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First Rp The City of Kai is attacked

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Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/2/08
"The city of Kai, is under attack by some unknown force. they came out of no where!" (Gunfire is heard through the radio)
"Lizard like creatures are killing everyone!"
"Send reenforcements no....'
AAAHHHH!!!! ( radio fizzles out as an inhuman scream rips through the radio)

Posted 9/2/08 , edited 9/2/08
This is first rp keep it at 2 paragraphs minimum, color typing when talking. enjoy

A black portal forms several feet over a street riddled with bones of the dead. Seconds later a red hair boy jumps out of the portal and lands safetly on the ground.

He takes a look around, seeing the blood all over street and buildings he sighs, and began walking.
Placing his hands behind his head "This is going to be a long war' Continuing walking he takes in horror of what lay ahead of him if he fails. His red eyes flared with anger as he continued to inhale the smell of blood.
"Argh"he screams. "this is so annoying why is always violence every planet i come to."

Seconds later he hears an inhuman cry coming ahead of him. He frowns at the thought of battle but he might as well accept it.
Running towards it the sounds he hears a girls screaming and gun fire. Speeding up now towards the sounds, his breathing becoming labored. About 45 seconds he turns into an alley with a girl huddle in corner with something sparked anger inside his deep inside his soul. charging at it he yells "Die Sakari scum,' and rams right into it as tried to feast.

The Sakari lizard tumbled 4 feet away, but recovered quickly. The boy stood next to the girl and look at her checking for injuries.
"Don't move or scream" he said cooly.
He looks back at the sakari lizard and threw his right arm to his side, and a sword appeared. "Its time to die,"
The sakari reared back and charged letting out a blood chilling cry.
The sakari tried to tackle the boy, but he just over it only to get smacked with tail.
"Crud, forgot about the tail," he said as hit the wall falling to his knees.

As he looked up the Sakari was in front of him rearing back to bite. He jumped to the right side as the sakari bit into the wall.
He jumped in the air as the sakari pulled out of the wall. As it did he brought his sword down on the it's neck, "kyaa"
with a satisfied grin he jumped backwards four feet away from it's tail attack.
The Sakari roared in pain as the boy jumped away from it's tail. He jumped on the wall and quickly scrruied away in defeat.

"damn he got away'" he said looking up the wall. He look towards the girl smiled and walked towards her. With his sword his shoulder he asked "are u okay? He extended his hand to help her. she looked about 15,"well that sucks" he thought.

She nodded and responded "who are u'. she accepted his help and took his hand.

"the names Luda, Luda Eklipse," he said with cocky grin as she stood up.

By the way this is my 1st rp so bear wit kay.
have fun
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Okay every body make sure ur post make sense kay :D

"the names Luda, Luda Eklipse," he said with cocky grin as she stood up.

"well my name is Maria," she said dusting herself.

"Well, Maria you might wanna stay close by me, if wanna live," smile luda.
"where is the center of the city?" he asked walking back towards he come from.

She smiled and stood where she was" It in the oppsite direction.'' she points to the other wat as he turned around.

Luda walked up to her saying "lead the lady Maria"

She began to lead the out when a neko came out nowhere fighting two sakari.She screamed and run behind Luda. She buried her face into his back. Luda look at her and smiled "it's already over." She didn't look up she just clung to his back. Luda back up to see the neko walking towards him.
Just by looking at this halfling he could tell that he was a boy.

"What's with these things dude?" He asked. " Oh, by the way. I'm Sora Korui. Nice to meet ya. What's your name?" He asked, his cat like ears twitching with pure naivety.

" Those are called sakari reptiles form 1 in that form." he replied cooly. "And this one behind me Maria,"pointing to the girl still clinging to him like a baby.

"Now if excuse me I have mission to carry out, if you wanna live then come with me." said Luda. "And will you let go of me!" snapped
Luda. Maria slowly let go of him then looked at him. His eyes burning with a passion she yet to understand.

"okay," she murmured. She walked ahead of him to lead the way, her head down concealing her tears, and luda follow close behind.

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a black ring teleports radow into the city of kai. radow lands on one knee then slowly stands an open his eye's . he take's a deep breath.time to start here i'll kill every last one of them . he starts to walk down the street not paying attention to all the blood an dead bodies laying in the street many human but very few sakari's. pathatic couldnt even stay alive till i got here he kicks one of the sakari bodies as hard as he could then started to move on looking at the piles of dead human bodies then he see's something move.

he walks closer to it an see's a little girl. radow grined are you scared little girl. you should be he looked evily at the little girl as she nodded an looked over his shoulder shaking in fear. he looked deep in her eye's so you figured i wa... befor he could finish his sentence he was stabed by a 2nd form lizard sakari . the little girl screams AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the sakari lifted radows body up an moved it close to his face low class demon didnt they teach you not to play with your food or it might get taken the sakari spits on radow an throws him to the side pathatic

the sakari walked closer to the girl the suddenly stoped an faced towards radow. radow got up an looked into the sakari's eye's with an evil grin too bad that little thing isnt my food radow ran towards the sakari at full speed you are radow kicked the sakari an it went flying hard into a wall. radow looked at the girl get out of before I eat you too the little girl nodded an ran to a safe spot. radow slowly walked up to the sakari you know there's three things i hate being hit, being looked down on an laughs food that talk alot! radow walked up to the sakari an riped off its arms an legs then started to eat it. the girl looked in shock as radow ate the sakari alive so tasty while it screams in pain

radow turnd an looked at the little girl who was just stareing at him what are you scared the little girl looked at radow an shaked her head side to side no radow looked supprised then he suddenly smelled something there here

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Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/10/08
Man, another cloudy day, grinned R.A.I as he saw through the window, the only thing he could see was a city in flames and a black sky just with clouds and gray, Well, time to work, Its killing time!!! he screamed as he jumped out the window.... A loud Bang is heard at the distance as R.A.I runs through the streets, BOOM!!!! suddenly a squad of Sakari pop out from the ground What!!?? the Sakari cruelly attack, as he tries to dodge the lizard-men one gets to slash his arm Jajajajaja is this the best the humans could send? says the laughing Saraki, No, but i wouldn't laugh if i were you. After this words the Saraki feels a horrible chill in his chest to see that his heart has been pull out AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!, the monster screams as he sees that the blood in R.A.I.'s arm is his own.

As the beast falls his horrified comrades see the red in R.A.I.'s eyes Well, whose next? asks the defiant hero, the lizards plunge against our hero as he pulls out his sword and slashes one of the horrible creatures to halve Come on, try to make this fun one of the monsters slashes to our hero, but he jumps out of danger two meters behind, but just to be kicked into a wall by the other allies of the monster, Man, I forgot the other two
as the monsters try to run into R.A.I they find a surprise bombs all over the floor BANG! is heard in the distance as the only thing left to see is the flaming remains of the monsters I think i over did it he says to himself as he keeps running through the streets It has just begun, this will not be over soon

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[Other characters in this one: Radow]

Heaven liked swings. But swinging from a rope over a gianormous pot of boiling vegtables was not one of her favorites.

The fattests lizard that she had ever seen, if a lizard could get that fat and big, danced a tail shaking jig in front of her. "I got a victim. Tastes like chicken."

"You probably shouldn't do that." Heaven warned as he hefted a bowl of her mushrooms into the pot.

The lizzard looked at her dumbfounded... Heaven had never seen a lizard look dumbfounded before, but there he was a big fat lizard man looking dumbfounded... or was that a bad case of gas?

He laughed a belly laugh. Man, that lizard belly could jiggle; reminded her a Hilda's Christmas green jello. "You know my speak."

"'You know my language'" Heaven corrected him. "And no, I don't you're speaking my language."

"Am not speaking your speak."

"Are too."

"Am not."

Heaven dropped her head and sighed. "Just lower me into the pot already."

The lizzard again... the dumbfounded or gasey look. He or was it an it? Well, it picked up the bowl of mushrooms.

"Ah, I wouldn't..." Heaven began.

"Wouldn't what?" Now it looked annoyed. It picked up the bowl as if to defy her and downed the mushrooms. Gurgle. It's face paled for a coldblooded critter. Erp! It fell over dead.

Heaven sighed. "I told you so, so doesn't cover it." She shook her head. Why does no one listen to her about the poisonous mushrooms? The line of dead lizards with mushrooms laying around them on the ground should have told the last one to listen to her.

She looked up at her dangling position. The rope she was hanging from was starting to unravel. Awww, darn.
One crash and almost burn later.


Heaven tried to wipe some of the soot off her dress with a rag from her apron, but the wiping just made the spot worse. She looked at the rag and groaned. It was covered in soot too. She wiped away a tear, one tear was not enough to bring on the rain. She blinked back any other tears that attempted her long lashes. How long had it been since she tried to go home to find it dispelled into a smoldering crater?

She pushed back a piece of debris and stepped out of a crumbled building to finally view the scene before her. Shock stole her breth. Could there be any end to such carnage? Were there any alive left on the streets?

Her feet tingled with the temptation to turn around and run back inside. But Heaven swallowed and lifted her chin, hefting her medical bag over her shoulder. This was no time to become chicken... She chuckled despite herself.

Her chuckle got caught in her throat. The lizards on the surface weren't like the lazy fat ones that tried to make a dumpling out of her... these were sly creepy suckers... okay, the fat ones were creepy too, but these ones were really creepy... like slasher movie creepy.

And standing in the midst of them was a dark haired boy? man? A human! Someone had survived! Heaven's grin slowly lowered.... A human? that had a strangely darkish aura about him [Radow]?

The lizards attacked him. How many did he take down? Could she count that many? He was fast!

She watched out as he ate the last one. Mwr. Gross but effective. Maybe, lizard tastes like chicken?

Something about him seemed to balance like the edge of a knife between darkness and something better. She could sense a strange power about him. Heaven stepped out as he spoke to a small girl.

Suddenly, he went on alert. She could sense a warning feel her heart. It felt as though the world spun into a dangerous spiral.

Without thinking, she threw herself in front of him as a blast struck the area. "Watch out!"

A shield of white light shot out of her to meet the blast, reflecting it into a nearby building. The building exploded under the blast's power.

Surprised by what just happened, Heaven fell onto her butt at Radow's feet as the light shield disappeared... "ttttt owwww." She rubbed her rearend as the building crumbled into pieces. "okay, that hurt."

But the lizards weren't finished. Her butt hurt and they were being surrounded by a busload of hungry looking lizards... It was like attack of the angry geckos.

(Please ignore the wings on this picture... I still am looking for a better picture that fits Heaven.)
Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/24/08
[Other characters in this one: eikochan]

radow stares back at the little girl but before he could say anything a shiled of white light blocking a beam coming head on at him. radow moved back in shock for a moment then a girl came jumping in front of him. radow glanced at her then then sighed why the hell are there humans appearing one after another in front of me radow scratched his head then looked at the little girl who's been staring at him all the time. he closed his eyes then walked past the girl this is why you should be scared

radow walked towards the group of sakari's. he stoped midway and gave them an evil glare and smirked which lucky one of you will become my dinner today the sakari's looked at radow and gave off a killing intintion then they all gave out a loud yalled AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh they rushed at radow but before they got all the way to him they stoped in their tracks looking at in the direction of the girls. radow paid no attention. radow rushed in and punched an whole through two of the sakari's. radow grined and licked the sakari's blood off his hand tastes good. any more want to feed me the rest of the sakari's ran away radow shock his head in shame then devowered the two sakari's bodies that he punched a whole through chest.

radow licked his fingers and slowly turned to the girls why are you still here?

(sorry i rushed my story got alot of stuff to do)
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08
Other characters involved: Radow

Heaven had to admit that seeing a grown man eat a grown-man-sized lizard... hers eyes grew wide as he ate the second one... okay, two lizards was just a little raunchy. But hey... she looked up to where the other lizards had run off to... Still his methods were effective. She shrugged her shoulders. Eh, to each his own way.

She stood up despite the aches from her fall and brushed off the back of her skirt.

He licked the blood off his fingers... the smell of oily copper filled the air. Okay, lizard must be finger-licking good. If she hadn't dealt in so much medicine when she lived in the orphange, she would probably have been a little sick... but she helped raise bratty orphan boys, she'd seen worse.

(quoting Radow's post) "Why are you still here?"

Heaven exchanged a glance with the other girl. Then turned back to him, tilting her head to the side. Her long silvery blonde hair shifted at her legs with the gentle movement.

She put her finger to her lips in a delicate manner, thinking.

Not that she was answering for both her and the other girl, but the other girl was remaining silent on the case.

Heaven's expression brightened. She held up her index finger with a girlish grin. "Because we want to be your friends!"

It was a better answer than any and it was the truth. So, he ate a few lizard people; she wasn't going to hold that against him.

"Here." She offered him a clean handkerchief. "You got a little lizard blood...." She let her words trail off as she touched her chin for emphasis.

The blood kind of trailed out the side of his mouth, like in a vampire movie, and there was an austere air about him... She didn't need her special senses to know that he was powerful.... but that didn't bother her.

He was different, like she was... She appreciated that fact... well, that and he took down some gianormous lizards with one punch... If anyone didn't call that impressive, they had noodles for brains.

She smiled up at him. He was tall; she barely came to his shoulder. "My name is Heaven. What's yours?" Her large innocent eyes blinked at him.

(Darn I have to go! I'll have to finish this later.)

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Other Characters included: RADOW

Heaven just blinked her long dark eyelashes up him as the blood-tainted air stirred the strands of her long silvery hair.

The corners of his mouth turned down as he regarded her question about his name.

She just smiled more in her usual delicate manner. The thought that he could easily snap her like a twig didn't even enter her mind nor did the fact that normal men didn't eat their sparring opponents...

Being scared of him, didn't even occur to her.

Unexpectedly, she was struck with his name as if the word was whispered on the air that carefully coursed around her causing the ribbons on her dress to dance. Radow.

"Radow?" She voiced in response. This was the first time that her mental abilities had reacted so fast to someone.

An image of darkness, like the epitome of the underworld...flashed through her mind. She gasped.
the image continued showed Radow being thrust out...
then an image of him meeting weapons with great creatures...

then an image of worlds burning behind him.

The image ended. Heaven stumbled under the magnitude of the images.

Once the squinting ringing in her head subsided, she looked back up at him, her eyes moist. She wasn't going anywhere... She was still there, even though she saw who Radow really was.

She would still stay.

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[Other characters in this one: eikochan and buuspider]

Radow glared down at Heaven how do you know who i am he took a few steps closer to heaven extending his arm out and showing his claws. now how the hell... before he could finish speacking the little girl walked bettween heaven and radow dont .. hu.. hurt onee-chan radow gave the little girl a evil look get the hell away before i kill you the littl girl just stude there and looked at radow. he balled his fist tight then turned his back fine dont blame me if you get killed

the little girl took a smile step forward wa... wait!! radow stoped then turned to heaven and the girl with his eyes closed what the hell... he paused then opened his eye's wide damn! he quickly ran an grabbed heaven and the little girl and throw them to the side quick he whispered damn humans a second form sakari came bursting through a old build an punched radow hard in the face and he went flying through two buildings.

radow hit the 3rd building then coughed up some blood and drooped to the ground damn damn damn! i'll kill him he slowly got up then he noticed a two figures in the dust. he turned to see two other peopel he smirked then spited out some of his blood this place is filled with them humans he glared over at them get lost

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Leaving the neko boy, Luda ran after Maria. He turned into the main street to see her moving slowly with her head down.
Dispersing His sword back into nothing, he sped a little to catch up. He stayed a few paces back knowing that she was hurt, the reason why he had no idea.

Being an angel, he couldn’t leave her in that current state. So he runs a bit to catch her stopping at the side of her. “What’s wrong Maria?” he said looking at her.

Frowning “Nothing” she said crossing her arms her under developed chest. She reminded him so much of his sister, when she was upset. Shaking the thought from his head, he decided to push further.

“Are you sure, young one?” he said grinning.

She glares at him, “I’m not young and your not older than me!”

He smiles “I’m older than you think Maria.”

Yeah right” her frown slowly eased into a smile.

“It’s true, but save this for another time,” smiled Luda.

“What are ...” Luda quickly covered her mouth and pulled her behind a car.

Stay here,” he whispers. He pulls his sword from sub space and disappears from her sight. Maria hears an inhuman cry of pain and the ripping of flesh; seconds after Luda had left. She looks up from behind the car and sees Luda standing over several dead sakari.

Looking up into the sky “you can come out now.”

Maria quickly runs over just as a boy comes out of a building into a wall. Luda and Maria jus simply stare at him through the dust as he steadies himself.
“Damn damn damn! I’ll kill him” the slowly got up when finally he notices them through the dust. He turned to see them, he smirked then spited out some of his blood “this place is filled with them humans” he glared over at them “get lost!”

"who are you calling human, demon?" growled Luda. "you're nothing but Low life demon an outcast from hell, am i right Radow san?" he said coolly

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[Other characters in this one: eikochan and buuspider]

Radow looked over at the guy with a glare you too. why the hell does everyone know my name radow looked forward i want some answers from you damn huma... radow glanced at the guy again and twitched *low life demon? are you looking down on me radow eyes turned a darker red then he opened his hands showing his claws. a dark purple aura started to form around him but before it formed completly radow droped to his knees and coughed up blood.

damn i forgot about him radow got back up then started to slowly walked through the whole in the building where he flew through damn humans dont say i didnt warn you. if you get killed its not my fault he walked of to where the heaven, the little girl and the second form sakari was i'll kill that sakari he bit hard on his lip wonder why he saved those two humans or why was he worried about them. he bit his lip till blood started to drip then he started to run what the hell is wrong with me

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Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/15/08
[other characters: radow and buuspider]

Heaven protected the little girl with her body against the debris spewed from the building that Radow crashed through.
"Ieeeeeeee!!!" The little girl screamed... or was that Heaven herself. Car-sized hunks of cement and rebarb smashed to the ground around them, filling the air with dust and flecks of stone.

Everything happened in such a flash that, Heaven didn't know which way was up, except that even though the world seemed crashing around them, her very core worried for Radow and the little girl clutched trembling in her arms.

Heaven stared at the massive hole that Radow flew through, her heart stopping a beat in her chest. She gasped in half-realization. That kind of punch would have killed any normal man, but she could sense Radow was still alive... she could even feel his pain. She had to get to him, to heal him.

She heard the debris crunching. Slowly, she turned her head to see the Sakai standing there with the dust clearing about it.

Now the only thing standing in between the little girl and her becoming the Sakai's dinner was a big chunk of twisted metal piping. But the Sakai wasn't focused on them, they were relatively hidden; it's beady eyes were on the gia-normous hole that Radow left in the building.

Even Heaven with her little nose could smell the coppery scent of blood wafting towards them on the breeze, coming through the crater in the buildings.

It licked the air then slither-stepped towards its marked prey: Radow.

This was Heaven's chance to get the little girl out of there to safety; it was her chance to run. That would have been wise.

Instead, Heaven narrowed her eyes at the creature. Most of the time, she thought before acting, but this wasn't one of those times.

Reaching into her backpack, she pulled out her favorite pan...

THWACK! "That's for hurting my friend!" She said as she whacked it good.

Heaven wondered who was more startled: the sakai, because a human girl had the audacity to hit it on the back of the head with a stainless steel frying pan or....

Heaven, because the back of the Sakai's head left a dent in the frying pan Hilda gave her for Christmas and it still was standing there looking at her like she just patted it on the back?

It hissed at her, flecking its forked tongue out between its flat scaly lips. It didn't look all too happy. It's claws grew longer and the spines on its back stood up as long as swords.

"Awww, man!" She looked down at the gianormous dent in her pan."That is so not fixable!"

The Sakai roared in her face, enough to blow her hair back with its breath.

Heaven flashed it a sheepish look, stepping back as it stalked towards her. "Okay, so you're a little mad. Couldn't we just..." She took another couple steps back as it curled and uncurled its clawed fists at her. " about this?"

It slashed its claws at her. She ducked and hucked the ruined pan at the sakai, distracting it enough to give her a chance to run.

"Onee-chan!" The little girl called to her, coming out of the hiding place behind the debris.

Heaven snatched up the little girl's hand running for the whole in the building. "Run!"

Running and half-dragging behind Heaven, the little girl looked up at her. "You're crying?"

Heaven wiped her tears with the back of her hand. "I really liked that pan."

A figure appeared, heading through the clearing dust.

"Radow!" She ran to him, relieved that he was alive, relieved that her feelings concerning him were right. But her relief was short-lived when she noticed his condition. He looked bloody and ticked and ready to tear past her towards the Sakai.

A tall man and a young girl stood in the clearing behind him. If it hadn't been for the desperate situation at the time, Heaven would have paused to stare at the man... something glowed within her heart in response to him... as if there was something about him that reminded her of the mother (heavenly) that she never knew. [Buuspider: you did say that she could be an angel-mix, right?]

And if the situation was different even in the slightest, she would ask him about the powerful essence that emanated about him... enough that his name, Luda instantly came into her mind.

But Radow's labored breathing and bleeding stole her attention swiftly.

Radow kept his eyes on the enemy.

The Sakai stalked through the hole.

Heaven looked from the uninjured lizard-man to the bleeding man before her.

She smiled at Radow, knowing that what she was about to do was going to cost her big. "Take him down."

It wasn't the most original thing to say before you grabbed someone in a healing touch and transferred a good portion of your life's energy to them, but Heaven wasn't at-one with her wit at that point.

In one step, she threw herself at Radow. The instant her hand touched his chest, her body erupted in a golden glow as every ounce of power in her transferred to him, healing many of his wounds.

Was it luck or the fact that he was injured or perhaps, that he was startled or maybe even he had gotten used to her that Radow didn't immediately cut her down with his claws, when she came that close to him...? Or perhaps, he somehow knew that she meant to heal him?

She hadn't even consider any of those facts; all she could think about was that she would do anything, even sacrifice herself to heal him.

Not strong enough to heal him completely at that point, she felt her body weaken swiftly... Something about the nature of his essence sucked in her energy like a black hole did light.

Exhaustion hit her, but she couldn't let go... literally. Her hand felt plastered to him as if his chest was sucking her inside. What the heck?

Darkness began to encompass her as her consciousness began to give way.

"Onee-chan! Oneechan!" The little girl cried out, grabbing the back of Heaven's skirts.

With one little tug, the child broke Heaven's contact with Radow. Heaven fell to her knees, breathing heavily. Only a tiny amount of remaining energy kept her from passing out.

Never before had she transferred that much of her own energy to someone in order to heal them. Yet, there was always a first for everything.

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Luda and Maria watched as Radow got back to his feet, coughing blood. Annoyed that he was still alive, Luda turned his back
“come on Maria let get going,” he said walking away. he stopped when she didn’t follow. “What is it?”

Looking at the boy “you’re just going to leave him here to die” asked Maria, a look of worry appeared on her face.

“Yep, I won’t help demons.' he said turning towards her.

glaring at him"what kind of angel are you not helping the wounded."

"the kind that won't help demons, it's their fault, im even here." he retillates.

she walks towards where radow stood,"find your on way to the center."

Luda watched as she left. Annoyed and letting his pride take him, he turns away saying "hope you don't get eaten alive."
he smiles when she freezes for a second letting the words sink in before continuing towards that demon.

Moments later Luda is talking to himself down the same street.
"damn it this suck how in the hell am i suppose to save this world now." he shouts.

"you could go apologize, to her." thinking out loud.
"Why should, it's the demons fault I'm like this anyway."
"You should turn the other cheek....what in the name of heaven am i doing,"
he yells punching the wall.
he looks up into the sky to clear his thoughts and regain his sanity. In distance he could hear someone scream. it sounded like someone was calling him. An image of Maria appeared in his head and he took off running back to her.

"Why can't get her out my head, damn it" running faster " i hope i'm not too late"

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[Other characters in this one: eikochan and buuspider]

Radow ran lost in his own thought not noticing that heaven was on him. he paused thinking to himself then he looked down when he heard the little girl onee-chan radow looked as heaven let go of him an fell to the ground oi what the hells wrong with you. baka!

radow hit heaven on her head dont be grabing onto people without them knowing. atleast let me know when ur gonna... he stoped in his sentence an thought to himself why the hell am i acting like this with them he glared down at heaven and the little girl get the hell away from me now. or both of you will die

Radow grined then walked forward looking at the sakari that was standing behind some rubble left from the building that radow flew through so is that the only thing your good at waiting till your prey lets its guard down pathetic

radow laughed then the sakari bursted through the wall head on towards radow. radow extended his arm and stopped the sakari dead in its tracks then he looked at it with his eyes turning dark red as he smirked let me show you the power of a king a purple aura wraped around radow then he grined showing his sharp teeth your my prey now with the hand he stopped the sakari with he pushed it back with great force making it fly through some of the pillars of the building

radow steeped forward then disappeard then reappeard infront of the sakari before it hit the ground. radow smirked weak he pulled back his arm then punched the sakari into the ground making a small crater in the ground.

radow stood over the sakari then started to repeatedly punching it in the face over and over with blood splashing over his face and all on his knuckles.radow laughed and continued to punch the sakarin deeper into the crater then he looked over to where heaven and the little girl was with a lifeless look in his eyes. he could also so the other two humans in the back ground

radow smiled stupid humans he turned and started to walk away.

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