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Ya-ha! Write fanfics about your fave animes.
One shot, multi chapter, anythings alright. You have one month to write and submit them.
Too lil time? I may extend it but only for a few days ^_^
Have fun writing! ^_^
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wat do u mean

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Ya-ha! This is a contest of writing stories bout your fave animes XP

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white_witch_01 wrote:

Ya-ha! This is a contest of writing stories bout your fave animes XP

cool i shall start soon
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Ya-ha! Great! I'll be looking forward to it! ^_^

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can we do our own?
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Ya-ha! Of course! ^_^ Tests your creativity XP
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This is a magical story. somewat same as nanoha but a warped story. This is totally lame.
One day Suzuki was walking home when she heard a really big noise.......
Shiny Assault:Dark Wave
Nina:Good work shiny assault
Shiny Assault:No problem
Nina:Suzuki-chan u saw wat happen?
Suzuki:Yes.You have a magical power?
Shiny Assault:Since she saw us we must give her the other Magic Device
Suzuki:Magic Device?
Nina:Yes. The name is Sliver Excelion
Sliver Excelion:Hi my name is Sliver Excelion
Suzuki:Sliver Excelion?
Shiny Assault:To tansform you must sau:Sliver Excelion Set up.
Nina:try it Suzuki-chan.
Suzuki:wait Nina-san wat is this?
Nina:guess we gotta explain.Im actually from the magical world,but if we come to the human human must see us fighting the monster.Cyber Monsters.They are actually machines programmed to work for the enemy.If someone spots us she/he will become part of us.They will be given a magical device.
Suzuki:So I need to have it the Magical Device?
Nina:Yes you will need it since you spotted me.
Suzuki:But why?
Nina:We are afraid people who spots us fighting will spread word.It MUST be kept a secret.
Suzuki:What will happen?
Nina:You will be taken away from your family and live with me in the Magical World.
Suzuki:But my Family...
Shiny Assault:We must obey by the rules of the Magical World.
Suzuki:What do you Mean?
Nina:The Magical World has a ruler.The ruler is the Sealer.
Sliver Excelion:She can seal,destruction,Blood and Soul
Nina:She will seal people who does not obey her.
Suzuki:But why?
Sliver Excelion:It is Essiantal(dont rly noe how to spell)
Nina:Pls come with us Suzuki-chan.You dont me to get sealed right?
Nina:Arigato!I'll teach you the basics
So everyday they train.Killing Cyber Monsters.The day came that Suzuki could go to the Magical World.
Sealer:So this is the Girl whom you gave it?
The Sealer Tested her on the skills.For 1 month Sje was tested.And then.....
Sealer:You are Accepted into the Magical World
From that day on Suzuki was in the Magical World with her Device Sliver Excelion.She got very powerful and became the next Sealer.The same rule still remain though
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Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/10/08
Ya-ha! Here are examples of my works XP Teehee! I won't be joining the contest but you can read these for your enjoyment XP Teehee!

Title : Letter
Genre : Humor
Category : Anime, Eyeshield 21

A/N : Ya-ha! A lil something I wrote cause of boredom :

~Based on Chapter 251 of Eyeshield 21~

Hiruma stood waiting in the Deimon Devil Bats' locker room when Mamori came in. She approached him and Suzuna noticed this. She signaled to Monta, Satake and Sena to come closer and watch what was going on.
Hiruma gave Mamori an envelope, which Monta and Satake thought was a love letter which Sena doubted. Hiruma noticed their presence, but he didn't mind. After giving it to her, he said,
"That's the instructions for changing players, ****ing manager (sorry, I don't like to curse). I thought you should have it beforehand. Open it when it comes to this."
Mamori stared at the envelope. "When it comes to this? You mean when Hiruma-kun is unconscious because of a serious injury, right?"
"If you know already, don't ask me."
Mamori ripped the letter apart. "Stop making that kind of assumption."
"You ****ing manager..."
"I know that. I should be fired as a manger if I do this." She looked down. "But I already ripped it apart without reading it."
She turned to leave. "That's why you definitely can't get a serious injury."
After hearing this, Sena and the others left.
Mamori felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and her eyes met the Devil Bat's quarterback's emerald orbs.

"****ing manager..."
"You littered in the locker room."

Well, there you go. Teehee! XP Whoops!

Epilogue :

~Based on Chapter 259~

Mamori sat beside the bed where Hiruma was lying down due to the injury he got. She took out something. He sensed it.
"There, I taped it and didn't litter anymore. Happy now?"

Here's another one :

Title : Warning! Too Much Craziness!!!
Genre : Humor
Category : Anime, Shakugan No Shana, Naruto, Eyeshield 21
Notes : This is a Crossover Story

~In the Forest Surrounding Konoha~
Hiruma : ((appears out of nowhere)) Hah! You? Hokage? I find that impossible!
Naruto : ((shocked)) WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!
Hiruma : Jeez! Do you have to scream right in front of my face?! I HAVE SENSITIVE EARS, YOU KNOW!!!
Mamori : ((appears out of nowhere)) Hiruma-kun! How dare you bully this child!!!
Naruto : I am not a child!!! I will be the next Hokage! I am a great ninja!
Mamori : ((doesn't hear Naruto)) do you always have to do this wherever you go?!
Hiruma : Che! Shut up, ****ing manager!
Mamori : No! You shut up!
Shana : ((appears out of nowhere together with Yuji)) Ow.. My head.. Huh? Where are we?
Naruto : Where are you all coming from?!
Yuji : Who's that?
Naruto : I should be the one asking that! I'll tell obaasan about this!
Hiruma : Oh? You mean the Hokage, right? What's her name again? Ah! Yes! It's Tsunade, am I correct?
Naruto : ((supa shocked)) H-how did you know that?!
Hiruma : ((takes out the Devil's Handbook)) Kekekeke! That's not all I know! Kekekekeke! Listen to this! You, Uzumaki Naruto, has a big crush on Haruno Sakura and kisses a picture of her every night and every time you wake up in the morning! How pathetic! Kekekekeke!
Mamori : Sigh...
Naruto : H-HOW?!
Hiruma : Kekekekeke! ((Takes out M4A1 Carbine)) You will do whatever I say, or I'll spread the news! Kekekekeke!
Naruto : Y-yes! Of course!
Shana : Alastor, where are we?

Hiruma : Kekekekeke! Wanna know, Flame Haired Burning Eyed Hunter? Or should I say Shana?
Yuji : What the?!
Hiruma : And that pendant is the soul of Alastor, also known as the Flame of Heaven
Shana : How did you?
Hiruma : And you! ((points at Yuji)) You are Sakai Yuji! You are a special Torch called the Mystes! You have the treasure, Reiji Maigo, within you! Am I correct? Kekekekeke!
Mamori : Sigh... He knows everything.
Hiruma : Kekekekeke! Not everything, ****ing manager.
Alastor : I thought I recognized your face and behavior. You are Hiruma Youichi. I have heard you from Wirhelmina and Sakai Chigusa.
Shana : You know Wirhelmina?!
Yuji : You know my mother?!
Hiruma : Kekekekekeke! Yes, of course! Kekekekeke!
Mamori : ((shakes head)) Hiruma-kun...
Hiruma : ****ing Nine Tails! ((points at Naruto))
Naruto : H-huh?! Who me?
Hiruma : I don't think there's any other person here with the Kyuubi inside his body.
Naruto : Ehehe! Right.
Mamori : Hiruma-kun, it would be much easier if you call them by their names you know!
Hiruma : Kekekekekeke! ****ing make me, ****ing manager!
Shana : Uhm, excuse me?
Hiruma : Kekekekekeke! What is it?
Shana : I was just wondering, since you seem to know a lot of things, are Tomogaras and Rinnes attacking this place?
Naruto : Tomogara? Rinne? What are those?
Mamori : ((gives a looong explanation about Tomogaras and Rinnes))
Hiruma : Kekekekeke! How did you knew those stuff, ****ing manager?
Mamori : Mou! Don't call me that! About your question, I did a little researching.
Hiruma : A little? Are you kidding around with me, ****ing manager? And you're pretty rude you know, you still haven't introduced yourself. Kekekekeke!
Mamori : Oh! I'm sorry! I'm Anezaki Mamori! A pleasure to meet all of you!
Hiruma : Your introduction is not good enough. Let me add something to that. She is a creampuff monster and is an expert in high-speed snack eating. Kekekekeke!
Mamori : MOU! Hiruma-kun!!!
Hiruma : YA-HA!!!
Naruto : ((sweatdrops)) uh, shall I give all of you a tour around the village then?
Yuji : Ah! Thank you! It would be quite useful to know what's around the village.

~Konoha, After A Looong And Tiring Tour~
Shana : So tired..
Yuji : I can't feel my feet and legs anymore...
Hiruma : Kekekekeke! Tired already? ((gives a little bag to Shana))
Shana : Huh? What's this? ((opens the bag)) squeal! Melon Bread!!! ((takes out the Melon Bread and eats it)) yummy!
Yuji : How did you knew that she loved Melon Bread?
Hiruma : Manipulator of Ten Thousand Ribbons Wirhelmina
Yuji : I see.
Shana : ((gives Yuji Melon Bread)) want some?
Yuji : Sure! Thanks!
Naruto : I'm hungry. Let's go to Ichiraku and eat some ramen dattebayo!
Mamori : Need... Creampuffs...
Hiruma : ((hands a box of Creampuffs to Mamori)) here, creampuff monster.
Hiruma : So this is the thanks I get?
Mamori : Humph!
Shana : Ramen? Alright.
Yuji : No problem.

Naruto : I would like to order some ramen dattebayo!!!
Sakura : Naruto, don't scream.
Naruto : Sakura-chan?
Wirhelmina : Hello.
Yuji & Shana : WIRHELMINA?!
Hiruma : Kekekekeke! Long time no see, Manipulator of Ten Thousand Ribbons! Kekekekeke!
Wirhelmina : Oh, it's you, Hiruma-kun.
Sakura : Who are they, Naruto?
Naruto : ((introduces them))
Sakura : I see. Nice to meet all of you. I am-
Hiruma : Kekekekeke! You are Haruno Sakura, apprentice of the current Hokage, Tsunade. You have a powerful control over your chakra and you are very bright. Kekekekeke!
Sakura : How?
Tiamat : He knows a lot of things.
Wirhelmina : So don't be alarmed. He is not a spy.

~Ichiraku, After A Very Hearty Meal~
Yuji : Ah! That was good! Let's eat here again, Shana.
Shana : Yeah!
Sakura : Naruto, we should introduce them to Master Tsunade.
Naruto : Ah! Yes of course!

~Hokage's Mansion~
Naruto : BAASAN!
Tsunade : What? I'm busy!
Sakura : We have people from another place
Tsunade : Who?
Naruto : ((gives a looong introduction))
Tsunade : I see. What brings you here?
Hiruma : Kekekekeke! Somehow, we were transported here.
Mamori : We don't have any idea how we got here.
Tsunade : I see. Well then for the time being, we should look for a place for you to live.
Naruto : ((thinks : No! Not at my house!!!))
Tsunade : I think Naruto's house will be a good place for you to stay.
Naruto : Nooooo!!!
Hiruma : Kekekekekeke! MOVE IT SLAVE!
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lols i read the story it was funny espiecillay the last part
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Ya-ha! Okie dokie! Since we only have one entry, sparkle22099, also known as Louise (XP) is the winner! Yay!
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i dunno
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