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Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
i need help I have a friend and we stayed at her house me and j (girl) and j liked her brother (jon) and in the middle of the night they had some wine while I was playing video games with ashes (girl) other brother (Brent) jon was buzzed and Brent went downstairs so me and j were bugging jon and j asked jon wanna be my 3rd and he was like what? and she kissed him and she told me to explain to him what she meant by 3rd so I said she means 3rd kiss this week and they started to make out so I left later I came back and I bugged them and she was way to ruin the mood Sam so I didnt really care but then we were goin to sleep and a while later I woke up and all I hear is moaning and squishing sounds and I was turned to were I could see(me sleeping on floor)something but I was scared and embarrassed and couldn’t get up I felt paralyzed I laid there with my eyes closed wanting to get up and try then finally I get up I run to the door and unlock it then run down the stairs to the back door trying to open it I unlock the bottom lock then hear Brent’s voice say top lock I unlock it and run out side and call my house im say hey mom can you come get me she asks what’s wrong I sit there shaking saying I don’t feel goods can you come get me she’s like yea then the back door opens it j she’s like Sam wait I say no and push her out of the way I grab my stuff go upstairs and get my pillow and on the bed is blood my eyes open wide and I run downstairs and get my shoes and she’s there staring at me with a sad face I leave and my mom comes she asks what’s wrong I answer oh my head hurts really bad I woke up from it and didnt feel good I leave the next day she calls more then once on my cell phone she left a voice mail I answer and she say Sam im scared please I want to talk to you he just used me I don’t know what to do I never did call her but the worst part is that she cuts.
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