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(Everyone is at Sakura's house for a Party when Ino suggests that you all play dares, you all agree, ino goes first)
Ino: Naruto i dare you too( whispers in Naruto's ear)
Naruto: (eyes widen) I can't do that she'll kill me.
Ino:Tough luck, you have to do it. unless your a chicken of course (clucks)
Naruto:Fine i'll do it. i ain't no chicken. Believe it.
(Naruto walks over to Sakura and cuddles her, sakura punches Naruto)
Naruto:(rubs face) told you. (looks around and sees sasuke) ok Sasuke, i dare you to dress up like a girl and sing the cheeky song with dance with any person of your choice.
Sasuke: Alright. i choose Garra
(Sasuke slips on dress that Nauto hands him as garra looks up from the sandcastle he is making in the corner. everyone mouths at sasuke "are you mad". Garra gets up and goes to sing with sasuke. after a minute of tone deaf singing itachi rises from his seat and turns off the cd. he glares evils at sasuke.)
Sasuke:(Takes off dress) hinata i dare you to let ino and sakura give you a makeover
Hinata: (point's fingers ) o-o-o-ok
Sasuke: but give a dare before you leave
Hinata:(points fingers) um Garra what do you actually keep in your gourd... you have to show everyone
(Sakura and Ino grab Hinatas arms and drag her away)
Hinata: nooo i'm too young to die
Naruto: poor hinata we knew her well
Garra: alright i'll show you whats in my gourd
(opens gourd and pours contents into hand )
Everyone: SKITTLES!!!!
Naruto: thats you big secret, skittles
Garra: (looks around innocently) what i like skittles you can taste the rainbow(eats one) yummy
Shikamaru: uh...did he just say yummy
Garra: ok shikamaru i dare you to stay awake for the rest of the game
Shikamaru: thats impossiable
Naruto: (snaps fingers) i know (graps tape and tapes shikamaru's eyes open)
(door opens)
Ino: Gentlemen may we be proud to present
Sakura: the knew and improved Hinata
(the doorway remains empty)
Sasuke: there's no one there
(ino walks out and catapults Hinata in)
Everyone:wow(wolf whistle)
(Hinata walks back to her seat but gets tripped up and ends up in narutos lap everyone makes cherring noises hinata and naruto blush.)
Shikamaru: Sakura i dare you to show us your most embarrising pictures
Shikamaru: you heard me
(Sakura walks off muttering death threats about shikamaru. she walks back with a photo album and chucks it at him. Shikamaru starts laughing.she hits him with the book)
Sakura: its not funny. oh wait its my turn. ok i dare rock lee to go get a makeover from shikamaru and sasuke, eyebrows must be plucked.
Lee: why sakura? why would you do such a thing?
Sakura: you said you'd do any thing for me
Lee: Yes i said that (crys) forgive me gui sensei. i'll do it he is dragged out of room
Lee(v/o): what is that thing , don't you come near me with that . no,no,noooo ow!!!. my dare Ino steal Chojis crisps
(ino walks into kitchen were choji is and comes back with his crisps, choji comes back through and sits down he looks for his crisp when he can't find them concern shows on hs face , everybody laughs)
Chouji: whats so funny. i can't find my crisps it's not funny
Ino:(holds up crisps) you mean these crisps
Choji: but how, when ,why (lunges for them)give em back
Ino: sorry no can do
Choji:(in a huff) i want my crisps
Ino: (Flicks chojis head)Don't be mad, time for your dare i dare you to kiss the person you admire most.
Choji: (thinks)hmmmmm.. I know (walks to ino and kisses her)
Itachi: (falls off chair) wow, i did not see that coming.
(naruto looks at itachi, falls to knees and clasps hands)
Naruto: Bless the hokages! he can talk!
(Itachi scowls)
Neji: Isaw that coming. it was destined to happen
(Hinata throws a cushion at Neji)
Neji: (falls over) i did NOT see that coming.
(Rock Lee laughs)
Shikamaru: What a drag we leave you for five minutes and your already beating up neji.
(Everyone looks at doorway, sasuke is not there)
Sakura+Ino: (Jaws drop) wow he's cuter than sasuke.. well almost
Hinata: (pointing fingers) wowhe's almost as cute as Naruto.. maybe cuter.
(Naruto nod's head at girls until he relises what has been said.)
Naruto: Hey!!
(Naruto turns away from Hinata in a huff but turns back when she hugs him)
Lee: what are they all lokking at? (backs off looking scared)
Shikamaru: how troublesome... there looking at you.
Lee: (jumps around punching the air) i did it gui sensei they like me, they really really like me

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ahh.. so thats why you wanted to take my cosplay book in.

wheres the rest of it?

you run out of letters?
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