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The Misits of Avalon

Sunmary: The story of King Arthur told by his half sister Morgaine, the Priestess of the Holy Island Avalon. The Old Religion of the Goddess is dying because of the invason of the Saxons and the wider control of the Christianity as it spreads of Britian. The Lake of Lake with the help of The Merlin seek to save Britian in order to save Avalon by giving the people a great king, even at the cost of sacraficing people's lives in the proccess.

Pros: The book deals with the classical Arthurian legends and characters, but it overs more oh a historical view that is perfect for the magical part of the story. It alos is more of a feminine character story with most of the main characters are women.

Cons: Some situations may seen adult rated with the connecton of ancient Goddess worship, but I find them most important to the story. Also the book is written in Old English style so you have to know the langauge and some older terms.

Personal Opinion: This book serves as a greater good and justice to the Arthurian tales and one of the greatest understandings between the conflicts and peace of the Pagan and Christian religions.

4 Stars
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