[GAME] UON Deathnote Fan fic
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Posted 8/30/08 , edited 9/13/08
ok sorry for those who applied.. but it seems that we lack character soI'll make the game easy.. you guys know the game story making right?? I mean the game where in one user makes a story then the other continues.. well we will apply that to fan fiction making.. our fan fic, ofcourse our theme DN.. we will make a fan fic using that game ^_^ well let me start.. I

"Just what the hell are you thinking kono yaro! Hand it!". A young 17 year old boy with a snow hat is grabbing a weak boy with glasses. He's forcing the boy to give him money. The weak boy shivers. Few of the guy followers laugh looking at the pity innocent male.
"I know you have some! This is for your own good ya know, life time insurance!"
-"no i dont have it!"
"Fine", the guy says, he push the boy to the ground and walk away "Do what ever you wanna do with him..", he said to his followers.
The glasses boy shocked. He started to running away. The naughty kids chase him.
"Hmph...what a loser..", said the boy with a snow cap.
As he's walking to his next destination, from out of no where, a black notebook fall on the street.
"What the heck is that?", he question in his mind. Dell, walks toward it and pick it up?
"Death Note? Is this some kind of a joke?". He open the book, the page is blank but on the front page there's something written.
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