarius
wat ur her for: To have fun and I love Vampire Knight
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24 / F / Near Chicago, Ill...
Posted 1/15/08 , edited 1/15/08
Name: Kelly
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Magical Being:Vampire ,Elf, Ninja
Description: Short and mysterious with exceddingly surprising powers. Very strong and fast. Dressed in all black with a very dark emerald cloak (barely ever wears it). Bright green eyes with blonde hair. And pointy ears. Tattoo od dead vines all around neck, and a black dying rose on left wrist. Lethal, noiseless, and stealthy, with just a hint of dark sarcastic humor.
Personality: Easily bored, but loves a fight when ones shows up. Very argumentive and doesn't get along well with other people. Respectful to those whom I like. Adventurous, loves to be outdoors. irritable, and quickly changes moods. great in battle and is very intelligent
Zodiac Sign: Tauras
What I'm here for: to have a good time and meet new people, along with LOVING vampireknight!!
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26 / F / flying amoung the...
Posted 2/24/08 , edited 2/24/08
Name: Momiji
Age: 16 but can act 5XD
Gender: Female
Magical Being: Vampire-Cat nya
Description: Inbetween short and medium. short golden colored hair. cute white cat ears,tail, and paws. kinda childish face. dressed in short black zip-up jacket, red skirt, black thigh high socks, big black boots, and a wearing a backpack around my shoulder. fast and quiet.
Personality: Smart but simple-minded. shy at first when meeting new people but can quickly be outgoing and talkactive after knowing them .can get bored if ther is nothing interesting to talkabout or do. can be lazy but can do hardwork. loves to read and draw and sing. likes go climb trees and haf fun. likes to be outdoors on beautiful days. easily amused. loves to play. am respectful and loyal. really cares bout my friends. gets worried when sumthing is wrong. kind.
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
What I'm here for: vampire knight, to haf fun, meet new people
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26 / F / flying amoung the...
Posted 2/24/08 , edited 2/24/08
oo i also forgot to at to my personality that i love to be outside during night time to look up at the stars and think and to dream lol srry
Posted 4/29/08 , edited 4/30/08
Age:13 (immortal)
Magical Being:vampire and a princess
Description: Black long hair with pink and red extension, one red eye, one blue eye
Clothes: a black cape with family crest,a red dress with a rose in the top part, and a crown
Personality:nice, funny, shy, and cute
Zodiac sign: Aries
Wat You're Here For: Meeting new people, Having fun
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22 / F / Confusion
Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/5/08
magical being:princess and angel
description: (angel/princess form)
(human form)
personality::Fun, friendly, kind, always loney
zodiac sign:Gemini and rat
wat ur here for:to hav fun woth other people
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