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OGINO Chihiro

A slightly willful, spoiled, ordinary 10-year-old girl. While moving to another town, she wanders into a strange town with her parents. To survive, she has to work at the bathhouse ABURAYA, which is ruled by Yu-baaba the witch. She is deprived of her name Chihiro (literally means a thousand fathoms) and is given a new name, Sen (literally means a thousand*). While working, she learns many things.
(*Chi and Sen use the same Kanji. Hence, Sen is actually a part of her name, Chihiro.)


Chihiro’s father. 38-year-old. He is very optimistic and is unreasonably confident. Although Chihiro feels uneasy, he just goes into the tunnel they happened to find. He has a careless side, as he helped himself to the food in front of him. Because he ate the food intended for the gods, he was turned into a pig, as was his wife.


Chihiro’s mother. 36-year-old. She is realistic and strong. She is used to Chihiro’s temper, and she doesn’t care so much even though Chihiro has a sullen expression in the back seat of the car. She speaks her mind without hesitation to her husband, but in the end, she follows him.


A mysterious boy who helped the frightened Chihiro when she found her parents changed into pigs. He continues to help Chihiro, but sometimes he takes a cold attitude toward her. He seems to work for Yu-baaba, under her secret orders.


The mistress of ABURAYA, the bathhouse. No one knows her age. She uses magic and rules the workers. She is strict to her workers and greedy, but she might not be such a mean person. Everything, from her clothes and decorations to the articles of her room, is gorgeous.


An old man who is responsible for the boiler room of ABURAYA. He also makes medicines that are put in the baths. He helps Chihiro many times. He seems to be a spirit of a spider, as he has six limbs.


A girl who works at ABURAYA. At first, she is a bit blunt, but she comes to take care of Chihiro. Her dream is to save money to go to the world beyond the sea.


They work at the boiler room of ABURAYA. When Chihiro sees them carrying coals to the boiler with their tiny bodies, she finds something important that she had not realized before. They love Kompeitou (small star-shaped candies). Susuwatari previously appeared in "My Neighbor Totoro" as dustbunnies.


Women who live and work at ABURAYA. They do many jobs such as waiting on customers, preparing and serving food, and cleaning. They are the spirits of slugs. They show cold faces to Chihiro, a newcomer.


The male workers of ABURAYA are frogs.

Chihiyaku, Aniyaku

Organizers of the bathhouse workers. Although they have stern faces, they are not such bad guys. Sometimes, they feel the sorrow of middle managers, being caught between Yu-baaba and the workers, or the workers and the customers.


A son of Yu-baaba. Judging from his appearance, he is probably a baby, but he is quite huge, and he eats enormously. He is quite spoiled as Yu-baaba dotes on him.


Strange trio of brothers in Yu-baaba’s room. They only have heads and move about by bouncing on the floor.


A mysterious, bird-like creature with the head of Yu-baaba. Under Yu-baaba’s direction, it flies to scout.


A mysterious man. He seems to come from yet another different world from the world of ABURAYA. He comes into ABURAYA as Chihiro invited him in. His purpose and his true identity are mysteries.


The twin sister of Yu-baaba. Although she looks exactly the same as Yu-baaba, she seems to have a very different personality. She holds the key to the story.

Costumers of Aburaya, the bathhouse.


Gods who came to ABURAYA in a group by boat. They wear strange masks and Sokutai (Japanese traditional clothes for nobles), but their bodies are like shadows.
(*Kasuga is the name of a famous Shinto Shrine in Japan. There is a traditional ritual dance called "Ama" at Kasuga Shrine, in which dancers wear paper masks called "Zoumen." The mask looks like the one Kasuga-Sama is wearing. )


The first customer of Chihiro at ABURAYA. Its body is covered with sludge, and stinks very much.


A god of Daikon radish.

Kawa no Kami

One of Chihiro’s customers. As a token of her service, it gives Chihiro a Nigadango (bitter dumpling), which seems to be a medicine. When the god feels good, it flies in the air.


Gods of Birds. Love to bathe.


Gods who have antlers. Customers of ABURAYA. The Kanji on their Yukata (Japanese bathrobe) is "Abura (Oil)" of ABURAYA.


Gods who look like Namahage.

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Kaonashi is my favourite character, because "it" makes the movie more exciting (chasing Chihiro around, wanting to eat her after eating a bunch of people), smart (deceives people by offering them gold), myserious (you got to admit, it is a stalker), and is a dynamic character, who turned out to be kind and gentle in the end.

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Haku is my fav. character, but only when he is in his dragon form.
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isnt Kaonashi a monster named noface?????????
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Haku is my fav. character, but only when he is in his dragon form.

I agree. But when he's not i like the little black dust thingys THEY ARE SO ADORABLE...-daydreams-
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I actually like the Aburaya itself... I'm hoping on my trip to Japan to come across weird, neat areas like that (fingers crossed for Nikko, Kinugawa Onsen and Mount Takao). But as characters go, I was quite taken with the whole sequence around the Okusare-Sama. And the Susuwatari are pretty cute too.

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