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(Other characters: Radow and Buuspider)

Heaven's reaction to Radow bopping her on the head was so to say the least: it didn't even register until a few moments later. "Owww!" She pouted irritated, rubbing her head.

If she had a pillow to throw at him, she would have.. then again, if she had the strength to even lift a pillow she would have thrown one at him. "See, if I ever heal you again."

She could have protested further, if she wasn't so weak, but it took everything she had to keep from passing out... that and, Radow was busy kicking the crap out of a lizard-man.

Heaven blinked her eyes over at Luda and the girl, her mind felt was called Maria. Luda was walking away, while Maria looked torn between following and protesting their leaving a little girl, a pale looking Heaven, and Radow alone with a Sakai.

....Except Radow was more than handling himself with the Sakai. It was just the little girl and Heaven that were helpless.

Heaven called out to Maria with a weak wave: "Tell your boyfriend, that the 'demon'..."" She paused in part to allow the quotation of the word 'demon' take its effect, but also in part, because her weakness caused her to take some well-needed breaths. "...maybe rude, moody, and has a nasty craving for lizard, but at least the 'demon' is helping."

It wasn't meant to be a harsh statement, because she wasn't feeling harsh, just tired and wanting them to understand that just because someone is seen as something, doesn't mean that they are entirely bad. She had faith in her friend, Radow.

She braced her hands on the ground, leaning on them to keep herself upright. She squeezed her eyes shut against the dizziness.

The little girl tugged on her sleeve. "Oneechan."

Heaven looked up to see Radow smilingly say, "Stupid humans." as he walked away.

The little girl tugged on Heaven's sleeve, urging her to get up and follow.

The stars above, only know how much Heaven wanted to get up and leave that place, but her legs refused to work... healing Radow had taken too much out of her.

She was lucky that she hadn't passed out. "I can't. Please give me a moment, I used up too much energy healing him." Heck, it took an effort to even say that.

Worse... Heaven realized. ...she had actually told someone that she used energy to heal a person.

But before she could correct her wording, Heaven collapsed, eyes threatening to close. If only she was stronger.

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radow's eyes turned back to there regular red color. he stopped then took his right hand and rubbed his eyes what the hell's gotten into me today his eye sight got blurry and he leand against the wall for a minute and took in a deep breath. he closed his eyes and started to walk forward.

before he could take two steps the little girl grabbed on to radows shirt lightly. radow bit his lip dont you humans get it leave the hell alone.. he turned around to see the little girl with tears flowing down her face. she keep trying to wipe away her tears to say something to radow.

radow looked at her and yalled what is it hurry and spit it out i dont have time to deal with you humans anymore he glared down and looked at the little girl then at heaven and the other two humans in the background. he closed his eyes then shruged the little girl's hand off his shirt and started to walk away

the little girl yalled help her!! she pulled on radow's shirt hard trying to pull him to where heaven laied. radow quickly turned and gave the little girl a evil glare. the little girl just stared at him tring to hold back her tears please help i do anything help please ra. radow-sama

radow sighed then walked over to heaven then looked at the little girl and shook his head then bent down and picked heaven up in his arms. radow looked around to see if that other guy with the girl was still here

he saw the girl who was with the guy but his vision was getting worse. he slowly walked over to the girl and looked at her then handed heaven to her here tell that jerkwad take care of her and i wont kick his ass for calling me a low class demon

he looked back at the little girl then looked back at the girl oh and her too i dont wanna be stuck with radow paused in his sentence.

he felt something else comming.he closed his eyes five no ten weak ones and three ones as strong as the last one hum something else not a sakari so im not worried

he shut his eyes tighter alot of humans running about i see not here i cant believe i waste.. he opened his eyes wide in shock. he turned to the little girl then shook his head i dont have time to worry about you people

he grabbed the little girl by her shirt then tossed her into the girl that was holding heaven. they flew backwards when the little girl flew into them.

radow kicked the support beam to the building and some rubble fell down blocking the way between him the girls i dont have time to protect you any more

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[other characters: Radow and Buuspider ]

Heaven tried to stand when the little girl took off to get Radow. Her strength was returning, but not that fast. It would be a good half hour before she could get up and walk on her own, and a good two hours before she was back to her full capacity...

Healing a demon really did a number on her.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she breathed slowly, allowing the air to fill her with droplets of energy. Fine matter particles surrounded her in a stirring elecrtomagnetic frequency... the universe helped those whom loved and helped others.

Suddenly, Radow swooped her up into his arms, before she could react. Normally, she would have protested, but instead she found her cheeks blushing.

But the blushing was short-lived when she was handed over to Maria and the little girl went flying into the both of them. Owwww!

"I don't have time to protect you anymore!" Radow kicked a support beam, sending the building to crash debris down between them and himself.

Heaven watched with the little girl and Maria as huge pileons slammed into the concrete in front of them, blocking any last glimpse of Radow from their sight.

"Well, so much for helping." Heaven sighed.

Suddenly, a cracking sound started above their heads. The three of them looked up as dust from the remaining ceiling poured down on them and the building cracked swiftly above them.

Heaven's expression went flat. "Awww monkey." The roof beams cracked.

Heaven may have been weakened but adrenaline does a lot for someone in an emergency situation... and an unstable building crumbling to pieces above them, could be considered an emergency.

As if on autopilot, Heaven covered Maria and the little girl with her body, throwing up her telekinetic shield only seconds before the falling debris could crush them.

The weight of the debris pounded against her mental shield, sending white hot bursts through her mind.

Biting her lip, Heaven braced herself on one knee, mind holding up the cement and re-bar with her golden energy bubble. Even under normal circumstances holding up half a building from crashing down on the three of them would have been hard, but Heaven was exhausted, drained from healing a demon....

The golden energy was barely holding on. She didn't know how long she could last.

"Bad day! Bad day! Bad day!" She complained.

She could feel her already spent energy waning... but she would protect them. She closed her eyes, praying to the God above that she would have the strength to continue. "Please..."

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When Maria looked back at Luda he was already gone. "Jerk!" she shouts after him.
feeling better she turns to see the boy to help as best she could.But he was slowly walking over to her and looked at her then handed heaven to her "here tell that jerkwad take care of her and i wont kick his ass for calling me a low class demon,"
She looked at he girl in her arms then back at the boy to see throwing another girl at her. The impact made her fly back a few feet. She recover slowly but quick enought to see one of the girls to holding up a collapsing building. but her strength was failing and for some reason the image of Luda formed into her head. "Today really sucks," she said covering the other girl with body as the building continued to fall.

"Luda, where are you" she screams. the thought of dying brought tears to her eyes.
"Luda please," through her blurred vision she see the girl was weakening.

Meanwhile with Luda

Luda is running as faster as he can back to where he left Maria. For some reason he felt attached to her. He killed several Sakari but they are all level meaning he was further way the center of city then expected. "Come on got to hurry," he said, running past a pack of sakari. Not even bothering to fight, he ran past, leading the chase. "damn it,"

He cut several corners but they just ran through the buildings. When he finally came to where he left Maria, all he saw falling building coming on top of her and some other girls.

"damn it, he murmurs.

Just as the girl's power failed, Maria prepared for the worst. "LUDA!!!" she screamed as the buliding came down her. She opens her eyes to see her and the two girls unknocked or sleeping aganist her on wall in an alley. Staying low she pokes her head out to see Luda bloody and exhasuted in a stand off, with a sakari armed with an pike. She watched as the sakari charged at him, Luda was down on knee murmuring some words. But the wierd thing is that he smiling. "What the hell is he thinking," she murmured. She covered her mouth and retreated back into the alley as Luda was periced in the chest. There was an in human cry and then there was silence. Lookin back out she saw a smiling bloody Luda standing over the Sakari. It's head in his hands and now she could hear him clearly.

"Well that was fun, but that one was a challenge," he laughed letting the blood role offhis hands. Lookin at himself he frowned "this why i hate blood, my clothes are ruined."

Standing back up but still shaken Maria walks slowly towards Luda"Luda?"

"yeah, what is?" he smiled. "Are you okay young one."
"Luda!" she yelled.
Without thinking Maria charges Luda, a confused look appeared on his face, just as she dropped kicked him. The kicked made him stumble back a little. He looked back up to see her crying. Annoyed he just got kicked by a human, he walked over to her.
Cupping her face in his bloody hands"Will stop crying you're safe and the others safe."Sighing when she continued "okay your drawing to much attention." He covered her lips with his, the shock of the kiss ceased all her thoughts.
Maria closed her eyes, as he pulled away. as he did she felt sleepy and collapsed on the ground, sleep.
"okay," he said picking her up he walked over to the girls. Seeing that they were still sleep, he put Maria on his back an instinctively she wrapped her legs around him. As for the other two he carried his arms.

"Alrighty then lets get moving" he grinned. Looking the oldest younger girl,"she must be an angel," smiling. "At least im not the only one"

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With Radow vision getting more blurry he leaned against the wall that blocked him and the others. radow stood with his back on the wall and rubbed his eyes.

he smirked you can come out now i know that didn’t finish you Radow slowly felt the pain from before start to come back and he wondered why he didn’t feel it earlier but he looked forward not worried about it. Radow spit some blood up then looked around damn he said silently to himself

looks like you have your friends here too he took in a deep breath and tried to act as if nothing was wrong with him too bad theirs only four of you that can put up a fight with me anyway he smirked. he heard hiss's from the sakaris that were hiding in the shadows.

Radow know that there was no way he could take on all of them the way he was but he still smirked and made comments i know that your plan is to have the weaker of you fight me to get me tired but that wont work you spineless freaks he snickered why don’t you send the strongest first i know there’s a bad ass guy with you knowing full well the sakari was way stronger then he was even if he was ok

radow's vision went in and out. he whispered damn need to leave now gave them enough time to get away he looked around but he noticed his body breaking back down. he fell to the ground coughing up blood from his wound that he took when he went flying through the buildings.

Radow’s vision went out then came back. In front of him stood a group of sakari and the one that he fought earlier. radow couldn’t completely see them but he still looked with a glare and smirked then tried to stand up I’ll eat all of you. The sakari glared down at radow and hit his head.

radows face went slamming into the ground making a huge hole and he blacked out. Visions of him and his parents being exiled from the demon world went through his head. He remembered how he was a taboo child of a human and a demon. a lot flashed through his mind at once then he heard a voice in the bitch black weak cant believe your apart of me here have some I’ll give you a little more taste of it he heard the voice smirk the power of a king

Water hit radow's forehead. He woke up chained in a dark room his wounds healed half way. he looked around and seen nothing but a door in front of him with a weak sakari standing by radow sighed to himself i guess I’ll stay here for now till I completely heal

(pay no attention to the sowrd>.>)

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[Other characters: Buuspider and Radow]

Not one of Heaven's favorite days, but it was definitely not her worst.

There are a lot of things that one could imagine waking up to, but waking up, hanging out of the pit of a man that she barely knew was not one of them. granted, it took her a couple of minutes before she realized that she was dangling from arm...

One: her vision was blurry and her head felt like she put it down on the road for the street sweeper to run over...

And two: strangely enough for a man's armpit, Luda's pit didn't even remotely resemble the odoriferous nature of a man stank. If anything, he smelt like a mixture of blood and the air just before the rain starts.

"Ohhh...." Heaven muttered, touching her head. Her strength was beginning to return, but it would be a while before she held up a building with her mind again.

She could feel Luda's eyes shift down towards her... The man had one powerful gaze.

If it wasn't for the aching in her midsection where his massive arm wrapped about her waist holding her up like a bag of potatoes, she wouldn't have fussed about being let down.

She'd be lucky if she could walk straight... Using up all one's energy and being carried with your head hanging downward did that to one.

"Thank you..." She touched his arm lightly. "...but I can walk now."

Okay so it was a half lie: she could stand but walking was a little questionable at that point. Yet, she didn't want to burdeon Luda anymore...

From the looks of Maria's foot poking out near her face and the other little girl's head hanging down from Luda's other arm... Heaven could safely assume that he was well burdened at that point.

When he set her feet down, she wobbled, blinking her eyes against the dizziness. But it didn't take long for the vertigo to settle.

There was no way she could hide her relief when she noticed that both Maria and the little girl were safe, sleeping soundly in Luda's care. She had been worried about them, even in her sleep.

"Thank you." She smiled at him a gentle smile that she usually reserved for her family... one that she happened to smile when she wanted to sooth someone or fill them with peace.

"My name is Heaven." She said, almost like instinct, the next words tumbled out of her mouth... "What happened to-?" but the moment the question left her lips, a flash of vertigo spun the world around her.

The scene before her changed in a swirl of dark colors... to find her mental self standing in a strange dark room... the only light came from a small crack in the ceiling or glowed off Heaven's being.

In front of her, chained to a wall Radow dripping wet with his eyes closed as if resting... and even though he was chained and wounded.... Radow more or less, looked ready to react if that skinny-looking lizard-man next to him made a false move.

"Radow?" Heaven gasped, horrified at the scene before her.

Radow opened his eyes to stare right at her. He saw her, even though the sakai didn't even notice her. It was if she was invisible to everyone but Radow standing there glowing a gentle light.

Then she was pulled fro the scene in a whirlwind of scenery to have her standing before Luda, exactly where she had been before the vision began.

She looked up at Luda with pleading eyes and pouting lips. If anyone had the power to do anything, it was Luda . "They have my friend."

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[other characters : eikochan]

Radow closed his eyes then looked up at the wall above him. he sighed then stared straight ahead of him in shock oi what the hell are you doin here he seen heaven standing straight ahead of him as if she was there. radow looked around to see if any of the guards noticed she was there but no one noticed her.

radow looked confused then he noticed he could see right through her what the hell why are you transparent. oi damn girl answer me. radow looked closely as she disappeared into thin air. he yelled oi you damn girl where the hell did you go the sakari guard looked in the room then he hissed shut the hell up before i come in there and beat you. he smirked you low life De...mon. the words slowly echoed in radows head then his right eye twitched and he gave off a demonic smirk come in here and try it he gave of a evil glare at the sakari I’ll bite you to death

the sakari jumped then gave a smilingly scared glare back at radow. the sakari was about to open the door and come and beat radow but another sakari grabbed his shoulder and stopped him you can the general wants him alive for some reason he gave radow a strange look then pressed a button. when the sakari pressed it jolts of electricity ran through the chains that held radow and electrocuted radow.

radow screamed in pain AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! he started to sweat a lot and coughed barely staying conscious I’ll kill you when I get out of here he glared at both of the sakari's as he continued to breath heavily. the sakari's both smirked then one of them pressed the button again.

radow yelled in pain. before he fell unconscious he could hear both of the sakari's laugh and say good luck trying you'll get shocked every 30 mins from now on.

radow passed out with sweat dropping from his body.......... damn

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"This is some bull," sighed Luda, carrying three girls is no easy task, no matter how light they are. He it kinda mad him made that they got to sleep and yet as worn as he is he couldnt. He refused to be a sitting target or an easy meal. So pushing past his exhaustion, he kept walking. The girls in arms kinda clinged to him like a little sister, it kinda made him smile, thinking about having little sisters. As for Maria she was different, for some reason he felt uneasy, but she seemed to be an average human girl.

"damn im getting no where," he shouted into the air. He started speak some random language, probably foul words in the air. Knowing that he was drawing attention to himself, endangering the girls but he could care less at this point. After a few minutes of shouting Luda felt extremely good. Looking down back to road in front him, his eyes caught the another pair eyes lookin at him. He looked down her and it kinda seemed he scared her a bit. He didn't speak, simply because the cat had his tongue.

"Thank you..." She touched his arm lightly. "...but I can walk now."

Okay so it was a half lie he could tell: she could stand but walking was a little questionable at that point. Yet, he let her go watching her movements like a vulture.

When he set her feet down, she wobbled, blinking her eyes against the dizziness. But it didn't take long for the vertigo to settle.

"Thank you." She smiled at him a gentle smile that you usually reserved for her family. To be nice he smiled back at her.

"My name is Heaven." She said, almost like instinct, the next words tumbled out of her mouth... "What happened to-?" her words cut off when she suddenly went into trance, at least thats what he thought.

"hello?" waving his free hand in her face. Confused he circled around her, then walked back in front of her. The thought of her being an angel was questionable. Was she a fallen angel or a halfing it? The answer eluded him on so many angles.

"Radow?" Heaven gasped, horrified about something he had no idea about. But why did she mention that low life demon's name.

She looked up at Luda with pleading eyes and pouting lips. "They have my friend."

"You're friends with that demon,"he said coldly. "As much as i hate demons, I'll help you find your Radow, but don't expect me to get along with him."

He looked the other girls and they were still sleep, "This is going to be difficult." Looking back at Heaven " do you know where he is, and if you do then lead the way."

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[Other characters: Buuspider and Radow ]

Heaven knew deep in her heart that she could count on Luda; there was something about him that felt familiar... well, not that he felt familiar--she didn't know him from Adam--but it was his nature that felt familiar... like home.

"You're friends with that demon," Luda said coldly. "As much as i hate demons, I'll help you find your Radow, but don't expect me to get along with him."

Despite Luda's cold scowl, Heaven couldn't contain her happiness.

She clapped her hands like a little girl and jumped up to hug Luda around his neck. It was more of an instinct that she hugged someone... she normally only hugged family... but Luda felt like family.

The other problem was that when Heaven is gratefully happy... she sparkles.

Yes, full blown glowage... worse yet, her feelings of happiness and gratitude would hit the person she hugged like a wave... And something about Luda's nature made the glow resonate... like he was similar somehow, but greater than she could ever possibly imagine.

She pulled away from Luda , embarrassed... not that she hugged him...(there was nothing wrong with hugging), but she was embarrassed that she glowed like a freakin lighthouse in front of him. So much for being incognito...

Luda blinked at her a second, then went on as if he expected something like a girl glowing like a nite light was normal.

Luda looked the other girls and they were still sleep, "This is going to be difficult." Looking back at Heaven " do you know where he is, and if you do then lead the way."

Heaven laughed a nervous laugh then twiddled her fingers, pouting. "Ummm... I didn't ask him where he was..."

Placing her twiddling fingers behind her back, Heaven drew a circle in the floor with the toe of her shoe. "I could always try to reach out to his mind again.. but I'm not very good at it."

Suddenly the thought hit her. She grinned at him. "But you have powers! Maybe, you could-"

Okay, the scowl on Luda's face at her suggestion of him touching minds with Radow made her quickly stop her next words and drop her grin to a doe eyed expression.

"Awwww... alright. I'll do it myself." Heaven twirled a finger around a long silvery blonde lock of her hair.

Heaven closed her eyes to try to contact Radow's mind like she must have before... but then she opened an eye to look at Luda who was still carrying Maria and the little girl.

"Maybe we should find a hiding place for you to set them down in first... Not that you're not string, but I could imagine that carrying the three of us must have been exhausting." Heaven said as she looked around.

She knew the area well: it was where she grew up... The street where they were on was a mile from her old home.

It was 50th Street. Next to them was a sporting goods store and candy shop that were owned by her guardian Hilda's brother Fred... But the entire area was deserted.

She headed for the sporting goods shop, then looked back at him over her shoulder to see if he was following. "Family owns these places. I'm sure they won't mind if we hide in here for a little while. Do you like jerky and trail mix? I can find some other food to cook later, but I doubt there is more than that in Fred's store."

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[Other characters: Buuspider and Radow ]

Inside the store, Heaven found some sleeping bags for Luda to lay the other girls down on. And managed to scavenge several bags of trail mix, beef jerky, and MREs from the store shelves.

It wasn't real food... or at least what Heaven would call real food, but she cooked it, adding spices from the food storage isles. She did this more to clear her mind, so that she could try again to find Radow . She didn't even really know how she contacted him the first time.

She tasted the food... Actually, it was quite good. Between uncle Fred and Hilda, they had taught her basically how to cook anything and make it taste good. That was one skill that she was greatly happy to have, because it made those around her happy.

She fixed Luda a plate... okay, it was food on one of those absurdly tiny camping tin plates... but still, it was a plate. "I'm going to try to contact Radow." She said, not feeling hungry herself.

Heaven couldn't eat when she knew that Radow was in danger.

She went over to the isle between the apparel section and the sporting goods to sit on her knees. She didn't even know if she could really do this.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated.... And concentrated.... And concentrated.... And concentrated... and nothing.

Tears began to collect on her dark eyelashes. Her lips began to tremble... and her legs began to go numb.

She put her face in her hands. "Oh please let him be safe." She whispered to her palms.

Suddenly, the room span in a flurry of colors, until it completely changed and she sat kneeling before Radow .

Still chained to the wall, he looked beaten and bloody, but his strong spirit still permeated around him. His head hung and he breathed heavily, being drenched in sweat.

"Radow." Heaven whispered, half a gasp at his condition and half a whisper because she still didn't know if the Sakai could hear her. She looked around.

None of the monsters moved in response to her, they just stood by with their weapons, as if unknowing.

Heaven turned her attention back to her friend. She covered her mouth to keep herself from gasping more. Her eyes glistened with her worry. He looked... tortured. "Radow..."

Radow looked up at her.

Heaven put a finger to her lips to warn him not to say anything verbally. All he had to do was think and she could hear him.

She went to grab the chains, but her hand just went through them. Frustrated, she tried to use her mind to break them, but her mental effort barely even stirred the links.

She wanted to save him, but all she could do was impotently appear before him, transparent and glowing.

Tears glistened on her cheeks dropping to disappear in the air like tiny sparkles.

Heaven gingerly touched Radow's shoulder out of instinct to heal him, half expecting her hand to go through him, but instead it came in contact with his shoulder.

She couldn't touch anything else in the room, except for him. Her hand didn't go through him... she could feel the fabric of his jerkin under her fingertips, while the metal floor under her other hand appeared to not exist.

Some of her energy transferred from her to him... a soothing pulse, that took the edge off his pain and filled him with the smells of flowers and peaceful fields.

It was the comforting touch of a half-angel... which Heaven herself, didn't know that she had.

"Radow, we can't find you. Do you know where is this place?" Heaven asked with her mind.

Her thoughts echoed in his head along with other questions about any distinguishing feature of the place that they might be able to find him. She couldn't even hide her worry from him.

(Hey, just wondering... do the Sakai have a very powerful leader that can see and hear things the others don't.. Or isn't a Sakai, but some worse evil being thing? Just wondering.)
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[other character(s): eikochan]

Radow woke up yelling in a terrifying pain as he was electrocuted AHHHHHHHH!![green] thirty minutes have passed demon boy the sakari laughed as he said it. radow gave the sakari a cold glare then smirked go to hell u weak spineless son of a bi.... before he could finish his last word volts of electricity ran through his body and he yelled out in pain AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Radow dropped his head down a little. blood started to drip down his forehead the sakari turned his back towards radow. radow stared at the ground thinking to himself damn cant let my wounds heal because they keep shocking me he sighed to himself then closed his eyes.

radow heard a faint voice Radow radow looked up to see heaven in front of him again. before he could shout out something she put her lips so he just keep quit. he looked confused as she looked around then sh tried to touch the chains that heal radow but her hands went through it. radow looked as tears fell down her cheeks and disappered.

rado slowly closed his eyes and the image of his mother came to his mind. he opened his eyes when he felt somthing touch his shoulder. something strange started to happen it felt as if rado was being heald.

radow heard heavens voice even though her lips wasn't moving "Radow, we can't find you. Do you know where is this place?" radow look confused for a minute then he thought what the hell she's not human he shook her arm off his shoulder

what the hell is she, why the hell is she here, why is she asking where i am and why was she just crying was it for me all of this was running through his head then he glared down at heaven and whispered what do you want from me.its not like you care get lost. what ever you are your just like ever other race

(hum it can be ur a mod now if thats what u wanna add to the story then u can)
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Posted 11/28/08 , edited 11/29/08
[Other character: Radow and Buuspider ] (So as a mod, I can add a big bad Sakai boss with extraordinary powers? Sweet! Oh I can come up with one powerful, mean, evil, overlord being... and wouldn't it be funner if he wasn't exactly a lizard man himself... You want in on his creation? )

Heaven couldn't help but flinch at Radow's words; They took her back, not that he was rude and angry... anyone would be rude and angry when they were being tortured.... it was the fact that he questioned her humanity.

"I am human." She attempted to defend herself, but her own mental words seemed questioning the very fact themselves. That and she was talking with her mind: telepathic communication was really what one would call normally human.

"I am human." She whispered again, it wasn't as though the Sakai could hear her anyway. Still, she felt less than sure of her own words. She really didn't even know what made her the way she was in the first place. She knew nothing about herself from before she was "9".

In fact, lately, she felt more like what Luda was than she did "human: ever since the attack, but even then she still wasn't like him... What really was she?

She shook her head of it. "This isn't about me." She leaned forward to look him in the eye with a pout. "This is about saving you. Radow, if you want to live, tell me anything you can about where you are. Anything at all." She couldn't stop her eyes from glistening shiny tears. "Please."
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[other character(s): eikochan]

radow looked at heaven then turned his face to her che I don’t know where I am and if I did I wouldn’t trust you. he looked back at her besides what would you do it's not like you can help so radow closed his eyes stop worrying about someone you don’t know or care about

he opened his eyes and looked at heaven. he meat heaven's eye's and gave her a look asking her why is she crying. thoughts rushed through his mind he was trying to figure out what she was and why did she care so much. a flash of his mothers face came to his mind then he slowly lowered his eye lids then whispered why.. all you will do is betray me in the end anyway like everyone else your no different

images of his mother keep flowing in his mind then he yelled NONE OF YOU GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ME SO STOP ACTTING LIKE YOU DO. YOUR THE SAME he looked heaven deep in the eyes then volts of electricity went through his body and he started to pass out. radow looked up and thought i can see the sky and a pointed building from in here rain started to pore down and he passed out again

(eikochan its up to u to find me i gave u some hints where i am i can see a pointed building and i can see the sky)

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[Other characters: Radow and Buuspider ]

Heaven blinked her glistening eyes at him.. Betrayal? Radow was thinking of betrayal? By her?

Uhhh...., Heaven gasped internally. That was a word that she hadn't even considered... it never even occurred to her: It just wasn't in her nature.

Suddenly, electricity shot down the length of the chains, smacking into Radow .

Heaven gasped, covering her mouth at the horror of it. The tears fell uncontrollably to disappear into sprays of sparkles. She turned her head away, squeezing her eyes shut. There was nothing she could do about the torture.. nothing but find him and help him escape.

The electricity stopped as suddenly as it started. Drenched in sweat, Radow breathed heavily, managing to say I see the sky and a pointed building." , before passing out.

Heaven collected herself, wiping away her tears, there was no time for her to cry. It was time to find him. She wrapped her arms about his unconscious form, in a healing embrace. She would soothe him before she left... give Radow an enough strength to sustain him.

A pointed building and the sky? She thought to herself. She looked up, lips forming a determined pout. This time, she would take a look at the outside.

She stood, mind set on saving her friend. Determination coursed through her in rings of hope. This was why they met... she was meant to help him, to show him that there was still compassion and hope in the world.

Wings appeared on her back spanning out in golden sparkles. She flew upward to head through the layers of the building towards the blue sky and the pointed building Radow had spoken of.

Mid-flight Heaven felt an obscure darkness that froze the edges of her soul and sent chills through the very fiber of her being.

She stopped in her progression to glance around herself, eyes wide and heart racing. There were times in a child's life when something so frightening and so terrible stirs in the darkness that demands the person to turn on the lights just to see what the creature was that lurked inside their closet.

But unfortunately, there wasn't a light switch and this wasn't her closet, this was a Sakai stronghold.

"What a pretty little pidgeon." The darkness around her echoed with a sardonic laugh that chilled her very essence.

Ice crept across the walls towards her out from the darkness... as if the darkness itself moved.

A hand of dark mist swiftly reached out to snag her from the air. Heaven yelped startled, jumping back into the ice covered wall behind her.

She tried to fly past the darkness, but black mist crept up blocking her way on all sides. "Little bird, little bird..." The dark mist rolled in around her enclosing in on her. A piece of the dark mist lifted a lock of her long hair. "...didn't you know that curiosity killed the canary?"

"Cat." Heaven pulled her hair out of the mist's grasp.

The darkness seemed taken back, the center of the mist retracting inward as if in shocked. "What?"

"Cat." Heaven explained. "Curiosity killed the cat."

The darkness laughed, a deep and twisted sound. "How amusing... a bird with courage." Sharp spikes formed out of the mist pointed at her. "Courage is often short-lived."

Heaven made a face at the spikes. "Mist-cicles?." She put her hand through the mist. "Come on, you're just darkness and I'm not afraid of the dark." She attempted to sound braver than she actually felt. "I have a night light."

She went to pull her hand out of the darkness, but something grasped onto her wrist with icy fingers. "C-c-c-cold." She shivered as ice traveled up her transparent arm.

The darkness laughed; the spikes disintegrated into tufts of black smoke. "Have you ever seen a bird's wings freeze in the winter?"

Ice started to cover her white wings.

Heaven pulled at her arm, trying to free herself, eyes widening. A tendril of mist swirled around her arm, pulling her towards the bulk of the darkness.

"Did you honestly think that I would let you get away with him so easily?" The voice in the dark said in a coldly pleased manner.

"Get away with who?" Heaven pulled at her arm, trying hard not to give in to the increasing fear. "I was just doing a little sight seeing." So the darkness was behind Radow's capture and possibly the Sakai. "I like checking out lizard-lairs in my spare time." She stalled... she had to think.

The voice laughed. "His anger is mine."

A tendril of darkness curled around her tiny waist, pulling her more towards the center of the darkness."He is demon, a creature of darkness and wrath."

The tendril felt as though it changed to the shape of a hand as the voice continued in a lulling tone. "What could possibly hope to accomplish, little dove?" The cold increased as frost formed on her hair and eyelashes. "Did you think you could change his nature? He belongs here in the belly of chaos."

She shivered as her breaths formed frozen vapor clouds in the air before her. "Let-t-t-t him g-g-go."

A face shaped amount of dark mist moved close to her face, yellow glowing eyes forming in the center of it. It smelt of all things unnatural. "Mmmm and what could you possibly offer me in exchange for his rage?" A tendril moved through her frosting hair.

She turned her face away as a tendril brushed its iciness against her cheek. "A breath mint-t-t?"

The tendril in her hair jerked her head back. The yellow eyes flashed. "Insignificant half-angel! I could crush you."

"Human..." Heaven managed. "I'm human."

The darkness snickered as if amused. "How could something so small be so... fascinating?"

A form began to solidify close to her as more tendrils pulled her closer. She pushed her hands against the darkness to feel what seemed like fabric slackened across a man's chest materializing.

"Let go!" She struggled to free herself from the darkness's grip.

"Do you know the thrill of destruction?" A tendril wrapped around her leg as the face moved closer to hers, humanoid mouth starting to materialize in a pair of perfectly-shaped blueish lips. "I will show you the depths of chaos."

The mouth moved towards her. Heaven cried out. "EEEEEKK!" Her first kiss was going to be by a smelly dark mist!

The mouth stopped. "Perhaps, we can continue this conversation later... I sense an intruding presence surrounding you. " The grip on her hair loosened.

"My little messenger pigeon, go tell the mighty fallen angel that I will be waiting." The tendrils of darkness released her, moving like slithering serpents off her skin.

Heaven could feel a warm hand grab her, snapping her back into her body in a flash. Luda gripped her arms, eyes fierce with concern. He pulled her straight out of the grasp of darkness and back into reality. She was no longer in Radow's cell, but she was safely back in the sporting goods store.

Relief overflowing, Heaven let the tears flow, throwing herself into Luda's chest. Her wings disappeared in a puff of sparkles, dropping shards of ice as she cried, her delicate fingers clutching the fabric of his tunic.

She curled into Luda's broad chest, trembling.

The frost on her hair and skin began to melt, leaving only the lingering touch of the creature of darkness and memories of Radow's torture behind.

She knew where to find her friend, but now, the darkness knew they were coming for him.

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Radow slowly started to regain consciousness. He looked to see if heaven was still around, but she was nowhere to be found. radow sighed as blood continued to drip down his forehead stupid human radow slowly looked over as he heard the sakari guard chuckle you must be pretty beat if you’re talking to yourself the sakari grinned huh demon boy it paused then wait I was wrong half demon it laughed. radow glared over at the sakari with a lifeless evil look in his eyes as he grind his teeth together.

the sakari laughed and looked at what do you have something to say mutt. you half breed piece of trash the sakari looked into radows cold lifeless glare hum what’s wrong did you break. where’s that spirit from before huh it started to laugh as radow bit his lip till it started to bleed bad. radow noticed something then he smirked

no I’m not broken I just don’t wanna waste my voice on a weak spineless piece of damn trash like you radow gave off a little chuckle. the sakari insanity became in raged the sakari extended his finger and got ready to press the button to electrocute radow but before he pressed the button radow snickered whats wrong your friend isn’t here to stop you from coming in this time he smirked I thought you were gonna beat me huh. you damn pathetic piece of sh...

volts of electricity went through radows body and he held his head up screaming in pain AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! the sakari opened the door as radow was being electrified. the sakari walked closer to radow you need to be thought a lesson you half breed brat radow dropped his head lifeless then the sakari turned off the electricity and smirked guess I get to laugh last huh mutt....

before the sakari finished its sentence radow pulled his right arm down breaking the chain that held him. he grabbed the sakari's head with great force and smirked even if i am a half breed i still have a demons body radow started to crush the sakari's skull as he grinned you should have change the amount of electricity you shocked me with because a demons body adapt to all kinds of things radow crushed the sakari's head completely in his hand

radow broke the other chain that held him and landed on the ground. his body still weak from being through all the pain. radow stood all the way up and cracked his back. radows eyes begain to turn dark red as he walked. his purple aura surrounded the floor as he walked. his eyes slowly became lifeless as there was no soul in his body. radow slowly started to drift away from his sanity and his demon blood started to rush and his lust for blood grow stronger as he continued to walk through the door where the sakari guards were.

the low level gaurds opened the door and tried to rush radow all at once but a purple mist engulfed them and devoured them as radow slowly passed by. the demons blood continued to rush as if something was calling out to it. radow's whole appearance slowly started to change more demonic. killing all the low class demon that came in his way as he headed towards some stairs leading deeper down into darkness. radows strong killing attention continued to grow and could be felt by those strong enough to feel it.

(depending on how eikochan and buuspider react to this in the rp will affect on how i will make my person act and sorry buuspider im about to take over the whole storyline now and whoever is reading this please come in it'll help me not have to make other people and if u already wrote a story could u somehow make ur character come meet up where i am so we can get the introduction to the story over)

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