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F / In the side of th...
Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/11/08
mmm...k...i'll enter with this one...
but maybe i'll change it later ^^

what a silly thing you did
asking me whether i liked you or not
even if i did,
i wouldn't have the guts to tell you so

but you keep asking me how i feel
and i can't tell you what's so wrong
'cause everything you do
makes me fall for you even more

if you could get inside my mind and see
what i wanted us to be
maybe then u'd find out
what's going on with me now

I'd like to show you a honest smile,
talk to you as i did,
tell you everything's alright
but i don't think i'll even can

All i wanted was to be happy,
was that too much to ask?
the only thing that comforts me right now
is the mere idea of you laughing
and still making me smile
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29 / F
Posted 9/11/08 , edited 9/12/08
Live. Laugh. Love.

I used to daydream all the time,
And I would often think about life, my friends,
And why things are the way they are.
Sometimes, I would just go into my own imaginary world.

In some of my dreams I would run
Like there was somebody chasing after me,
But I knew that they would never catch up to me
Because it was my dream.

Children can have the wildest imaginations.
When people grow up, they tend to lose their imaginations.
How would life be without children by our side?

I think that life is an everlasting circle.
Unfortunately, not everybody comes
and goes when they want to.

There’s life, and there’s death,
But there is no need to be afraid.
There’s someone waiting for you at the gate.

Yes, it is Him.
He has known every one of us by name
even before we were born,
And there will be a time for everyone to meet Him.

Live life to your fullest.
Live, love, and laugh, I always say.
Don’t forget that we won’t be here forever.
Just live the way you want to but in the right way.

copyright by me(:
(i wrote this one year and a half ago)
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F / In the side of th...
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
can i change the poem?
i choose this one instead...
(this one sucks too, but well u.u)

White they extend
in front of those who can see
two angel wings
from my back, loose and free
lost am I in a cloudy night
no hope, no way out
comes a mysterious man
to tell me my path
"lets share your light,
lets see no pain
give me your wings
and happiness I'll spread"
But without them I can't live!
with no wings I can't be!
"And what do people care,
if only one angel dies or stays?
People want to smile,
that's how I'll use your wings
your death will be worth enaugh
for any hero to see.
There's no need of you in this world
anyone needs you here to be,
you better give off your wings
and rest forever in peace"
Tired of hearing, my wings I give,
my dreams and hope,
everything to him
all I had, just willing to see
and the joy and happiness
that my death would bring
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25 / F / I'm either in the...
Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/28/08
A true poem.
In my dreams
In my dreams I see memories of me
In that dark room...just one but me
I leave behind people I love as I'm pushed forward
I cling to the past with wings that need to be free
Everytime someone enters my world so twisted and broken
My heart is filled with a specific kind of love that is wrenched
An endless stair begins to form with me at the top and you at the bottom with my treasures
Like clockwork, I move along steadily against my will
As I scream unaudibly and run to the place I want to be, you walk away as if I wasn't here and I'm trapped again
My chains become heavier and my isolation lengthens
In my dreams and in reality, no one ever stays long enough to understand me
Soon, someone finds me standing under the rain crying softly
You reach out to me while I push you away
That was all I needed...someone who tries to care
Even in my dreams, I can fall in love
Starting there, my world is broken in again and I'm not alone anymore
Because of that, I don't care about myself because I just want to see your smile
Even if I can't love you or you can't love's okay now
Now I have something to believe in when everything is distorted
Because in a dream, there is always a light that shines brightly
Because in a dream, I can be true to those who bother to listen
So now I wait and pray for you to come and see me again until I can stand on my own
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27 / F / • Melbourne, Aust...
Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/8/08
This is my first time entering such a competition>.<LOL anyway here's my poem:

My Last Lines for You

For two blessed years,
We were classmates, then simple friends
However, things changed when I began to
Unconsciously gaze at your dimpled smile,
Laugh myself silly over your nonsensical jokes
And grow envious of girls flirting with you.
The eve of the new year found myself
Helplessly, deeply, madly in love with you.
In the glory of the new year morning,
I stood by the school gates,
To confess my endless love for you.
I waited like a love-struck idiot,
But you never came.

You never showed hatred towards me,
Yet when you ignored me;
As if I were a part of the surroundings,
The hurt I felt was far worse.
I tried, desperately, to question your coldness
But your eyes never met mine,
As if you were frightened of me.
Perhaps my love did not go unnoticed,
And you felt awkward in my presence.
I understand,
Yet am I not worth a simple explanation from you?

After a year long of crying,
In the stillness of the night,
Tonight I spill these last lines for you.
Hopefully, tomorrow, when my thoughts fall on you,
No tears will be shed,
Over my unanswered love.
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