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Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
Make sure you form a character before you join the roleplay which will soon be added up ^^ lol but I'm not sure we'll go anywhere with only 2 members but oh well let's see.

okay here's the basic.

Weapon (optional):
Anything Extra:


There are some elements I thought of:

lol I'll think of more, and if you have any then just write down in the element.


Pictures are optional you don't have to add them, but if you want you can ^^

so enjoy !

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Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
I guess I'll be the first one then.....

Name: Mary
Age: 13
power: unknown
Weapon (optional): a gold dagger
Bio: her past is unknown but she likes meeting new people to the most, but you susally find her sitting alone.....
Race: forgotten
Elements: death and water
Anything Extra: umm no not yet..

Picture: well be added later on ^^
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
ahah oops I forgot my character xDD

power: a sheild, can create an inivisble air shield that can expand very wide.
Weapon (optional): a silver bow
Bio: She is very alone, and antisocial. She doesn't bother making any friends beucase she's scared they might get hurt, but if she does, then she would treasure them forever.
Race: a vampire demon
Elements: water air ice lightning and shadow
Anything Extra: not sure yet...


Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
Name: Nima-chan

Age: 13

power: unknown

Weapon: chi senshoku ken, meaning "blood stained blade" it is a very powerful shape shifting blade and much like that of a zanpakto, it has its 3 states, its power to copy any kind of 'bankai' Nima-chan has seen or imagined, and anything

Bio: orphaned as a baby, she was never accepted among humans or demons, she fights for herself, lives for her self, and is viscous, fierce, and powerful. she will fight for good rather than evil, but prefers to do something benefital to her, or something she finds fun (fighting, killing). she appears at the age of a 13 years, or younger at many times, a mystery to her herself, but underestimating her would be a very stupid idea. she is very impatient, aggressive, and tends to have anger management problems. she loves fighting and tends to take joy in killing. she tends to have no friends due to her aggressive nature, but is not someone who goes around killing for fun, only if someone is picking a fight with her

Race: half demon

Elements: all

Anything Extra: she loves to sing, but only does so when alone and usually when training

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Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/2/08
power: ability to heal
Weapon (optional): a staff, but don't underestimate it
Bio: unknown
Race: assasin
Elements:air and dark
Anything Extra: not yet.....

Posted 9/3/08 , edited 9/3/08
Name: Moku
Age: Unknown
power: Control Time
Weapon (optional): Double sword, one with ice powers and another with fire, time egg.
Bio: Secret
Race: Keeper of Time, Full demon
Elements: Ice and Fire
Anything Extra: Loves to grow plants.

Posted 9/3/08 , edited 9/3/08
YAY more members xD
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22 / F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/9/08
Name: Arika
Weapon: Gold and red bow
Bio:Doesn't kno about her history.....her parents died mysteriously.....she is a very calm and quiet....though she likes being happy and loves making friends.....
Race: Unknown
Elements:Water, Ice,Air, and earth
Anything Extra: Mostly outside when the moon is out.....(this part is mysterious)

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78 / F / 2.26.2010
Posted 12/23/08 , edited 12/23/08
Name:Valentina (Val)
Power: She practices powers that people use(i.e. water bending, time stopping,etc,etc).
The ones she uses most are: Smashing her particles and reforming them wherever she wants to be, controls shadows, talk to animals, sending electrical shockwaves mentally and physically, reading people's minds, making people deaf and blind, paralyzing organisms, and can heal.
Weapon: She uses her powers most of the time, but when in doubt, she uses a red,black, and silver scythe that she hides along her back.
Bio: Later in the roleplays you'll find out.
Race:Her mom was one of the Forgotten and her father was a vampire.
Elements: death, water, fire, earth, wind, and dark.
Anything extra: her eyes change colors and she isn't afraid of many people. She doesnt have any friends because they have used her, tried to kill her, or ended up being killed by Val. She doesn't really mind making friends as long as they don't hurt her. She's never fallen in love, and she thinks that that is being lucky.
Pic:((I'll add it later on))
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23 / F
Posted 2/2/09 , edited 2/2/09
Name:Shin'ai Kyuuen
Age: 13
power: Darkness
Weapon (optional): Guns
Bio: Cold hearted and very unsensitive...
Race: Neko
Elements: Death
Anything Extra: she has a very unemotional expression and red eyes... Don't have lots of friend coz she doesn't really think she nids one...

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24 / F / My Safe Haven
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/22/09
Name: yuki
Age: 14
power: she can heal any sickness and any poison. she has the power to bring anything or anyone to life. other powers are still unknown
Weapon (optional): sword(this is no ordinary sword its a sword that changes its shape,size,elements and attacks. depending on how yuki feel or depends on whats her emotion. even if someone stole it. it quickly come back to yuki even when she's asleep.)
Bio: theres no record of her past and family. she can't remember anything from her past not even her family. all she can remember is her age and name. she is born with black wings and red eyes. many humans are afraid of her bec. of her appearance. but she's actually a kid,caring,friendly,energetic and cheerful person. she always have a smiling face except when something bad happens. she'll do anything for the persons that dear and important to her even sacrificing her life. she can control her wings from coming out. at a very young age the sword she's weilding choose her to be his master. no one can seperate the sword from her many had tried but failed. her eyes changes color when not in battle or when fighting its blue and when in battles or when fighting i turns to red.
Race: half angel/half demon
Elements: dark and light,shadow and death and life. she can also do blood bending
Anything Extra: none yet
this is exactly what she looks like
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22 / F / buying cheese for...
Posted 5/30/09 , edited 5/30/09
name: Comet
age: 12
power: she can control wolfs
weapon: a golden stick with a silver moon key chain at the end
element: dark
race: is the daughter of the wolf king
bio: has a very cheerful attitude! she loves sweets and to meet new people, nobody has ever seen her get mad or angry before, loves her father very much, her mother passed away when she was 5. is always seen on her laptop! she also has a sister but her sister had ran away from the palace when their mother died.
anything extra: loves to play in the water!
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106 / F / Waiting in this q...
Posted 11/13/10 , edited 11/14/10
Name: Rina Clocks
Age: 14
power: Blue Rose, and can see/talk to ghosts
Weapon (optional): just two long thin swords
Bio: She lives in the real world, until she met Yukii, Ikuto, and Haru. they wisked her away to their world of fantasies (which is way darker than it seems) there she found out the she has to defeat Sheshe and Akito to same the boys from dying, along the way she meets Amaryan, Hime and Sarah. Also a young girl named Yukoyo, a sick little girl who needs help and a boy named Ichio who turns out to Ikuto's other half! O.O *surprise* XD in the end she finds Sheshe's castle and finds out that something
darker is going on there. Ikuto, Yukii, and Haru all are killed. Amaryan runs away saving Sarah and
Him from certain death. Rina kills Akito and Sheshe morns for the loss of her step brother (who is actually her lover...) she gets mad and starts shooting Rina, but, the blue rose takes over and kills Sheshe. then the crying of a baby wakes Rina from blue rose, Rina turns and sees one of Sheshe's minions holding a baby. it turns out that that baby is the son of Sheshe and Akito. a deathly despicable child. Rina chases after the minion but end ups in black space (a world of nothing-ness) her dopple-ganger helps her ut of the nothing-ness and gives her a helper. a blind crow. and she wakes up in a new world, and now she must search for the dopple-gangers of Yukki, Ikuto, and Haru.
Race: Human/Ghost
Elements: ....shadow(?)
Anything Extra:She is extremely kind, but, when Blue Rose takes over she becomes like a ghost in a dream.
When she is Blue Rose

When She Is Rina
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Posted 11/27/10 , edited 12/26/10
power : unkown so far light magic
Bio :
Race : unkown
Weapon :

Anything Extra:
Picture :

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25 / F / The corner of Hel...
Posted 11/28/10 , edited 11/29/10
Name: Myracle Kyumisu
Age: 17
power: healing and telepathy
Weapon (optional): bow and arrows, dagger
Bio: Kind, caring, friendly. She had her past blocked so she wouldn't remember it because it was so horrible.
Race: half angel, half demon
Elements: Light, Life
Anything Extra: Was raised by thier angel mot

Name: Daemona Kyumisu
Age: 17
power: telepathy and causing pain without causing actual harm.
Weapon (optional): twin katanas, dagger identical to Myracle's.
Bio: cold, temperamental, only time she is nice to someone is if Myracle asks her to, because she doesn't want to cause her any more pain than she has been through already. She is very protective of her sister, and is willing to kill if she has to in order to keep Myracle safe.
Race: half anget, half demon
Elements: Death, Darkness
Anything Extra: was raised by thier demon father.

Picture of them:

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