Notebook: [XPS M1330 & Macbook:Blackbook] As good companion.
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
I was wondering maybe I should take this debate here in CR.
What notebook would be a good companion. Not just for multimedia task nor
battery life but which of the two is good for almost everything like gaming maybe?
Or has a long lasting life XD Or wider memory.. I think? XD

Well, I'm just saying which Laptop is best? or should we say better? XD
Heres their photos:

Dell XPS M1330

Apple Macbook

Just look at their specs from their official site:


I'm buying a Macbook, but my relatives even my parents opposes.
They think the M1330 is much better, so what do you think? *smug*
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
This thread has pretty much the same discussion going on, as the one you're proposing, here:

The only thing is that it doesn't give a comprehensive listing of brands, but the responses in the thread are quite diverse.

Being a Mac user for over 10 years, I personally don't recommend the MacBook, unless you REALLY want one, be it because of sheer looks or just because you want to "fit in". But honestly, take into consideration what you NEED. We can rant all day about the specs, but if you can't maximize the BEST specs available on the market, then we're debating in vain. Again, take into consideration what you need from the system, instead of deliberating your decision in terms of which notebook is the BEST. In the end, you might not need a more expensive system with 3.0+ GHz processing speed when you can work with the same functionality on a much cheaper notebook at 1.22 GHz processing speed.
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