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Over the last couple of weeks the immaturity of Shugo Chara fans has annoyed me to no end and it pretty much reached its peak on my post about season 2. So from now on, all my shugo chara posts will be comment locked, to the dismay of my mature readers. I know there’s a few of you who have a brain in your heads, but sadly the other 85% need to get their head smashed into a wall to perhaps get some gears moving in those empty heads of theirs. In addition, getting this volume was for some strange reason really difficult. I had to actually place an order for the first time at Kinokuniya after coming twice this week with it being missing in action. :mad: Despite all this bullshit, the volume itself was pretty enjoyable with lots of Amuto scenes. :)
There was a lot of information give here about Ikuto and Utau’s background. That bald guy that we always saw is not Ikuto and Utau’s real dad. I believe he is their step dad, and I think that Ikuto and Utau’s mom runs the whole shindig (although the main villain wasn’t shown), because apparently he isn’t the “Final boss” like I thought he was.

Nagihiko comes back and takes the place of the Jack since Kairi is back home in the countryside. Unfortunately he never got the chance to tell Amu the truth about himself and Nadeshiko…so she still thinks that they are “twins”. Only Kuukai and Tadase know the truth.

Also there is some Kuukai x Tadase BL in the special chapter. Don’t worry Nagihiko I’m with you on that one.

The best part was when Nagihiko managed to convince Kuukai and Tadase to put on a skirt to “feel his pain”…just as Amu walked in. Her face is priceless. :twisted:

So as you all know by now, Ikuto stumbles into Amu’s apartment because he’s using a violin that’s packed with X-egg energy. He doesn’t know this though, and he only carries the violin because it was his father’s who went missing because he didn’t want to serve the evil Easter organization. Apparently his father was a genius violinist, and so that’s why Ikuto is so good at playing it. :)

Ikuto ends up staying at Amu’s place for approximately 3 days.

During one of those days, Tadase comes by and confesses his love to Amu. Unfortunately he has no idea that Amu is hiding Ikuto in her closet, and he hears the whole thing. :oops:

We find out that Ikuto is a lolipedobear, but since he’s only like 4-5 years older than Amu, he says “hurry and grow up” to her. :twisted: At least he’s keeping his pedobear at bay.

He also confesses his love but unfortunately Amu can’t take him seriously since he teases her a lot. The cat who cried wolf. ^^;

Eventually Utau drops by looking for Ikuto but has no idea he’s at Amu’s house. She drags Amu to eat Ramen with her and explains that she’s really poor now because her sales aren’t as big as when she was with Easter. When they walk in the park she says she wanted to be stronger to save Ikuto from the clutches of Easter. She said since the dad disappeared, their mom betrayed them and married one of the Easter leaders. Since then Utau realized though that she couldn’t even save herself let alone Ikuto and she realized there’s a better way to get stronger, thanks to Amu. Tadase & Kuukai come by and I think I’m rooting for Kuukai x Utau now xD Two ramen fiends.

Later that night Amu comes home to find Ikuto reading Nakayoshi magazine and he has bruises all over himself. It’s because he was fighting with Tadase the night before, but he doesn’t remember anything. She forces Ikuto to take a bath.

Sadly after they come out her mom catches her red handed. She is sad that Amu didn’t confide in her parents but doesn’t scold her too badly. She tells Ikuto he cannot stay at their house any longer but offers a solution for him.

When Tadase comes by he’s shocked that Ikuto is there (although on his way out the door.) In order for Amu to feel less sad that he’s leaving, Ikuto decides to be a jerk and make fun of Tadase’s love confession.

Needless to say, Tadase is crushed and runs out the door. Poor shota. :(

At the end Amu yells at Ikuto and tells him to get the hell out thinking he did it on purpose. Only Yoru knows that Ikuto did it to make Amu less sad. Unfortunately the guys from Easter catch him and force him to be their X-egg catching machine again. Yoru escapes and runs to Amu saying that only she can help Ikuto, or else he will die.

Upcoming Attractions: Ikuto apparently has a 2nd chara-nari egg, but it’s black and makes him evil and he doesn’t remember what hit him - so kinda like Utau and Daiya, except this time it’s out of his control and seems to be hazardous to his life.
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lol i already read tis be4
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well gomen ne....
i think this will be seen by others though and claim that they've seen this already....
btw wer did you see this???
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domo arigatou starblu san so hate ikuto!~ die!~
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Me too, I have read this already..
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i just copied and edit some of the parts......
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