Run in With Death
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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 9/1/08
Requested by sara0397

Super Junior. Super Stars, but what would happen if Super Stars have a run in with death? Not one of these Super Stars almost dies but they had a ‘run in’ with death?

“Hyung?” Sungmin said with a sigh “I’m board.”
It was October 30th and almost 10 o’clock on a windy, cold, dark, night and all the members of Super Junior were getting board of having nothing to do. They were not tired and wanted to have some fun.
“Well then why don’t we tell some ghost stories?” Yesung asked with a grin on his face.
“That sounds like a fun idea” Eeteuk said coming from the kitchen “Everyone come here! We’re going to tell ghost stories.”
“Awesome! I love ghost stories.” Heechul said while walking into the room with Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Hankyung, Kibum, and Ryeowook.
“What kind of ghost stories?” Sungmin said sitting himself down on the couch in between Kibum and Hankyung while grabbing his pink bunny pillow and hugging it close to his chest.
“Is there more that one kind?” Siwon said. By now all of the Super Junior members were in the room ready to listen to the ghost story.
“Of course there are!” Sungmin said sounding upset that Siwon did not know the types of ghost stories.
“Then what are they?” Siwon asked trying to sound interested so that Sungmin would cheer up.
“There are two kinds of ghost stories” Sungmin said “The first kind is the kind that you read in books that are really short like so-and-so did this, that happened, and then they died. The second kind of ghost story is” Sungmin paused and looked up.
“WHAT’S THE SECOND KIND?” Heechul yelled getting mad that Sungmin had stopped.
“Well sorry. I was trying to build suspense. Apparently it didn’t work to well.”
“No it didn’t! Now what is the second kind of story?” Heechul said sounding a little bit calmer.
“The second type of story is the kind that you hear from someone, who heard it from someone, who heard it from some one and it gets told so many times the original version of the story has been changed from he walked out the house with one million dollars to he was dragged out of the house by his hair with a one mission dollar price tag over his head.” When Sungmin finished he looked up at all of the members.
“Dragged from the house?” Eunhyuk said.
“By his hair?” Donghae said while scrunching his face in to a painful look and letting out a little whimper.
“With a one million dollar price tag over his head?” Kyuhyun said sounding surprised.
“Well I had to think of something.” Sungmin said while cowering on the couch with his bunny pillow over his head.
“Oh” Siwon said, “So Yesung what type is yours? The book type or the word of mouth type?”
“Neither” Yesung said with a sly grin on his face “Hey Sungmin you forgot a type.”
“No I didn’t.” Sungmin said looking confused.
“Yes you did.” Yesung said then he turned to the rest of the members. The third and final type is the type that really happens to you. Like you go here, this and that happens, and then you tell it to all of your friends.”
“Oh, right” Sungmin said remembering the third kind, “Wait so does this mean that this really happened to you?” Sungmin asked Yesung with a look of shock on his face.
“So what happened to you Yesung?” Shindong asked while looking very inpatient to know the answer. He was about to fall of off his seat he was so close to the edge.
“Well I guess that I am going to have to tell you the story.” Yesung said still with a grin on his face.
“I was maybe 15 at the time and it was a night just like tonight. I had just gotten back from a trip to Seoul after staying with my aunt for nearly a week. I was coming back from my singing lessons on my bike when for some reason I decided to take a shortcut. I turned down the road that was my shortcut and it ran past the Seoul National Cemetery. I did not notice that it had gotten dark and it was very spooky when I started to go past this place. All of a sudden it got very quiet and even the crickets stopped making noise. I saw a flash of green blue light off to my left and thought it was strange as there were no lights or eternal flames in the cemetery. Curious I stopped and looked and waited for another flash. I first thought that it had been a porch light or headlight, until I looked around and saw the closest house or road was well over three football fields away. The green blue flash came again and this time I could see it came from an old stone building in the middle of the graveyard. I started to go and investigate.” Yesung said with a serious look on his face. He paused to take a breath and was about to start again when all of a sudden. THUD! All of the members jumped up from where they were sitting and looked around. Kibum looked at Sungmin, who looked at Hankyung, who looked at Kyuhyun, who looked at Siwon, who looked at Ryeowook, who looked at Kangin, who looked at Donghae, who looked at Eunhyuk, who looked at Yesung, who looked at Eeteuk, who looked at Heechul, who looked at Shindong who had gotten so interested in the story he had fallen off of his chair and was laying on the floor shocked.
“Don’t do that!” Heechul said while giving Shindong a little slap on his shoulder.
“Sorry” Shindong said as he got up from the floor and everyone started to sit back down, “Continue Yesung.”
“Any way.” Yesung said continuing “I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard a ‘scraping noise’ coming from the building. I really started to get scared when I saw the door on the building start to swing open and a boney hand reach out from the inside. My fear quickly turned to terror when I heard a shrill agonizing scream come from within the building. Next thing I knew I was on my bike and riding it so fast I felt like if I had wings I could lift off. I then felt the hairs on the back of my neck start to rise and a sudden feeling of complete and utter terror washed over me. I turned my head to see what was behind me and saw a large hand reaching for my neck. That was bad enough but what was attached to the hand will haunt me for the rest of my life. The best way to describe it was that it looked like an extra from ‘Night of the Living Dead part II.’ Rotted flesh hung from this things body, arms, legs, and face and an evil green blue light came from its eye sockets. My blood froze as I saw it was catching up to me even though I was going at a speed around the speed of light. In my mind I seemed to know that if this thing caught me, I would have become just another picture on a milk carton or on a ‘Have you seen me’ poster. I started riding as fast as I could and my heart was beating like a rock concert drum solo. I knew that I was moving pretty fast when I passed a car driving down the road. For some reason I faintly heard a rooster crow, and the feeling of terror began to vanish. I never stopped until I was at my house. The neighbors were outside and swore that I was moving so fast that I left the bike while it was still moving and ran for the door. Needless to say I did not get any sleep that night. The next few days I spent trying to get my courage up and convince myself that I had not seen anything. I went into town and read some of the old books in the local library and found out that there was a chicken farm there before the graveyard and the police reports said that there had been a farmer who had committed suicide in the house, right where the stone building was sitting now.” Yesung finished. As he finished he looked up at the rest of the members and began to look over their faces. All of them were sitting there in silence. Their eyes were open so wide Yesung though they would fall out and their mouths were open so wide Yesung could fit a bowling ball in them.
“Please don’t scare me like that hyung.” Kyuhyun said as he broke the silence.
“Why? You were the one who listened to the story.” Yesung said sounding confused.
“Yeah but you could have chosen a less scarier story!” Kyuhyun said now pleading with Yesung.
“But Yesung,” Eeteuk said finally snapping out of his trance, “Was that story really true?”
“Do you want to go and find out?” Yesung asked with a sly little grin on his face.
“WHAT?” every one screamed
“Yeah.” Everyone turned to look at who had spoke. At the back of the room stood Kibum. He had a smile on his face and was looking very confident, “come on. Don’t you all want to go and see if it’s true?” he asked.
“Well” Sungmin said while looking down at the ground, “I sort of do want to go see it it’s true so yeah I’m going to go with Kibum!”
“Me too!” Said Eunhyuk.
Shindong, Eeteuk, Siwon, and Donghae all look at each other and reluctantly agreed and after another five minuets Sungmin and Kibum had gotten the rest of the members to come along.
All of the members had piled into the Super Junior van. They all had on hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, long pants, heavy socks, and boots because it was so cold out. Yesung was driving and as he was driving he started to mumble.
“What are you mumbling about?” Ryeowook, who was sitting in the passengers seat next to, asked Yesung.
“Nothing” Yesung said “it’s just that if we need to escape we might not all make it out because it will take time to all get into the van.
“Well then lets all stay close together.” Eeteuk said trying to sound brave. The truth was that he was still a little scared because he was worried about everyone’s safety. Since he was the leader he had to make sure that everyone remained safe.
As they got closer and closer to the graveyard all of their tension built. Since Kyuhyun was the youngest he was the most scared but he didn’t show it. Even though he didn’t show it Donghae wrapped him in a hug. Even though Kyuhyun was the most scared Yesung was following him close behind in the scare factor. Finally the iron gates of the graveyard appeared in front of them and every one became silent.
“Well that’s it guys,” Yesung said with a little grin. “Where here.”
“That’s just the news that I wanted to hear right now.” Hankyung said with a small grin.
The graveyard was not the neatest place in the world. In the back off to the left there was an old stone building that looked like it had not been used in 30 years. There were neat rows of tombstones but in the back the rows seemed out of place. Some of the tombstones were knocked over and some of them were standing at an angle. There were sticks lying all over the ground that made the graveyard looks as though it had bones sticking up from the graves. As Yesung parked the car the headlights flashed over the old stone building where Yesung had seen the hand come from. As he put the van in park and turned it off he did not take his eyes off of the door.
“All right everyone,” Eeteuk said, “Make sure that we all stay close together and make sure you have a flashlight that works with you.” Eeteuk had spent about 15 minuets finding every flashlight in the house, making sure it worked and putting new batteries in it if it didn’t.
Slowly all of the members got out of the van and started to make their way over to a big tree close to the van.
“This is where we will meet if anything happens and when it’s time to go got it?” Eeteuk asked.
“Yup!” everyone exclaimed.
After 10 minuets of walking around and being scared by birds and other animals Ryeowook went up to Eeteuk and asked him a question.
“Eeteuk-hyung?” Ryeowook asked
“Yes Wookie?”
“Can we split up into small groups? That way maybe we can maybe see something if we’re covering more ground.” Ryeowook explained.
“I don’t think that we should because” Eeteuk started but when he looked at Ryeowook he couldn’t resist, “Fine but make sure you stay with you partner.
“Yeah!” Ryeowook cheered.
“All right everyone over here!” Eeteuk shouted, “Wookie wanted to split up into groups and I’m fine with that but I want you to stay with you partner. I am going to make the groups so don’t complain. Sungmin and Siwon group 1, Yesung and Kibum group 2, Hankyung and Heechul group 3, Ryeowook and Shindong group 4, Eunhyuk and Kangin group 5, Myself, Kyuhyun and Donghae group 6. Everyone make sure that you have your cell phones handy incase something happens.
Everyone made sure that they had their cell phones with them and then set out to go exploring.
After fifteen minuets of finding nothing Eeteuk called everyone.
“All right everyone. We didn’t find anything so come back to the van so we can get home.”
Yeah I’m freezing my butt off!” Donghae screamed over Eeteuk’s shoulder, “and if I was Heechul I would be saying I’m freezing my royal butt off.”
“HEY!” Heechul screamed at Donghae so loud the Donghae didn’t need the cell phone to hear him.
Finally after 3 minuets of rounding everyone up Eeteuk took a head count.
“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11…” he counted, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11… where’s Sungmin and Siwon?” He asked every one.
“You called them right?” Eunhyuk asked Eeteuk.
There was a flask of green blue light behind them and only Kibum noticed it.
“Of course I did.” Eeteuk said, “But I’ll call them again just to be sure.
Suddenly there was a loud scream and everyone turned to face the direction it was coming from.
“That sounded like Siwon” Kyuhyun said with a worried expression on his face.
“Kangin and I are going to check it out,” Eeteuk said while glancing at Kangin who nodded in response.
“Why is it you and Kangin? Why not me?” Donghae asked wanting to go and be the first on to find out what happened.
“Because,” Eeteuk said with a little smile, “No offence but your not really strong and right now with Siwon missing Kangin is the strongest one here.”
Donghae gave a little nod realizing that it was probably better if Kangin went anyway because if Eeteuk needed saving Kangin was the best man for the job.
“If we’re not back in 10 minuets call one of us so we can tell you what’s going on and if we need one of you to come in and help us.” Kangin said with seriousness in his voice.
As Eeteuk and Kangin walked into the graveyard everyone was thinking the same thing, Kangin was never that serious and everyone knew it. Everyone wanted to run into the graveyard and turn over tombstones to find Siwon and Sungmin but everyone knew that if they ran into the graveyard Eeteuk and Kangin would be very mad and Siwon and Sungmin might go back into the graveyard looking for them if they came back to the van to find no one everyone would become more lost than before.
After 5 minuets of searching for Siwon and Sungmin Kangin was about to hit something and Eeteuk didn’t want to be that something. Eeteuk was trying to keep his mind focused of finding them but Kangin was letting his thoughts so wiled.
“Hyung?” Kangin asked as he and Eeteuk walked through the maze of tombstones.
“What’s wrong?” Eeteuk asked.
“Do you think that Siwon and Sungmin are alright?” Kangin asked. He sounded at though he was about to cry and Eeteuk had never heard Kangin like that so it made it hard for Eeteuk to answer.
“I don’t know but what I do know is that since Sungmin has Siwon I think that they’re going to be just fine.” Eeteuk said trying to reassure Kangin, “Why don’t we call them and see where they are?”
“Right” Kangin said sounding more confident after be told by Eeteuk that Sungmin had Siwon. As Eeteuk dialed Siwon’s number Kangin took out his phone and started to dial Sungmin’s number so that if Eeteuk couldn’t get through to Siwon he would try Sungmin. Suddenly Super Junior’s song TWINS (Knock Out) filled the air around them and about 5 feet in front of them there lay Siwon.
“SIWON!” both Eeteuk and Kangin screamed. They ran over to him as fast as they could and were there in world record time.
Siwon was lying on the ground, in one of his hands was a stick and in the other was his cell phone that now on the front said ‘Incoming Call Eeteuk Cell’ which then turned to ‘1 missed call.’ He had a large cut on his forehead that was bleeding pretty severely so Kangin laid him out flat on the ground while Eeteuk took of his scarf and wrapped it around Siwon’s head to try and stop the bleeding.
Kangin was happy that they had found Siwon but then his joy turned into fear.
“Eeteuk if something or someone was able to knock Siwon out then what do you think happened to Sungmin?” Kangin asked with look of sorrow and fear mixed into one.
“I don’t know but here is what I do know. We have to bring Siwon back to the van so that the other members can take care of him and then we’ll go and look for Sungmin.” Eeteuk said without taking his eyes off of Siwon, “I just hope that Sungminnie is alright out there by himself.”
Kangin picked Siwon up and, with the help of Eeteuk, got Siwon on his back in a piggyback position. As they were carrying Siwon back to the van Eeteuk could not help but smile.
“What are you smiling about?” Kangin asked. He was not in the mood for a joke.
“I was just thinking”, Eeteuk said still smiling, “Did you ever thing that Siwon would have to be carried somewhere by someone else? Normally it’s Siwon who is carrying someone. Right?”
Kangin smiled at the thought.
“I guess your right.” Kangin said while turning his head to he could see Siwon. Siwon was pretty light despite his build and since Kangin was carrying him he looked almost like a baby ready to go to bed after being up so late. Except this baby had a big cut on his head that needed to be attended to before anything.
Two minuets later Eeteuk, Kangin and Siwon arrived at the van and found shocked faces.
“What happened?”
“Is he alright?”
“I’ll get the first aid box!”
“Where’s Sungmin?”
The questions and exclamations came from everywhere.
“Be quiet!” Kangin yelled so loud that he could have woken up Mr. Choi Jung Hwa Next to them and he had been gone for almost 60 years.
“What happened?” Kyuhyun asked in a quieter voice.
“We don’t know,” Eeteuk said, “We just found him lying on the ground with a cut on his head and we didn’t see Sungminnie anywhere either.”
“So what are you going to do?” Eunhyuk asked. He had a worried expression on his face because he and Sungmin were so close.
“After we take care of Siwon we’ll all go to look for Sungmin. That way we can find him quicker” Eeteuk said with a little sigh, “Kangin, lay Siwon down in the van so that Hankyung can take care of his cut.”
“Alright.” Kangin said as he went over to the van.
As Kangin put Siwon down in the van the light let Hankyung and the rest of the members see just how bad the cut was.
“It looks like someone cut him with a knife!” Hankyung exclaimed as he got a good look at what he was dealing with.
“Hankyung can we please not worry about how it looks and just take care of it?” Kangin said giving Hankyung a stern look.
“Alright. Sorry I was just saying.” Hankyung said as he got the anti-bacterial spray.
Everyone knew that Siwon could stand pain for the most part but if he ate something spicy he would complain. As Hankyung was spraying the cut he was leaning on Siwon’s chest. Siwon suddenly spoke.
“You know your heavy right Hankyung??” Siwon said in a sort of whisper.
“Don’t do that you scared me!” Hankyung yelled at Siwon, “And I’m not heavy!”
“Right.” Siwon said with a smile.
“Oh! I have to tell Eeteuk that you’re awake. Wait a minute.” Hankyung said as he ran out of the van to get Eeteuk,
Siwon heard Hankyung telling Eeteuk that he was awake and then the next thing he knew Eeteuk was in the van hugging him.
“I’m so glad you’re alright!” Eeteuk said with his arms wrapped around him. “Do you know how worried I was about you? Can you imagine what the fans would do to me if they found out that you were severely injured when I was supposed to be protecting you? Imagine what your parents would do to me? I would need to be sent to space just to be safe! Even there I might need protection!” Eeteuk yelled at Siwon but all Siwon could do was laugh while thinking what everyone would do to Eeteuk and Eeteuk was right he wouldn’t even be safe in space from his parents.
“But what happened to you?” Kangin asked. He had come to the van following Eeteuk but he kept his distance.
Siwon had been smiling but remembering Sungmin his smile quickly faded.
“SUNGMIN!” Siwon yelled while trying to get out of the van to go look for him.
“Hold on! Eeteuk yelled while trying to hold Siwon down but Siwon was to strong for Eeteuk and it took Eeteuk, Kangin and Hankyung to prevent him from getting up.
“Tell us what happened first!” Kangin said.
“All I remember is Sungmin and I walking through the graves towards the old stone building. There was a flash of green blue light at the building and then I was pinned up against a tree by my neck.” Siwon said in a soft low voice while feeling his neck, “The thing that was holding me was like a thing from a horror movie. Flesh hung from its body and it had a boney hand. I saw Sungmin standing there frozen with fear then I saw him running away so I though that I was going to die alone but then Sungmin came back with a big stick in his hand and hit the thing over the head. It dropped me and as I fell I hit my head on a tombstone. The last thing that I saw was Sungmin running as fast as he could with the ghost chasing after him. Then I blacked out.”
“So Sungmin saved you?” Ryeowook said. He and the rest of the members had come over to the van to listen to what Siwon had to say.
“Sungmin’s really growing up isn’t he?” Eeteuk said.
“Yeah. Sure he’s growing up but we still need to find him!” Eunhyuk said. He was still worried about Sungmin.
“Right so everyone grab your flashlight and go out searching for him.” Kangin said while grabbing his own flashlight from the back of the van.
After 30 seconds everyone had their flashlight and was out searching for Sungmin.

Meanwhile Sungmin was backed into a corner of the graveyard against the back fence. He had gotten some distance in between him and the ghost but he lost his footing while tripping over a tree root and had fallen. Sungmin had crawled backwards slowly not realizing that the corner of the fence was right behind him. He was now backed into the corner as far as he could go and had nowhere to turn. If he tried to dodge the ghost and go back out the way he had came he would have surly been caught and killed.
“Someone help me!” Sungmin thought to him self. “Someone please find me!”
Suddenly flashlight beams came from behind the ghost and caused the ghost to disappear.
“Sungmin!” Sungmin heard Eunhyuk exclaim.
“Eunhyuk!” Sungmin exclaimed back.
“Don’t ever do that again!” Eunhyuk yelled at Sungmin while wrapping him in a hug, “You had me worried to death!”
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to but I had to. That thing would have kidded Siwon if I didn’t do anything.” Sungmin said with tears in his eyes, “SIWON! Where is he? Is he okay?”
“Relax!” Donghae said, “Siwon is fine he got a cut on his head but other than that he’s fine.” After Donghae said that Siwon came out from the back of the group.
“I’m glad.” Sungmin said leaning back on his hands and letting out a sigh.
All right everyone let’s get back to the van and get out of here!” Eeteuk said. He was excided to leave and get that night behind them.
As everyone started to leave Sungmin got up. He felt a little wobbly.
“Probably just because I’m so scared.” Sungmin thought to himself.
As Sungmin took a step he fell.
“OWW!” Sungmin exclaimed as he hit the ground. All of the members spun around and ran over to him.
“What happened?” Eunhyuk asked Sungmin with worry still on his face.
“I just fell it’s nothing.” Sungmin said reassuring everyone.
As he got up again and took another step he fell again. This time Eunhyuk was there to catch him before he hurt himself.
“No. It’s not nothing. What’s wrong?” Eunhyuk asked Sungmin in a commanding tone Sungmin was sure to give into.
Sungmin let out a sigh.
“I twisted my ankle on a tree root while running away from the ghost” Sungmin said with a little laugh, “Guess I’m clumsy.”
“Don’t joke around like that Sungmin!” Heechul said.
“If you try to walk on it you might hurt it more than it already is.” Hankyung said speaking up from the back of the group.
“Come on get on my back. I’ll carry you.” Siwon said walking over towards Sungmin and kneeling down in front of him.
“But Siwon your hurt!” Sungmin exclaimed remembering how Siwon had injured himslf.
“I don’t care. You saved my life so it’s the least that I can do for you.” Siwon said with a smile on his face. “Now get on!”
All Sungmin could do was get on Siwon’s back and listen to what everyone was saying to him.
“You were so brave!”
“You saved Siwon!”
“You’re a hero Sungmin!”
The complements were coming from everywhere around him.
Once all of the members got back to the van they helped Sungmin in. Once all of them were in the van Yesung started the van a started to drive away. They were about half way through the cemetery when all of a sudden the ghost appeared in front of the van with his arm out stretched telling them to stop. Yesung slammed on the brakes and if someone didn’t have their seatbelt on they would have gone through the windshield.
Everyone looked in front of the van and immediately started to scream. The ghost was walking towards the van.
“Everyone remain calm!” Yesung yelled over the screaming and slammed on the gas.
As the van accelerated forward and everyone’s screams got louder the van hit the ghost dead on and the ghost vanished into a cloud of smoke.
“Way to go Yesung!” Kibum said but Yesung wasn’t listening. He was so focused on getting back to the apartment he didn’t register anything going on around him.
The next day Yesung and Eeteuk took Sungmin and Siwon to the hospital. The hospital cleaned and bandaged Siwon’s cut properly and said that who ever had done it before had done a very good job. Eeteuk was going to tell that to Hankyung when they got home.
Sungmin got x-rays done on his ankle and everything was fine. The hospital wrapped his ankle and gave him a brace to wear for 2 weeks. They also gave him a pair of crutched to help him walk.
All 4 of them exited the hospital from the back so that they would not be attacked by fans and went home. Once back at the hose all of the members were trying out Sungmin’s crutches.
“Cool!” Eunhyuk said as Sungmin entered the apartment.
“Don’t get me mad or I’ll hit you over the head with it! Sungmin warned the group.
“Why don’t you go back to the graveyard and hit the ghost over the head?” Heechul said with a grim.
“NO!” Sungmin yelled at him, “I am never going to go back to that place ever again!”
“I’m going to agree with you on that one!” Yesung said with a big smile. “Why I didn’t stay way in the first place I’ll never know!”
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Posted 9/2/08 , edited 9/2/08
^^ sweet <: I thought that big THUD was something bad but it was shindong XD
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Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/25/08
Hahaaa... I agree with what SalmonMhaki said. I still thought that something was there at their dorm but it turned out to be ShinDong, LOL. Anyway the whole story was great. It just picture out how the members are closed to each other. I like it alot... So hope that KittyKatwithfluff can write more stories about them being so closed to each other^^
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Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08

lovekangin wrote:

Hahaaa... I agree with what SalmonMhaki said. I still thought that something was there at their dorm but it turned out to be ShinDong, LOL. Anyway the whole story was great. It just picture out how the members are closed to each other. I like it alot... So hope that KittyKatwithfluff can write more stories about them being so closed to each other^^

I am actually in the process of editing a story of the Super Junior M members (Hankyung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Donghae, and Kyuhyun) where they are all really close to each other. It should be up this weekend or next week. Please look forward to it. (^_^)v
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