Shiritori! Japanese Word Game!
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Konnichiwa!! Welcome to the Shiritori room! For all of you who dont knoe what Shiritori is, its a word game and its super fun! Well play in Japanese so just write the Japanese word in english.

How to play
Two or more people take turns to play.
A player who plays a word ending in the mora (N) (ん) loses the game, as no word begins with that character.
Words may not be repeated.
Phrases connected by no (の) are permitted, but only in those cases where the phrase is sufficiently fossilized to be considered a "word".
To get your next word use the last syllable in the word the person said(example rinGO--->GOmen the last syllable was go)
Example: sakura (さくら)-> rajio (ラジオ)-> onigiri (おにぎり)-> risu (りす)-> sumou (すもう) -> udon (うどん)
The person who said "udon" lost the game because he/she ended the word in N

So you knoe the rules lets play some Shiritori!!

ill start

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gozai :X i hope!
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you are unbelieveable. just wow
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in front of my pc
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isn't there already a game like this?

ikanimo (certainly)
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O.o omg sounds like game you'd play in school or something
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