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Vampire Princess
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24 / F / Fleet Street
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/12/08
name: Nikky
age (human): about 16-17
age (vampire): 100+
gender: female
hair: white
eyes: change with mood
powers (if any): can communicate with and control animals
history: Doesn't remember anything about her human life. Her first memories of vampire life was being abandoned in the mansion. Lived a lonely life until she began to explore. Lived among humans for awhile, but got bored. Stayed among humans, but stopped acting as one of them. One day, saves a young girl from a hostile vampire and takes her to live in the mansion with her. Unfortunately, Nikky couldn't save the girl from becoming a vampire. She and the girl, Kacey became close, and soon Kacey became Nikky's first friend (that she can remember.). Started taking in other 'mystical creatures' as family.
personality: Calm and quiet, Nikky is usually the serious type, but still likes to have fun. She is often annoyed with Kacey's immatureness, but is used to it now. Thinks humans are foolish. Loves music. usually hunts animals, but has an occasional human.

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F / 原宿通りではなく〜本当に~
Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/7/08
real name: Tsubane Hime (hime)
reborn name : Kyomitsu Pichiteru (chi)
age (human) : 14
age (vampire) : unknown
gander : female
power : mind controller / mind reader / witch spell
history : almost die in her pastlife but she manage to survive with her guardian help, Akumu (the nightmare) and Yume (the dream). although she became a witch after she reborn but whenever she use her power her lifetime became decreases and her vampire life increases if she ran outta magic power she will die and came back into her unstoppable vampire side.
personality: according to her mood... she always seem cherrful but keep her real feeling deep inside~
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24 / F / under the sea, i...
Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/12/08
age (human): 14
age (vampire): 1 year old
gender: girl
hair: brown (for now)
eyes: red
powers (if any): undiscovered
history: was a girl living in a small town. was happy with her life untl getting bit by a bad vampire named Axel. was saved by Nikky and became her best friend, along with her coming kacey's. read the storry for my full history.
personality: perky and pretty clueless. likes to annoy nikky. always over does things. gets jelouse easily. wants to keep her vampire side a secret, but can't keep away from public places. likes to feed on humans. still confused about the whole 'vampire' thing and rules exc. ^^

like a human:

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25 / F / Hell(funfun~)
Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
me in human form except my eyes are yellow:
name:Kiera Silence
gender: girl
eyes: Amber
powers (if any):Tranformation. communcation with animals. gets stronger during full moon.
history: Pretty normal life till i turned 13. had Friends went to school had both parents and a brother. but for us werewolves puberty is the absolute WORST time for us. i am a hereitary were so my Grandma is one too. werewolfness tends to skip generations. and since my Gma didn't till my mom. so i didn't know about. i swear i thought i was going insane. and i probaly was. before my Gma got me(she was late >:() i howled at school growled at one of my friends and even bit my brother but worst of all at my frist full moon. i broke my first crushes arm. it was terrible. so AFTER all this my Gma came and got me and told me everything about being a Werewolf. i was pissed at her. why didn't she tell me sooner? becuase she's sadistic! so after i completely mastered my transformation which to like 2 years i left her! Ha! stupid grandma! so know i ended up at that mansion where i am friends with everyone and i'm oh so happy and whatever.
personality: Hyper playful Leader when needed curious and most of the time unlucky. boo!
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23 / F / Nowhere fun
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
Nickname: Rosey ( Only my sister called my by my really, and when she died i start calling myself Rosey even though it has nothing to do with my name of power)
Gender: Female
Age: 360 but to humans i'm about 13
Hair: Blackish blueish
Eyes: Blue
Race: Fairy
fairy of night and hope
Hobbies: watching humans do stupid things
History: I had a sister who i was close to and i came here when she died
personality: I'm nice to people who i like and i'm mean to people i don't like. For the most part i like vampires and Werewolves.
I like playing games, both board and real life games. I like talk to people. I love wearing dresses because the are fun to spin in.
this is what i look like:

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