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--- Twn v. Jpn v. Korean dramas --- wat's the difference?
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Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08
i prefer jdramas..each episode give different and meaningful lesson. it makes me can't wait to watch next episode to the next episode.

kdramas and tdramas are so-so
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Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08
korean dramas
-they have good plot (but oftentimes repititive)
-their clothes are the best
-the acting is good that sometimes it looks so real
-most are fairytale stories
-most have sad endings

japanese drama
-have variety of story
-looks like anime
-clothes are not so good compared to kdrama
-story values friendship more than love (i think?)
-cliff-hanging endings

taiwanese drama
-oa acting
-nice clothes though
-adaptation of manga
-only few plots are good
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Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08
Personally, I've watched a lot of Asian dramas: TW, J and K.

I'd prefer the quality of Japan. They make superb directing (angling the scenes), music backgrounds, and good transistion (rearranging) of manga plots.

I really think JAPAN are more mature in making good dramas Even though their dramas are short--it's enough to tell us the moral of the story. And, I'd appreciate how they emphasize courage, hope, wisdom and durability in their dramas rather than romantic superficial scenes.
Also, I'd like the different varities they offer: school, family, dreams, health and etc. They never tend to make the same concepts, they always try make what would be new and interesting. And what's best about their dramas---you learn a lot from it, because of the varities it offer. I watch Jdramas most of the time because of the information, advices, , as well as wisdom, I could obtain from the drama.
Mostly when you say drama, it really should be sad and heavy, but Jdramas don't focus much on making the drama sad, but rather focus on the ENDURANCE of the character in facing the troubles.

When it comes to their stars---I really think they have superb acting skills.

Korean dramas-I don't appreciate their love story dramas, because it's too superficial and immature, even though, there audience should be older people (but most youth love their dramas). It's immature because they just focus on romance, that makes it superficial. They're like saying--LIFE IS A FAIRYTALE...always happy ending...., and the same concepts as well---the prince charming types of drama.

I just appreciate their HERO/ HEROINE dramas, but again, they tend to focus on the romance (sometimes) rather than focusing on other things that should have been more emphasized.

Their stars--some are good, some arent..But most are old...but, they really are beautiful.

Taiwanese drama- too cheesy and needs lot of improvement (also their stars). They keep making the same storyline of the manga.They don't make their own or integrate the story. They make plain fairytale, romantic, superficial dramas. I don't like how they misled the audience (especially the youth)....Unprincipled dramas.

I like K and TW dramas before. But, when I've started to watch Jdramas..I couldnt even imagine why I like K and TW drama.

The quality of products these asian countries produce equals the quality of their dramas. Like for example JAPAN...they are true when they say QUALITY with their product (we all know that...Japan is very advance in technology) , even with their dramas.

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Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08
Jdrama all the way ! it rocks .
Kdrama are ok, but too long, and when i watched it, it just make me stop when its like at the middle,
because i don't know why, but it just make me feel bored along the way unlike Jdrama,
it makes me watch till' the end !
wahahahaha ~
im not intrested in Tdrama (:
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