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here is the subs 4 episode 2 which is on cr

subbed by MiuLucie thank her not me !!!~~

This is a free fan sub made by fans for fans.
If you have paid for this, you have been ripped off.

Since its Declaration of Independence towards Japan 5 years ago,
The Shibuya Republic is controlled by the « Irusalbu », arrogant and violent soldiers.
So Shibuya goes downhill.
Youths let their rage burst out,
taking part in fights where the melody become a weapon, a melody which causes the death,
it’s the Pray.
A Prayer, Tasuku, saves Shoko, a young girl pursued by a monster, an Idasi sent by the Karutos.
When Toru heard the sweet voice of Shoko,
he created a Unit between her and Tasuku.
But Shoko’s voice was about to kill his opponents Prayers…
Like the breath of a heartless angel.

Shoko -Tasuku?
men-Wow! How cute!
Do you have a boyfriend ?
Haha, we don’t care!
We’re hungry !
Don’t be afraid, haha.

Gray hairs-For once I wanted to have a little fun… they have..


This guy…
has saved … Shoko?

Girl1-My dear combatants, it’s time to reawaken the strength in you.
monsters-All this time we’ve spent for our last fight.
The lord made us the gift of the sacred blade !
Our lord will guide us on this dark path,
and we’ll finally be able to reach this fearless world.
Once this step passed,
we could spread the death !
Girl1-You all who knew how to develop yourselves to surpass human being,
mark our creation of a new strength that we couldn’t have imagined better !
Let’s wake up from our sleep and abandon our home,
to dominate this world!
It’s time for us to take possession of Shibuya !
Shuyo-Not yet.
Girl1-But Shuyo..
We’ve got the strength to seize Shibuya…
Shuyo-Our time hasn’t come yet.
No matter if you disagree, we’ve got to avoid… any rashness.

Shoko-I’m staying at Toru’s place for the moment, why can’t I come to yours ?
Tasuku-Just cause I don’t want to see you.
Shoko-Why ?
Tasuku-Because you’ve killed Prayers, humans.
Shoko-But it’s the rule, isn’t it?
Tasuku-There’s just a rule which authorize to kill..
but there isn’t any obligation to do it.
You’re bothering me, go away!

Misaki-hey! Tasuku, leave this girl alone.
A memento for our reunion.
Misaki ?
Misaki-What a surprise… Well, I’ve changed after all.
Tasuku-No, not that much.
Misaki-Then, let’s take a picture with your mobile.
Tasuku-I don’t have one.
Shoko-You’ve got one…
…in your bedroom.
Tasuku-Shoko !
You haven’t to talk about it, Shoko!
Misaki-Oh, she’s your girlfriend?
Tasuku-Of course not!
Gray hairs-What do I see? You’re well-known enough to be with 2 pretty young girls.
Be careful.
It’s dangerous having a triangular relationship.
Tasuku-Are you stupid?!
Gray hairs-You never knew how to look after it alone.
Tasuku-Shut up. What do you want?
Gray hairs-New people have came to East, they’ll be your next opponents.
They’re free in their Unit.
I’ll do it alone.
Misaki, see you.
Misaki-Ok, see you.
Tasuku-Don’t follow me.
Gray hairs-Unbelievable…
Shoko, don’t pay attention to that fool.
Wait for me, Tasuku !
Misaki-Excuse me, you’re the one in Unit with Tasuku, right?
Did you squabble?
Shoko-Tasuku is angry
because I’ve killed our opponents of Pray.
Misaki-I see…
In fact, Tasuku has known a lot about the sorrow caused by the loss of someone dear to us.
Shoko-Sorrow? What is it?
Misaki-er... It’s when you cry or..
when just having to live seems you difficult.
I had also forgotten that kind of feeling.
Shoko, if Tasuku would come to die, wouldn’t you be sad?
Shoko-But Tasuku isn’t death.
Misaki-Imagine that you couldn’t see Tasuku again,
that you couldn’t see Tasuku never again.

Gray hairs-What is it?
Tasuku-Nothing at all.
Gray hairs-Aren’t you revising the basis of the guitar ?
Tasuku-Shut up.
Gray hairs- Who do you really think you are ?
It was you who were about to die.
Are you aware of this?
So stop to sulk and make it up with Shoko!
Or else tomorrow your Pray may be difficult.
Tasuku-Go back home, you won’t have fun with me.
Gray hairs-Frankly, I’m really having fun, I laugh a lot at least.
Tasuku-What are you talking about ?!
Gray hairs-Take it.
Instead of the you death,
I prefer so much more the you depressed.

Because I like you.

man-They’re attacking, they dare to…?!
Violet hairs-Combatants, kill them all !
Big mouth-It was time for the nasty people to come, sooner or later they had to.
Ginzen, take care of that girl.
What a pity…
You still had a target.
Put a lot into it next time, ok?

Gray hairs-She hasn’t arrived yet?!
You’re not fooling me, right?
You swear you really didn’t send Shoko packing ?
Gray hairs-Crap! In such important moment…
Tasuku-It doesn’t matter.
Anyway, I don’t feel like doing a Unit with her.
Gray hairs-Are you stupid? They’ll be 3 in front of you!
You’ve got no chance to win if you’re alone.

Don’t follow me.
Because you’ve killed Prayers, humans.
In fact, Tasuku has known a lot about the sorrow caused by the loss of someone dear to us.
It’s when you cry or…
When just living seems you difficult.

man-Shup up!
girl-Please, If you get rid of me..
man-Shut up, you don’t bring me anything back anymore.
Get out !
girl-I’ll do anything, so let me stay by you.

Shoko- tears…
Why do any tear fall from my cheeks ?

Gray hairs-But where did she go ?!
Shoko !
This stubborn Tasuku...!

girl-You know, at East, there’s a group fighting against just one person,
want to go?
man-It’s useless, he must be death by now.
girl-You’re right.

Shoko, if Tasuku would come to die, wouldn’t you be sad?
I’ll… be sad,
if I couldn’t see Tasuku again.

5 !

4 !

3 !

2 !

1 !

Gray hairs-Shit !
I had warned you…
Shoko ?
You’re late!
What the hell were you doing?
Shoko-Tasuku had forbid me to come.
Gray hairs-It’s not the moment to say it !
Shoko, hurry! go to help him!
Tasuku will..
Tasuku will die!
see him again…
Gray hairs-That’s it!
So hurry, go to save him !!
What should I do…if Shoko.. continue…
Hey, Shoko…
It’s too late…
Stop it…Shoko!
The duel… is over!
STOP IT!!!!!!!!!

Misaki-Tasu… ku…
Misaki, it’s you?!
Misaki-Don’t look at me…with that face…
It’s the way to survive in Shibuya.
I was killing you…
but you didn’t kill me.
Tasuku-Stop talking !
Please, don’t say anything more.
Or you’ll die.
Misaki-It doesn’t matter to me if you’re the one to kill me.
Misaki-Tell me, Tasuku…
forget… me….

Gray hairs-Why didn’t you wait for Shoko?!
Tasuku-Why… why did you kill Misaki?
Gray hairs-What the hell are you saying?!
If Shoko hadn’t sing, you’d be death by now !
Tasuku-You hadn’t to…
…to kill her.
Gray hairs-Don’t be childish !
It’s not cause you don’t kill anyone
that you have to be proud of this !
Tasuku-I don’t want to see you never again !
Never again…

Shoko-Tears of sadness…

Monster-Give me them!
Violet hairs-Stop it !
Don’t ask for…. The impossible.
You scared me before.
I really thought you were going to kill me.
But everything went as planned,
we defeated the armies of the Idasu and of the Irusaibu.
You could also have take care of Tsukumo
Monster-Next time, I’ll do it.


man in black-This stupid Becker acted without thinking.
Why doesn’t she understand that it’s useless to fight them with the strength ?

Enjoy !~~
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