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25 / M / Charlotte
Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/12/08
Name: Rumael
Clan: Darkness Clan
Position: Elemental
Elements: Control over storms and their properties, bend pure negative energy to his usage.

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27 / F / In the shitty wea...
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Name: Exotic
Clan: Darkness Clan
Position: Elemental
Elements: Telekinesis

Hidden form, next to my master

My normal form

my attacking form
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In the Depths Of...
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 11/9/08
Name: Blizzard
Place: Elemental Leader
Clan: Ice Clan
Power: Manipulation and control of ice and the control over the unique Crystal Ice.. (unmeltable Ice)
Animal: Fox / Wolf hybrid

Crystal Ice = Crystal (which is another word for diamonds.. which is toughest substance in world) so..
Crystal Ice = Ice with the strength of a diamond (in fact its tougher but oh well) XD

Normal Form

Flight Form
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24 / F / In the shadows
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Place:healing leader
Power:heal almost anything with meh light water
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26 / F / The realm of nigh...
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
name- Shadow
place- lead hunter
clan- darkness
animal- wolf
power- she can make herself blend in with the shadows and the darkness, which is what's made her such a good hunter.
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26 / F / Canada all you ha...
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 10/11/09
Name: Silverbolt
Clan: Wind
Place Second in Command -> Commander? >_>
Animal: Wolf with wings and eagle talons for front legs
Powers: Wings are indestructible so are feathers also can shoot feather from her wings, Healing factor, Ability to control the wind clan Territory, Limited ability to Teleport and time travel etc, Ability to Control the weather and create earthquake etc, Shape shifting.
History: Silverbolt is know as the Bolt in the legend of three being that are pose to protect the universe, Silverbolt lost her memory of this when she and Kollen found a way to Seal Tigerhawk within her she willingly did to herself to save the world of being destroyed by Tigerhawk’s power to control weather, after this Silverbolt was controlled by Tigerhawk’s mind making her build highly powerfully machines called Droids after learning the Droids were hard to control Tigerhawk found away to make Silverbolt turn herself into himself making himself able to capture Three subjects from three different clan territories to make into the Droid Generals. First a Light clan Bear know as Titan, the slasher was capture for his ability to be invincible while running at high speeds, then second was Fire clan hunter a wolverine known as Salvage, the fairest was capture for his ability to make any object that’s not alive, alive. Finally an Earth Clan commander a Liger known as Truth, the Everlasting was capture for his healing factor and the ability to mutilate the earth, magma/lava and plants. All three of them were turned into Techno -Organic beings with inhased powers Titan became half Tank and renamed VectorTanker, Salvage was granted wings of Bird and was renamed Salvage-Burn, Truth was granted huge strength and speed and renamed Trustgazen. All three got command over the Droids but soon a few years later Tigerhawk was losing his control over Silverbolt and then them ‘destroyed’ themselves unknowing that they just separated Silverbolt, recovered herself in a cocoon found in the place inside the wind clan territory slowing recovering her memories she met Diamond-Sparkle another being in the legend, then later she learned Tigerhawk was recovered too as he captured Vectortankon, the remains of Salvage-Burn and later Trustgazen upgrading them with the D.N.A. he got from Night-Blade/Anti-Blade he was able to make them Techno-Organic-Immortal creatures, but that didn’t stop Silverbolt from meeting Kollen again with his assistants Silverbolt was able to stop Tigerhawk’s army and the storm that he made to destroy the world she absorb his powers giving herself a psychic link to Tigerhawk and gained the ability to control the weather and make earthquakes etc. She also made a deal with Drago-Tanker and Terror-Inferno to take the Droid army and Tigerhawk to their new home The Wind Rivers of the Sky and settle a new clan under the approval of Night-blade if she approves. Silverbolt fled to the Himalayas in hope to find Xavier and Moira again to find out the rest of her past.


Name: Tigerhawk
Clan: Wind/Unknown
Place: Unknown
Animal: a Gigantic Beast that’s half Tiger and half Hawk.
Powers: Indescribable body, healing factor, Turn to stone during the day (currently) ability to control the weather earthquakes etc, Droid control.
History/Backstory: Tigerhawk has been around since time has started he’s been trying to take over the universe since then but The Oringal one foiled his plans so he flew through the universe finding somewhere to start his new plans unknowing the Oringal one was watching him he found Earth he thought it was the perfect place to take over with these weak unevolved Birds (meaning dinosaurs) he striked the earth like a meteorite covering the sky with dark clouds ending up sealing himself inside the planet Tigerhawk waited until he can free himself. About a thousand years or more later he did he used his weather controlling powers to almost destroy the world but Kollen and Silverbolt saved the world from his plans getting stronger a few hundred years later Tigerhawk tried again but was foiled again by Kollen and Silverbolt history repeated itself four more times after that until Silverbolt sealed Tigerhawk inside herself. But soon Tigerhawk learned he can control Silverbolt from within so he used this new founded power Tigerhawk thought of a new plan of destroying an over deloped city we would know as Atlantis and using its technology to create machines called Droids using these Droids to help his plans sussed but he learned he had trouble controlling a huge army of power machines he needed a ‘better’ way to control them at the wind clan territory the floating island found a solution to his problem he captured three beasts found a few clan territorys and made them into his Droid generals now he had perfect control of the planet but he failed to do this because Silverbolt was taking control again he needed away to separated Silverbolt from him he learn going to the Ozone layer and using his own weather controlling powers to destroy Silverbolt’s body so he can create a new one with the force of his will he successed but he soon learned Silverbolt remade herself too slowly getting her memories back. In his new base he controlled what was left of the Droids to collect d.n.a. from the most powerful creature other than himself his Droids from Night-Blade/Anti-Blade and brought the d.n.a. sample to him he used this d.n.a. to make Techno-Organic-Immortal technology using this he was able to create more powerful Droids and even upgrade his generals VectorTankon became Drago-Tanker, the remains of Salvage-Burn became Terror-Inferno, then Terror-Inferno’s new Craft druids were able to capture Night-Blade and bring her to the prison and manage to make a Techno-Organic-Imortal clone of Night-blade/Anti-blade Cyber-blade. But Tigerhawk couldn’t control it, Night-Blade/Anti-blade, met Cyber-blade and learned that their minds are linked and read each others thoughts, Blade managed to escape when Terror-Inferno exploded the eitier prison in an antimatter explosion thinking that will kill them both, Tigerhawk finished the last general the upgraded Trustgazen but it went horribly wrong too much of the d.n.a. was used making the whole base explode Tigerhawk managed to escape even though this evil voice was in his head messing with his psyche. The war between the army of Droids and Blade’s and Zero’s army seemed like it was going nowhere but it stopped blade sucking the tank Droids into a black hole. Soon later Tigerhawk attended to destroy the world again with his weather powers but Silverbolt keep on turning to beat him even with Kollen’s help they were losing Kollen soon disappeared somewhere, leaving Silverbolt and Tigerhawk for one final duel Silverbolt managed to absorb Tigerhawk’s weather powers as he turned to stone for some odd reason. Soon Tigerhawk learned he’s only stone by day.


Name: Diamond-Sparkle
Clan: Unknown
Place: Unknown
Animal: Hammerhead Shark with a Trident for a tail.
Powers: Healing Factor, Limited Teleportation can only teleport where there is a body of water is, Limited weather control (can only make it rain), Water manipulation, Shape shifting, Indescribable skin, Nexus walk (can go to the land of the dead).
History: Diamond-Sparkle was know as the Sparkle in the legend of the three beings that are pose to protect the universe, Diamond-Sparkle keeps his/her gender secret to all not much is known about her some say he/she created the water and the sea, some mistake Diamond-Sparkle for many different kinds of sea creatures such as the Leviathan, the Kraken, sea serpents and mermaids.


Name: Titan, the Slasher -> Vectortankan -> Drago-Tanker
Clan: Light -> Unknown
Place: Unknown -> Droid General
Animal: Bear-> Techno-Organic-Bear-Tank-> Techno-Organic-Immortal Bear Tank Dragon.
Powers: Invincibility while moving at high speeds, Droid Control, Imity to Night-Blade/Anti-Blade’s powers, Resisted against fire and light, Limited Shielding powers, able to control and make lightning, weakness against loud music etc.
History: Drago-Tanker was capture by Tigerhawk and was made into a Droid General and later Upgraded with Night-Blade/Anti-Blade’s D.N.A. it seems Drago-Tanker is second in command of Tigerhawk’s forces. It is also learn that Drago-Tanker wants to protect the clan territories from harm from any outsiders.


Name: Salvage, the Fairest -> Salvage-Burn -> Terror-Inferno
Clan: Fire -> Unknown
Place: Hunter -> Droid General
Animal: Wolverine -> Techno-Organic Wolverine with wings -> Techno-Organic-Immortal Sabertooth Tiger with wings.
Powers: Ability to make Objects that are not alive, alive Imity to Night-blade/Anti-Blade’s powers, Invisibility, Healing Factor, Fire manipulation, Droid control, Weakness to bright light that’s made my manipulation, Resisted against fire, water and dismemberment, Anti matter blasts.
History: Terror-Inferno was capture by Tigerhawk and was made into a Droid General and later Upgraded with Night-Blade/Anti-Blade’s D.N.A. Terror-Inferno wants to destroy both Night-Blade and Cyber-Blade for an unknown reason he says its something to do with his past.


Name: Truth, The Everlasting -> Trustgazen ->?
Clan: Earth -> Unknown
Place: Commander -> Droid General -> Unknown
Animal: Liger -> Techno-Organic Liger -> Unknown
Powers: Earth, Magma/Lava, Wood manipulation, healing factor, Droid control, rest unknown.
History: Truth, The Everlasting was an Earth Clan Commander, which fought and lost against Tigerhawk. Then Captured and made into the final Droid General then later Upgrade with a lot of Night-Blade/Anti-Blade’s D.N.A. the lab blew up creating this powerful beast it is yet unknown if he survived or not.


Name: Cyber-Blade
Clan: Unknown
Place: Unknown
Animal: Techno-Organic-Immortal Clone of Night-Blade/Anti-Blade
Power: Mind link to Night-Blade/Anti-Blade, same powers as Night-Blade/Anti-Blade.
History: Tigerhawk’s new Craft Droids captured Night-Blade/Anti-Blade and made a perfect clone inhansed with Techno-Organic-Immortal Technology. Cyber-Blade learns that she has a mind link to Night-Blade/Anti-Blade so she uses this power to haunt Night-Blade/Anti-Blade; she left Tigerhawk’s army after Terror-Inferno blew up the building she was in. she soon met Vincent in Los Vegas soon learning he had plans to use her to destroy the world after saving the third creature spoke in Legend, Cyber-Blade continued to wonder the earth looking for answers to her existence.

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25 / M / whereeva u picta meh
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/14/08

Power: control anything ice (including water)
Animal:.......Dragon duh
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25 / F / Somewhere, anywhe...
Posted 9/14/08 , edited 9/14/08
Name: Liliana
Place: 2nd in command of the fire elementals
Clan: Fire Clan
Power: To burn what i wish with one thought, i can turn night into day =P Immune to other fire attacks and water (it vaporizes before touching me)
Animal: Wolf

Ready to attack

Human form
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29 / M / Cancun,MEXICO
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/24/08
Name: Freyven
Place: Lead Hunters
Clan: Darkness
Power: One with shadows(Cloak), Curse of the dark(spell), The Last Nightmare(spell),Soul Strike(spell)
Eyes of the Moon(detector), Blood of the beast(Berserk), Silence(anti-spell) and Shade(anti-hit)

Hunt Pose

Berserk Mode

Hunt is my skill, kill is my Life

Human Disguise
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24 / M / ♥ Sexy ~ NJ ♥
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08
Name: Al
Place: Peacfully living with meh family :3
Clan: Light
Power: Ability to control the earth and metal around me
Anime: Cat :3
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24 / F / Umm...*looks arou...
Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/17/08
Name: Tekishimaryo (call me Tek or Teki, real name is a mouthfull)
Gender:Guy (I know I'm a girl but I want to be a guy this time)
Place: Elemental
Clan: Darkness Clan
Animal: Panther/Tiger
Power: Can manipulate Shadows/matter:can create clones, can crush objects, can create an outward pulse of energy, can create sharp "arms" from the shadows that slice things like butter. Also can inject Shadow Toxin into a persons blood stream through hands and cause them to fall to peices in about 5 seconds flat. Will soon discover that he can de-materialize objects, allowing him to effectively dodge attacks, and will also learn how to change form and manipulate his body, size, shape, human or panther, etc.
Human form, cept he has ice blue eys, not red, tis the head

Tis the body: very small, almost size of 13 yr old girl O.o

Shadow/Demon form, just add blood red eyes, claws and an evil grin ^^

Beast Flight form, whenever he learns how to manipulate his form...
Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08
Place:leader of the fighters
Power:Power over ice,healing,skilled with all types of weopens and time control.
Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08
Place:Ninja Leader
Power: can see into the future can stop time at any time and contorls lava

Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/19/08

Place:2 Cmmander
Clan:Fire Clan
Power:can stop time at will
can move objects
can reads minds
Posted 9/21/08 , edited 9/21/08
Name:Light Shadow
Place:Second in Command
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