Darkfall MMO Beta/New Vid!
Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
http://forums.darkfallonline.com/announcement.php?f=29&a=26 http://forums.darkfallonline.com/showthread.php?t=64217 http://www.darkfallonline.eu/darkfall-bilder/v/Darkfall+2008/ Anybody who knows or doesnt know about this game, This game is strongly based after "Ultima online" which boasted alot of freedom and tons of features, I dont want to get too discriptive of the game, but it has ALOT of features that are very promissing, Many just like "Oblivion or morrowind" And ingamehouse, boat battles ect. Boasting to be one of the largest player driven MMOs ever made. Many people have been waiting up to 8 years for this news, and it has finally arived for many. If you have never heard of darkfall, and are curious to check out new things, take a look!
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