Cast for Animated Version of 'Winter Sonata' Finalized
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Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08

The animated version of "Winter Sonata," which will feature the voices of Bae Yong-jun and Choi Ji-woo, will go into production with an airing date tentatively scheduled for early next year.

The production company said the cast and crew of the series have recently been confirmed. They include the actual actors who starred in the drama series Winter Sonata and director Sung Baek-yeop, who created the animated series "Oseam." The company said the animated series will be broadcast in Korea and Japan and that it is also considering producing a film version as well.

Other crew members include writer Kim Hyung-hwan, who wrote "Super Star Gam Sa-yong," and producer Lim Jun-hyung, who took part in the making of the history drama series "Taewangsasingi."

The animated version of Winter Sonata will be a joint production between Korea and Japan and is already receiving significant media attention in both countries.

Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
......HOLYYYYYYYYYY!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!! totally looking forward to it.
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Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/12/08
is it true?oh my gosh...really looking forward to it..
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made a group for it monthssssssssss ago
check it out for more infos and oh kangchul will also be in the cast
he said so in a concert last dec 14
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