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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 8/31/08
thx 2 our member anlm3g0dd355 i put this up ok heres a few good placez 4 a first date kk

1.The movies i mean theres always good ones cumin out kk and its a chance to get closer 2 him or her kk but dunt move 2 fast k u mite get rejected but sum timez u get lucky k

2. to a ok not 2 expensive restaurant i mean it dosent have to be super expensive they mite like a calm place 2 eat (depends on the girl or guy)

Tip alert!!!!
guys u should always try 2 pay first but if the girls wanna help pay let us unless u jus really wanna

got more ideas of a good first date? post em here :)
Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/18/08
the park, a walk, the beach (if its summer),if its snowing go sledding somewhere and then go to get some coffee or sumtin, i gots a bunch more ^_^
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Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/17/09
this is my favorite first date its summertime ur on the beach during sunset eating a nice dinner with roses surrounding u after the dinner you both get on a horse(both on 1 horse) and slowly ride down the beach while the sun slowly disappears and then wen the moon is up and the stars are shining you lay down on a blanket or large towel and you both just stare up into the stars talking hope u all like it comment and tell me wat u think n sry if its a lil long
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Posted 7/9/09 , edited 7/10/09
Firstly, for a good first date, I think it would be good to first know the girl you're dating.

If the girl seems sporty/tomboyish, try and get some tickets to a game or go to an arcade.

If the girl loves books, take her to a bookstore and then some nice small restuarent or cafe.

It's really all up to the girl's personality. And trying to impress a girl with $ usually doesn't cut it (unless they go that way).

The first date must be simple, yet leave an impression on the girl's mind. Going to a nice resturant (that isn't too fancy or expensive, but not crowded like a family resturant) and then going to a movie would be a good choice.
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