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I thought to make a topic in which you'll post a fan fic made by you, involving Kat-Tun of course.. If your stories involve KT and other J-boys, then it's okey.. If you have already a fan fic writen, then you can post some paragraphs from it, or you can write one here... Let's see the rate of your imagination.. =)) let it free.. if you have a fan fic with explicit terms, put it please in a spoiler, and warn the others that it's a smut one, or with violence, etc If you have your on fan fic, and you put paragraphs from it, then put the link to it just like me, so that the rest can read it..
And we have a limit too.. up to 7 paragraphs, if is from your fan fic, and up to 10 paragraphs for the one that don't have yet a fan fic.. hope I made myself clear.. if u don't understand something post it here. arigatou

I'll be the first one

" After the classes finished they packed their things and left the class, aiming for the “magical tree”. In a few minutes they were there, admiring the big tree, which was there for centuries.
“ Oaaa.. so big, and so old..” Kame said walking towards the tree, touching it with his soft hands. After him, Jin came too, touching the same spot at Kame.
“ This is the place where I can relax, and in which I feel me..” Jin said sitting on the ground, resting his back on the tree ross. Then Kame followed him as well.
“Let’s make a bond.. “ Kame said lifting his pinky in front of Jin and looking calm at him.. Jin lift his little finger too, uniting them, while Kame began to say something.. “ In front of you, old master tree, we bond our lives and our friendship, which will last forever and ever.. “
“That’s all.. with this we are friends forever.. and don’t you dare to leave me alone in this world.. “ Kame said with a serious tone looking at Jin’s big eyes
“Um.. I” Jin said trying to formulate the phrase..But he couldn’t say it. His heart was aching thinking that he only has a small amount of time to live, and that he can’t promise that.. But seeing Kame’s surprised eyes, he opened his mouth, and he said “ Hai.. we’ll be friends forever.. I promise you..” knowing that he would break his promise..
“ Now let’s read.. shall we? “ Kame said smiling happily, opening the book and starting to read.. While the little one was reading, Jin could feel something was wrong.. His head began to give him aches, and his heart was beating very fast.. His breath became faster, but resting his head on the tree, he calmed himself down, grasping his stomach. He hoped that Kame didn’t saw him because he would feel bad.
“ Oi.. Jin.. are you listening to what I’m reading?” Kame asked looking at Jin who nodded in agreement.
“Ne..I can be myself in your presence..I feel that you’re special for some reason.. but I don’t know why.. And I feel that you are hiding a big secret.. It’s that so?” Kame asked resting his head in Jin’s lap, looking at the great tree’s corolla. "

"“Dear Kame-chan,

I like your name you know? I like turtles a lot.. I had one and I loved “him” so much… But I lost “him”. You were my beloved turtle.. I’m sorry for lying you, and I’m sorry for making you mad, and cry.. Honto ni gomenasai..
You were the first person in who I trusted and I… Um.. I can’t write it..
*a tear* Thank you for all you did for me.. for sharing your sincerity and your love; Thank you for reading the book for me.. but I didn’t found out the ending.. How was it? A happy ending? You know I don’t like sad endings, so even if it’s a sad one, please tell me it was a happy one..
It’s time for me to say goodbye… Don’t be sad ne.. I’ll be in your heart forever, just like I promise.. If I’m not human I’m spiritual.. So I’ll be there beside you forever and ever.. and the words I wanted to tell you…


Akanishi Jin “

“Baka… baka, baka..You should have told me that.. baka.. I love you too.. “ Kame said through the tears looking up at the sky..
“BAKANISHI… BE BY MY SIDE FOREVER, OR I’LL BECOME LONELY.. LOVE ME FOREVER..” Kame yelled giving to the sky a big, big smile, while the tears were falling over his cheeks…
He put the letter in his pocket and walked toward Jin… He took his hand and united their pinkies again… Kame put his head on Jin’s shoulder and whispered
“ I love you too baka...” and he closed his eyes falling asleep"

This one it's from my "Late Love" from Live Journal.. You can find the rest here:

The next one it's from my chaptered story " You're only mine forever"
" Kame came down stairs, walking towards the kitchen, were his mother was preparing his breakfast and packed him a bento. Kame was still sad, but his mother came and gave him a kiss on the forehead and left the room. After some time, Kame took his bento and left the house, were he saw Jin, standing on the grass waiting for him.
“ What are you doing here and how do you know where I live? “ said Kame stepping back, till he was caught by his waist by Jin, who smiled at him, with a baka look on his face, and said to Kame “ I have my own men.. you know.. I’m from a rich family and I can find out anything I want” and then he wanted to give Kame a kiss, but he was pushed by Kame.. “ I don’t know who are you, but I want you to leave me alone.. I don’t want to have any trouble with anyone.. “ Kame said, passing by Jin who then stopped him.

“ I know who you are. You are Kamenashi Kazuya and I’m Akanishi Jin..yoroshiko ne.. and don’t try to escape from me, because I’ll find you anywhere you go.. “ Jin said while approaching him and grabbing him by the waist, trying again to kiss Kame who wanted to escape from his arms, but he couldn’t so he gave up, accepting Jin’s kiss, who was a good kisser and nobody could resist him, so Kame responded to his kiss…
“ That’s a start dear Kame-chan.. Don’t worry, while you’re with me no one will hurt you and no one will touch you, besides me.. Now you’re mine.. “ he said, while smiling, and Kame gave him a shy but scared look..
“ Now.. come on.. we’ll be late for school. Get in the car.. we’ll be there in a minute. “ and then he entered the car besides Kame who was still keeping a distance between them." (chap 1)

"Jin and Kame left together for the first time in their long quarrel. But behind them Kira and Ela were whispering something.
“What the heck are they whispering there?” Jin said looking at Kame
“I don’t really know, but we have to be careful. They’re planning something. “ Kame said without looking at Jin, but smiling a little
“Yeah.. we have to stick together, so we can defeat them..” Jin said smiling a little
“Are you baka, Bakanishi? “ Kame answered this time looking at Jin
“Why are you asking me this? You know I’m not.. and stop calling me Bakanishi, Kame-jijii” (old turle, something like this) Jin said smiling at Kame
“Kame what? You pick for a fight Bakanishi?” Kame said annoyed
“Oh.. no no.. I don’t Kame-jijii” Jin said laughing
“Uh.. why bother? You’ll remain baka forever” Kame said smiling and starting to run, after him Jin too, leaving the two girls there alone.
In the evening Jin arrives at Kame’s home, with the purpose to take Kame out on a date (:D)
“Oooiii.. Kame-jijii.. are you there? I see the lights on; come out for a bit..” Jin yelled in front of Kame’s window
“Whattt do you want Bakanishi? I’m busy..” Kame said pissed looking down at Jin
“Oh.. don’t be a lazy turle and come down.. I invite you on a date; and I don’t accept a “no” as an answer..” Jin said smiling like a baka
“Uh.. You’re driving me crazy, in the bad meaning..I don’t need no one now.. So leave me alone..”
“Oi.. don’t make me come up there..” Jin said a little annoyed, looking at Kame
“Haaa? No, stay there.. I’ll come.. gezz, you’re soooo..ahh, nevermind” Kame said closing the window. In a few minutes he was down, in front of Jin.
“Where are we going? Aren’t we supposed to meet the two idiots? I mean the girls, baka” Kame said seeing Jin’s amazed face " (chap 6)

You'll find all the chaps here: Warning this story it's not for children

" “ Ah.. don’t worry ne.. I’m gonna follow you everywhere.. I have so much time, and now I found something intresting to fill my time with” Jin answered smiling widely
Kame didn’t answer and kept going, to where? he didn’t know either. He was walking forward, without paying attention to the road, he tripped because of a pit, falling in the middle of the street making people to look at him and smiling.
“ Ohh.. you tripped! So sad.. you should pay attention to the road ne.. or you’ll meet Mr Asphalt.. Well I think you did already.. How is he? “ Jin said laughting so hard making him cry
‘Haaaaa?? Mr Asphalt? You have to be kidding? I’m gonna kill you someday for those jokes’ Kame thought while he was rising for the ground..
“Haha.. what a good joke.. even a dog could make better jokes then you.. you piss me off.. “ Kame said annoyed till his head
“Ok.. enough joking.. Let’s make a deal, shall we? “ Jin said getting off the car, walking toward Kame and stop in front of him. " (Love Contract chap 1)

" “ um.. “ Kame said looking a little scared at Jin
“I won’t do anything to you.. so come here” Jin said pulling Kame’s hand without hurting him.
“ I want to wash you hair.. don’t be that scared” Jin said making Kame come closer to him..
“ Um.. I don’t need a bath.. “ Kame said a little annoyed, trying to get up, but he slipped, falling over Jin, making waves in the water..
“This happends if you are unobedient.. You’ll meet Miss Water.. well Miss Water it’s a little soft then Mr Asphalt, but.. uh.. nevermind” Jin said pulling Kame down..
“Miss Water? Are you nuts? Or did you hit your head during the sex?” Kame said looking at Jin stunned
“ I’m not idiot.. and don’t say that ever.. “ Jin said splashing Kame with water..
“ Eh? What are you doing? Baka!” Kame said splashing as well Jin
They start to battle in the water, but Kame slipped, well to be honest he didn’t slipped; he was pulled by his foot by Jin… He ended with his head in the water, trying to rise.. But he was still held by his foot and a frightening feeling overrun him, but Jin released his foot and he was able to get out from water..
“Are you BAKA? BAKANISHI?” Kame said panting hard and with a scared face
“I’m not.. It was a joke” Jin said looking in Kame’s angry eyes " (Love Contract chap1)
Warning this story isn't for children either ;P

That's all I have to share.. enjoy reading.. I'm waiting for you too
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Posted 9/2/08 , edited 9/2/08
hy!! i'm from romania too....i was surprised when i saw that u live in me .....well on my page is a fanfic with junnosuke taguchi....i loved your akame fanfic....i don't know from where do u have the my siste is on crunchyroll too. and she is on livejournal too please read my fanfic and hers on live journal....yoroshiku!!
and please pm me when u are going to release another chapter of your fanfics please
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